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  1. This worked!!! Thank you so much!!!! You made my day!!
  2. UPDATE: Rig is hooked up as we speak. When I go to set the mix on zero, it affects all my snapshots. What am I doing wrong here?
  3. I'm gonna set up my rig tonight and see what happens. Thank you all for your helpful suggestions!!!!
  4. I have an HX Effects run in 4CM into my Peavey 6534+ I don't know if this has been talked about or not, on every single snapshot I have a wah or whammy in a separate snapshot. It's turned off on all the snapshots until I step on it and it comes on on every snapshot. Is there a way to stop this? Because I try to keep my foot away from the expression pedal and if it gets moved a little bit the effect is active!!! HELP!!!! Any help would be great
  5. Thank you for all your input and help!!! Greatly appreciated!!!!
  6. I should've been bit more clear. I have an HX Effects on the way. If I run the HX in 4cm and use my peavey footswitch, I shouldn't have issues? I just have to leave the loop on? I'd only have to hit the channel switch and the HX to switch my snaps?
  7. So if I can find a RJM mini amp gizmo box, I can use midi correct?
  8. Is there a special cable or way to switch the channels of my Peavey 6534+ with the hx effects? I have one on the way and I'm trying to figure this one out Since the plug for the footswitch for the 6534+ looks like a midi plug but is not midi. Any help would be great!!!!!
  9. Yes. I can't get it to detect or playback my drums I dropped and dragged from ezdrummer2 either. Its like its not playing back or picking up the helix.
  10. I thought I had everything hooked up right but when I try to playback tracks on my daw, I get an error message saying there was an error opening your audio hardware. Error initializing buffers. Any help would be great. Using reaper as my daw. Windows 7.
  11. Cool. Will be getting EZ drummer tomorrow and thanks for the info about the drivers.
  12. If someone could help me out with a copy of ezdrummer 2.... That would be great as well......
  13. Got my DAW. Trying to cop ezdrummer2. I mean as far as helix goes. I was told I needed some kind of driver or something......
  14. I'm setting up a separate PC to start recording on. What all do I need to put on it to get this bad boy up and running??? Using a pc running windows 7.....
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