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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys, I have recently buy a Helix LT, It sounds great so far and I love it, I have used Line 6 since more than 10 years ago, my first pedal board was the XT Live and then I got the HD500X, those were great as well, I had no problem with them but it seems like the helix is a little bit more complicated in terms of software, my LT has the 2.71 firmware, I download the editor and the latest driver I could find here, I installed everything with the Helix unplugged, I can see the helix as part of my external devices but when I try to use the editor I'm getting a message saying "no device connected", happened the same thing with the Line 6 updater, the screen is all black as if no device was connected. Am I missing something?, Do I need to do or install something else?. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi I need help. I've uninstalled and reinstalled all helix drivers/apps without my helix connected. tried 3 USB Ports. My PC windows 10 recognizes the device under device manager (audio, video and game controllers. there is an exclamation point next to line 6 Helix icon. I have a Dell XPC 8920 Intel R Core TM i7-7700K CPU 4.20GHz 4.20GHz. Thanks for your support
  3. Working through issues with my brand-new Helix LT, so far Line 6 Customer Support has been quick to engage and support: Initially the Helix LT was unable to connect to either Helix Editor or Line 6 Updater applications - first with a MacBook Pro laptop running MacOS El Capitan. Switching to an iMac running MacOS Sierra, I was able to successfully update the Helix LT to firmware version 2.21.0. I subsequently updated the operating system on the MacBook Pro laptop to Mac OS Sierrra. Now the Helix LT will temporarily connect to the computers with Helix Editor software, then dis-connect with a yellow-bar error message stating "Service is not online." Subsequent attempts to connect are unsuccessful, sometimes with an error message stating "Cannot connect to device." Both computers, two USB cables supplied with Line 6 hardware, all available USB ports on the computers... same dealio. Not working!! My original Helix Floor unit connects successfully to both computers - with both of the USB cables I have - and there appear to be no issues with navigating the setlists, presets, etc. Exporting the files to the local storage disks also works OK. NO CONNECTIVITY ISSUES WITH THE ORIGINAL HELIX FLOOR. Curious to see if other early adopters of the newly-released Helix LT are experiencing similar problems with USB connections and Helix Editor + Line 6 Updater applications. Possibly this is more specific to Apple/Mac devices & not Windows/PC devices?? Thanks for any helpful input, KWH
  4. Hi, I have installed the helix editor on my PC and firmware 2.01 on the helix using the install notes provided by line 6 on this forum. Now I want to install the editor on my laptop as well. Do I have to take all the steps again (including backing up the presets, resetting the helix) or can I just install the editor? thanks for your reply Tomas
  5. Anyone on MacOS 10.11.4 experiencing this? I know the Helix is connected and I know that the Mac sees it but the editor (almost always) shows this message. I opened a ticked with Line6 Support but I figured I would check if anyone else is having this problem and have a workaround.
  6. Hi, I’ve had this problem of missing scrollbars with the Helix application program since day 1, and I’d like to ask if anyone has a solution, or maybe I'm overlooking something obvious. How do I get the scroll bars to show up and stay showing? In the preset window it only shows up briefly when I down arrow passed the bottom preset and then quickly disappears - before I can get to it! In the editor window it will not show at all – so I can only get at the first 3 effect parameters­­­­­. Everything under that is hidden and I can’t find a way to get at them to adjust. I run the editor app from a Win7 PC in my studio and a Win10 laptop – same problem on both. I'm attaching a screen shot. Thanks!
  7. I want to get ride of a split and merge in my signal path and cannot figure out how to do so, either on my Helix or in the editor. Please help :)
  8. Anyone else get an email with the subject "Edit Helix Tones on a Computer". The last editor I could find was released 5/11/2016. Are they just now sending the email about the update?
  9. Hi everyone. I just got my Helix, installed the latest USB driver (I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit), installed the Helix Editor software & Line6 Updater application (v.1.09) and updated my firmware to the latest v.1.12.0. I haven't begun digging into the Helix yet, but I'm a little confused about this "Helix Application" (v.1.04) on the website. I downloaded it, but have not installed it yet. Do I need to install it? Is it an older version of the Helix Editor? What is its purpose? The website has no information about its function and I'd rather not install unnecessary software on my computer. Thanks in advance for any guidance here. Can't wait to start getting my hands and feet dirty with my new Helix!
  10. Pleeeease... No more backaches, crossed fingers and brainworms! Let's hope for an editor that's worth its name...
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