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  1. Sorry if this topic has been already covered, but what would be the chances of a version of Helix Edit that would run on a Chrome book? Thanks!
  2. Yes - very happy with the quality of GD presets - bought a couple packages a while back. The boutique amp package is exceptional.
  3. I have not done 2.71 yet - 1 behind. I'll try that and see if the IR problem is fixed. I always read the instruction and fixes and follow the steps pretty close. I'll report back on this thread when I get it updated - make sure it's the latest driver/edit/firmware. Not gonna do a total reset again tho...
  4. Mine are from Greg DeLuune made for Helix. A lot of guys on this forum have his IR's. They worked fine until I did that last update and did a reset. I've been doing updates all along since I got one of the 1st units in Oct 2015. But first time I did a factory reset. Maybe should not have done that.
  5. Right - that's how it's supposed to work. The problem is the IR will not assign to the block for some reason. I did a full reset after that last update and had to re-import everything. Presets - no problem. IR's look like they import but when I assign to the IR block they won't take. The left/right slider shows only 1 IR even though the IR list at left shows they're all imported. The 1 IR is brighter than the rest in the IR list.
  6. I was wondering if anyone has seen this: I copied my IR's into the IR list in Helix Edit and they show in the list but I can't assign them to their preset IR blocks. I used both import from file & drag n drop - same result. I noticed the font is dull compared to the 1 and only IR that would show up in the preset assign list. Thot I must be missing something - pilots guide was no help. Thanks!
  7. Thanks - adding a signal path with aux as input worked. I had to make sure the signal path of effects for my guitar input was set to guitar and not multi as well. I did add a compressor block to the drum machine path to pump 'em up a bit. I thought of using a loop return but have not tried it yet. That would be a better universal solution than editing every preset I want to use. Next time I need to bring a slpitter cable on vacation!
  8. On vacation with the family at a resort and brought the Helix (of course). Brought a drum machine to jam with figuring I'll plug it into the aux in and mix it with the guitar. What I didn't realize is it goes through the effects chain same as the guitar input. I can't find a function to bypass the aux it direct to the output. Any ideas how I can get a dry signal thru the Helix - not effected by the effects chain? Thanks!
  9. Sorry, off the Helix subject here - We use the X18 Air as well but use the 6 bus outs for in-ear monitors 'cause we can each control the bus mix. Only issue we have is distortion and drop out when the whole mix is in full swing (on-board compression I believe). Although the recording quality in great! Anyway, wondering if you dealt with any distortion issues monitoring wise - any insight? I have though about taking the X18 mix and remixing my Helix separately into my in-ears, or going right mix, left Helix b/c the bus-outs can sound like mush with a 6 pc band.
  10. Just picked up an XT Live used and trying to determine if a problem is me or the unit. Everything seems to work after installing all the updates except the volume pedal. Wah was initially only going 0-36% so I calibrated the pedal using the power-up, hold bank-up and push amp method which restored the wah to 0-100 % and now it works fine. I have volume/wah assign to pedal1 / tweak to 2, but when I switch to volume from wah there is no response. Switching back & forth the wah responds but no response in volume pedal mode. I have it connected via USB in Win7 and running the edit program and can see the visual knobs. Hoping to find a solution here...
  11. Thanks for the post - just picked up a used XT Live and had the same issue. Wah only went up to 36%. It's working correctly now - BUT...I can't get the volume pedal to respond / read. I set the config to both wah / volume on the onboard pedal 1 and tweak pedal 2. The wah works and when I switch to volume nothing - I have it turned on. Any help - thanks!
  12. Yup, noticed it on mine this past weekend - what da... Did a bunch of troubleshooting, then powered down & back up and it seemed to help. I'll be listening for it now... Hopefully Line 6 guys can address it.
  13. I noticed some similar low level distortion this past weekend. I was most noticeable at low guitar volume - when a note is about decayed. I did some troubleshooting as well - switching guitars, presets, global EQ, etc. Mine also did a random preset rebuild a few days after installing 2.01 a few weeks back. I powered down & back up and it seemed to have gone away. But I'll be listening for it...
  14. I checked the links out. Not a graphics setting problem on my Win 10 laptop - tried turning inactive scroll on/off - no difference. They're just not there, except briefly on the preset list. Actually my Win 7 studio PC shows the scroll bars just fine (should have double checked before posting). Any other suggestions please post...
  15. I'll try these next time I have the Helix connected and update the thread. In my case the scrollbar is indeed missing, not como'd by like colors, but hopefully there's a fix in the links...Thanks!
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