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  1. Hi, thanks for the replies. The point is, there is no volume increase whenever I pass/bypass any of the blocks. The clipping is most notable with the mystery filter on, but the filtereffect itself is fairly in the background of the total sound (low mix, low drive, plus only on one channel).
  2. Hi, My Helix output is clipping and I want to resolve it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The following is going on: I have a preset with a minotaur + sovereign distortions, both mild distortion and not set on very heavy settings -> Fender twin (channel + Master on 10) -> split block Path A: Twin Cab, Reverb, EQ. (output left) Path B: Phaser, Mystery Filter, Delay, reverb, EQ. (output right) Input Pad is on. I play a stratocaster with singe coils into the unit. Headphones are Beyrdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 Ohm Path B is clipping. When I turn off the MysteryFilter, clipping lessens but still happens. With both the Filter and the Phaser turned off, clipping is no longer the case. Is this just too much or shouldn't the clipping appear? thanks for any thoughts/solutions.
  3. Thanks! Went for the simplest solution first... Adding 3 dB to the merge section... and it worked. I thought I lost some high frequencies earlier but after I did the comparison with the original one-path preset and the two-path preset with 3 dB added, they sounded alike! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. best Tomas
  4. Hi, I am currently building a preset based on a two-amp setup. After an initial compressor the path splits (I used an A/B switch with the signal either going 100 % to path A or 100 % to path B). Path A has a crunched Vox, path B a clean Fender amp, both are followed by an IR and then the signal comes back together. Path 2 has some after-amp effects (delays and verbs). The thing is: when I build the patch, just path 1 with only the crunched amp and IR, the sound sounded great & huge. After I added path 1B the sound of path 1A sounds definitively more muffled - even though the signal should do exactly the same (no input going to path 1B, just to path 1A. Settings at the merge-point are just default settings (no dB's added or subtracted). I have tested this a few times (rebuilding the patch with and withou path 1A) , comparing the presets with esactly the same settings. Am I missing something? This is the preset with the two parallel paths, with route to going 100 % to path A, yet sounding more muffled than... -> Any Ideas how come and how to fix it? thanks!
  5. Hi, can you be more specific? I want to know too how to set exact frequencies instead of incremental steps of 10 hz. thanks! best Tomas
  6. Hi, I have installed the helix editor on my PC and firmware 2.01 on the helix using the install notes provided by line 6 on this forum. Now I want to install the editor on my laptop as well. Do I have to take all the steps again (including backing up the presets, resetting the helix) or can I just install the editor? thanks for your reply Tomas
  7. Hi, Is it possible to auto-save changes made to you effects in a preset? I have worked with the M13 in the past and really enjoyed it and its easy to use-ness. I have had the Helix for 1 week now and am very pleased with it. Say, you are working in a preset (for example, an clean signal path with a reverb, chorus and delay effect) and you fiddle around a bit with the settings of, e.g., the chorus. Then you change to a different present because you want a crunchy-sound. After rocking, you want to change back to the first preset, but with the changes to the setting you just made (but forgot to save?). Also, it would be great if the Helix would 'remember' which effect in the signal path you had turned on, and which ones you've bypassed. You would still use the save button when changing an effect type, or the place they're in in the signal path. thank you! best regards Tomas
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