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  1. InvincibleNote

    Line 6 Updater/HX Edit doesn't See Helix.

    i tried my laptop, Line 6 Updater does see it. however HX Edit reads "connection Interrupted" Running one app at a time. My current Helix software is 2.10. dont know why is doing this. im afraid to update my helix
  2. InvincibleNote

    Line 6 Updater/HX Edit doesn't See Helix.

    I tried thanks, updater doesn't see it, im going to try my laptop
  3. InvincibleNote

    Line 6 Updater/HX Edit doesn't See Helix.

    Hi I need help. I've uninstalled and reinstalled all helix drivers/apps without my helix connected. tried 3 USB Ports. My PC windows 10 recognizes the device under device manager (audio, video and game controllers. there is an exclamation point next to line 6 Helix icon. I have a Dell XPC 8920 Intel R Core TM i7-7700K CPU 4.20GHz 4.20GHz. Thanks for your support
  4. InvincibleNote

    EXT Amp

    If I'm not mistaken, EXT Amp serves to connect to your amp. This performed well during the past 2 weeks. Now I hear no sound, only when I connect to the 1/4" outs. After installing the new update 2 days ago everything worked fine. Now EXT amp out. It's not function. Please somebody tell what could be wrong
  5. InvincibleNote

    Merge Mixer

  6. InvincibleNote

    Merge Mixer

    How do I add a this option "merge mixer"?
  7. InvincibleNote

    Volume and wah

    Thanks guys everything worked
  8. InvincibleNote

    Volume and wah

    I have that same problem I have an expression plugged in (exp 2) I want to use the pedal as a pitch glide. I can't seem to do that, the exp 2 always acts like a volume pedal. I tried many ways, I can't seem to get the exp to do what I want.
  9. InvincibleNote

    Line 6 Updater not working properly!

    Thanks for the reply @silverhead I will try a different computer. Cuz mine is not reading helix, I did install the ASIO driver the manual suggested.
  10. InvincibleNote

    Line 6 Updater not working properly!

    I just purchase a helix and trying to Update, the line 6 Updater open and says "select device" & behind is a black screen. Can't select anything. I have Windows 10, I plug it and nothing happens, I don't think it recognizes it. Help? Anyone? Thanks