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  1. kwhinz

    Pad and Impedance

    Questions on the "guitar in pad" parameter in the Global Settings menu: What level of attenuation does the signal receive when this is "on" - and would that equate to a comparable level reduction with an EQ block/model? Have there been any changes with how the "guitar in pad" behaves with the newer v2.21 firmware, as compared to earlier versions? Toggling the setting on/off/on this week, I heard no audible change in the overall volume of the output. I seem to recall that it did change the volume before... but it's been a few beers since I purchased my Helix Floor back in March of 2016. The only guitar in my collection that seems to need the "guitar in pad" turned on is my 2014 Fender Eric Clapton signature model Stratocaster. The signal is notably stronger than on my 2009 Fender American Deluxe Telecaster and even my 2017 Gibson Les Paul Traditional, and that's before I add any "mid-boost" from the 25dB pre-amp circuit. I chose to set up my presets for the EC Stratocaster with the "guitar in pad" turned on... so that its signal is more like a passive/traditional guitar when hitting the EQ/Dynamics/Distortion blocks, and even the amplifier blocks. I'm assuming that using or not using the pad will affect all aspects of tone, dynamics and end-of-the-day output/volume... but please correct me if I am mistaken! Thanks if you can clarify and explain, KWH
  2. Working through issues with my brand-new Helix LT, so far Line 6 Customer Support has been quick to engage and support: Initially the Helix LT was unable to connect to either Helix Editor or Line 6 Updater applications - first with a MacBook Pro laptop running MacOS El Capitan. Switching to an iMac running MacOS Sierra, I was able to successfully update the Helix LT to firmware version 2.21.0. I subsequently updated the operating system on the MacBook Pro laptop to Mac OS Sierrra. Now the Helix LT will temporarily connect to the computers with Helix Editor software, then dis-connect with a yellow-bar error message stating "Service is not online." Subsequent attempts to connect are unsuccessful, sometimes with an error message stating "Cannot connect to device." Both computers, two USB cables supplied with Line 6 hardware, all available USB ports on the computers... same dealio. Not working!! My original Helix Floor unit connects successfully to both computers - with both of the USB cables I have - and there appear to be no issues with navigating the setlists, presets, etc. Exporting the files to the local storage disks also works OK. NO CONNECTIVITY ISSUES WITH THE ORIGINAL HELIX FLOOR. Curious to see if other early adopters of the newly-released Helix LT are experiencing similar problems with USB connections and Helix Editor + Line 6 Updater applications. Possibly this is more specific to Apple/Mac devices & not Windows/PC devices?? Thanks for any helpful input, KWH
  3. I made a similar inquiry to Line 6 via their support ticket. Single-notes and some chords sounded fine with no beats/oscillation, but specific intervals would produce the un-wanted noise predictably. Sounds the current algorithm just isn't ready or intended for true polyphonic pitch shifting. Digitech's "Drop" pedal or the EHX "Pitch Fork" pedal seem to be the cheapest stompbox option. Those 2 products will be my reference when submitting "Idea Scale" request to Line 6. Helix should definitely have the processing & memory horsepower to git 'er dun.
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