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  1. This is what I was thinking. Good to hear it works. I'm not looking for a perfect mix. Just a little extra of myself (and maybe help preserve my eardrums in the process).
  2. Agreed. Without knowing whats going on in there, I'm afraid to put much of anything on there and ruin the switch permanently. The amount of alcohol that got in there was obviously very little as it took weeks to work it's way down and become sticky. Thats why I'm hoping if I just swab something around it, it will eventually work itself out. But again, I'm not 100% comfortable potentially ruining my switch just to make it less sticky.
  3. I do have an amp stand but gave it to the other guitar player when I got the L2T. However, the pole option kind of sounds amazing. Great idea. I will figure something out. Thanks for all the input everyone. I thought the phones would be a decent idea but I'm glad I checked.
  4. The issue is in this band, none of us are going through the PA other than vocals. My thought was I could get just enough of the guitar using the separate "phones" volume to make sure I'm playing the note I think I am on louder songs. :)
  5. Hi all, The first gig I ever used my Helix at about a month ago, someone put a shot on the floor next to it when I wasn't looking. I ended up bumping the shot with my foot and spilling a little. I found this after the fact. There was a little on the corner of the Helix but not enough to worry about. It took some time but now one of my footswitches is sticky. It works but is annoying. It gets better with use but then if it sits for awhile, it's sticky all over again. Would it be dangerous to swab a small amount of mineral oil or something around the switch? I'm hoping it would work it's way down and clear up the gunk but I don't want to damage the switch permanently. Any input would be appreciated.
  6. Does anyone use in ear headphones straight from the Helix as a "monitor" for live performances? I run through an L2t and would prefer the higher angle using the supports that pop out but opt for the the lower angle using the handle for better projection live. It can be a little tough to hear so I was thinking of buying some in ears. This would also help protect my hearing from the drummer and such. Just curious if anyone has tried this and if it's a workable solution for a loud live situation.
  7. Ok, I finally was able to play again since I originally posted this and test some things. I had a gig last night and made sure I only tapped twice instead of multiple times. This did seem to produce a much better result. The couple of times it didn't work quite right I think were incomplete taps. So that seems to lend credence to the idea of tapping twice instead of a bunch of times. On another note, I feel like there is a slight delay before the new tempo starts flashing. It can really throw you off if you aren't paying close attention. So if you tap along with a drum beat, your flashes may be the right tempo but not line up with the notes. I think that was part of the confusion for me.
  8. Sorry but I have a "somewhat" related question that I can't seem to find an official answer to. Has there been any definitive comment about future JTV updates? Was 2.0 the last or is there potential for future tweaks and/or additions? Just got my variax and it looks like 2.0 has been out quite awhile...
  9. I seem to remember this as well as I naturally tap multiple times to get the best outcome. Since I was having trouble, I did also try tapping only twice and I don't feel the result was much different. It's just so odd because it feels like it's a real chore whereas in the past it was super easy.
  10. Yeah, I did see that post about the specific delays with shorter times when searching the forums. Thanks for referencing that though. I'm using the tape delay and I also found that whether the song was faster or slower, I simply had a hard time getting the Helix to pick up the exact tempo that I was going for (or close to it).
  11. Hi all, I have been on the Line 6 band wagon for many years. Started on a POD 2.0, the XT, HD500, DT25 and a Variax 700 somewhere in there. I just finally upgraded to Helix, L2T and JTV-69S. I'm loving it so far. One oddity with the Helix is that I have a hard time setting the tap tempo to what I want using the footswitch. At practice last night, no matter how many times I tapped, how much pressure I used, how quickly I tapped or just how generally careful I was to make sure my taps were accurate, I had a low success rate of getting it to come out the way I wanted. I do have it set to note divisions so this isn't the same issue that I found when searching the forums this morning. I simply feel that it just isn't picking up my desired tempo accurately. Has anyone else had issues like this? Am I missing something stupid? Thanks,
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