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  1. Update: Using my Paul Reed Smith the other night, I still had the same issue after doing some tweaking and what Matt suggested above. However, when I plugged my Fender Stratocaster in I did not have the issue. So it makes you think that it is the PRS guitar, but when playing the PRS through the amp you do not hear any clipping. It is only when you connect out of the Line 6 Firehawk 1500 and hear what you are playing through the PA system. Very odd and I do not understand. I tested my PRS with other amps and have no issues.
  2. Thank you, Matt. I will certainly try this tonight at rehearsal. If it goes well, I will respond.
  3. I apologize if this topic has already been addressed. If so, please help and direct me to the information that was discussed. Thank you! When connecting my Firehawk 1500 via the Main XLR outputs on the back to my PA system (Behringer X18 iOS Live Sound Console), I am getting a clipping sound through the PA speaker. As I play and listen simultaneously to what is coming out of the PA and what is coming out of the Firehawk 1500, the clipping sound is only coming out of the PA speaker, not coming out of the Firehawk 1500. I will say that I first experienced this issue while running a mono output from the Firehawk 1500, but there should still not be any clipping even if I run a mono output feed. I have the gain on the mixer turned down very low to where it is almost off and there is still a clipping sound. This is not a grounding issue so I do not need the Ground Lift activated. I already checked that while troubleshooting. I troubleshooted with other XLR cables; all still with the same clipping result occurring. It is not a cable issue. If anyone has had any issue similar to what I am currently dealing with and had a resolve, please let me know exactly how you solved this issue. I will answer any questions that are posed. Thank you! Charlie
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