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  1. HelixMan

    Do Glenn DeLaune Helix patches ever go on sale?

    Yes - very happy with the quality of GD presets - bought a couple packages a while back. The boutique amp package is exceptional.
  2. HelixMan

    IR's import but not available?

    I have not done 2.71 yet - 1 behind. I'll try that and see if the IR problem is fixed. I always read the instruction and fixes and follow the steps pretty close. I'll report back on this thread when I get it updated - make sure it's the latest driver/edit/firmware. Not gonna do a total reset again tho...
  3. HelixMan

    IR's import but not available?

    Mine are from Greg DeLuune made for Helix. A lot of guys on this forum have his IR's. They worked fine until I did that last update and did a reset. I've been doing updates all along since I got one of the 1st units in Oct 2015. But first time I did a factory reset. Maybe should not have done that.
  4. HelixMan

    IR's import but not available?

    Right - that's how it's supposed to work. The problem is the IR will not assign to the block for some reason. I did a full reset after that last update and had to re-import everything. Presets - no problem. IR's look like they import but when I assign to the IR block they won't take. The left/right slider shows only 1 IR even though the IR list at left shows they're all imported. The 1 IR is brighter than the rest in the IR list.
  5. HelixMan

    IR's import but not available?

    I was wondering if anyone has seen this: I copied my IR's into the IR list in Helix Edit and they show in the list but I can't assign them to their preset IR blocks. I used both import from file & drag n drop - same result. I noticed the font is dull compared to the 1 and only IR that would show up in the preset assign list. Thot I must be missing something - pilots guide was no help. Thanks!
  6. Thanks - adding a signal path with aux as input worked. I had to make sure the signal path of effects for my guitar input was set to guitar and not multi as well. I did add a compressor block to the drum machine path to pump 'em up a bit. I thought of using a loop return but have not tried it yet. That would be a better universal solution than editing every preset I want to use. Next time I need to bring a slpitter cable on vacation!
  7. On vacation with the family at a resort and brought the Helix (of course). Brought a drum machine to jam with figuring I'll plug it into the aux in and mix it with the guitar. What I didn't realize is it goes through the effects chain same as the guitar input. I can't find a function to bypass the aux it direct to the output. Any ideas how I can get a dry signal thru the Helix - not effected by the effects chain? Thanks!
  8. HelixMan

    In-Ears from Helix live

    Sorry, off the Helix subject here - We use the X18 Air as well but use the 6 bus outs for in-ear monitors 'cause we can each control the bus mix. Only issue we have is distortion and drop out when the whole mix is in full swing (on-board compression I believe). Although the recording quality in great! Anyway, wondering if you dealt with any distortion issues monitoring wise - any insight? I have though about taking the X18 mix and remixing my Helix separately into my in-ears, or going right mix, left Helix b/c the bus-outs can sound like mush with a 6 pc band.
  9. Just picked up an XT Live used and trying to determine if a problem is me or the unit. Everything seems to work after installing all the updates except the volume pedal. Wah was initially only going 0-36% so I calibrated the pedal using the power-up, hold bank-up and push amp method which restored the wah to 0-100 % and now it works fine. I have volume/wah assign to pedal1 / tweak to 2, but when I switch to volume from wah there is no response. Switching back & forth the wah responds but no response in volume pedal mode. I have it connected via USB in Win7 and running the edit program and can see the visual knobs. Hoping to find a solution here...
  10. Thanks for the post - just picked up a used XT Live and had the same issue. Wah only went up to 36%. It's working correctly now - BUT...I can't get the volume pedal to respond / read. I set the config to both wah / volume on the onboard pedal 1 and tweak pedal 2. The wah works and when I switch to volume nothing - I have it turned on. Any help - thanks!
  11. HelixMan

    Odd distortion on Cali Rhythm 1

    Yup, noticed it on mine this past weekend - what da... Did a bunch of troubleshooting, then powered down & back up and it seemed to help. I'll be listening for it now... Hopefully Line 6 guys can address it.
  12. HelixMan

    Fizz/Static/Blown-speaker-sound across the board?

    I noticed some similar low level distortion this past weekend. I was most noticeable at low guitar volume - when a note is about decayed. I did some troubleshooting as well - switching guitars, presets, global EQ, etc. Mine also did a random preset rebuild a few days after installing 2.01 a few weeks back. I powered down & back up and it seemed to have gone away. But I'll be listening for it...
  13. HelixMan

    Missing Scroll Bars in Helix Editor App

    I checked the links out. Not a graphics setting problem on my Win 10 laptop - tried turning inactive scroll on/off - no difference. They're just not there, except briefly on the preset list. Actually my Win 7 studio PC shows the scroll bars just fine (should have double checked before posting). Any other suggestions please post...
  14. HelixMan

    Missing Scroll Bars in Helix Editor App

    I'll try these next time I have the Helix connected and update the thread. In my case the scrollbar is indeed missing, not como'd by like colors, but hopefully there's a fix in the links...Thanks!
  15. Hi, I’ve had this problem of missing scrollbars with the Helix application program since day 1, and I’d like to ask if anyone has a solution, or maybe I'm overlooking something obvious. How do I get the scroll bars to show up and stay showing? In the preset window it only shows up briefly when I down arrow passed the bottom preset and then quickly disappears - before I can get to it! In the editor window it will not show at all – so I can only get at the first 3 effect parameters­­­­­. Everything under that is hidden and I can’t find a way to get at them to adjust. I run the editor app from a Win7 PC in my studio and a Win10 laptop – same problem on both. I'm attaching a screen shot. Thanks!