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  1. So your all right. I could have a Di box or trs to xlr cable, even an 1/4 inch to xlr adapter. But wouldn’t just been easier to have the pod go or hx stomp designed with an xlr out. Other companies put xlr outs in much smaller units. Just sayn
  2. Problem is most DI’s color your tone a little. I thought the whole idea of this unit was to plug in to the pod go and your done. Now your saying pack an xtra Di box also. I play out over 30 times a year and it’s hit or miss if the house has a Di box let alone a good one
  3. Why no XLR out? If this is supposed to be the grab and go to your gig unit I hope you dont forget your 1/4 to xlr adapter cable to go to house PA. C’mon Line 6 other companies have xlr out, on way smaller units.
  4. ^^^^. For me if I had to add a a foot switch and or volume pedal I might as well bring my helix. Stomp is my helix backup.
  5. Yes only between banks. Unless you bend over and change the mode by hand then back to snapshot mode. I’m always in snapshot mode when I use my stomp at small clubs with limited space. Otherwise my helix is on the floor. So I set mine up like this.. bank 17a would be in snapshot mode with a b c being clean crunch. Lead. Then 18a. Another preset if needed with snapshot a b c on it. It’s a two step process to get to next bank. You simultaneously step on a and b to go down one bank or b and c to go up one bank. Then choose your preset and it automatically goes back to snapshot mode for that preset. This unit is only my backup if my helix goes on the fritz or the stage is so small and limited on room. If your playing in a band we’re you need seamless ways to get to other banks and or presets fast this is not for you IMO. Go get a helix.
  6. Not sure why the flat frfr stuff is bad for you. It’s designed to go with the helix amp and cab blocks. You might need to retweak everything to make it sound good in that mode on the pc+. if you run your cab sim on your helix and your cab sim on your pc it might sound horrible. Or not? I run my cab sim off on the helix and cab sim creamback ready live IR on the PC+ Sounds awesome.
  7. Unfortunately, I don’t think the PC or Pc + have a factory reset. Cmon line6. But you can reinstall firmware that should reset everything and also erase what you have. So, if there is something you need to save, use save to disc via your edit software.
  8. Most factory presets are way over mixed, etc. try disable your cab block in your helix and using one of the speaker sims in the PC+. Or better yet go get an IR from ready live.
  9. You could run your l6 link into the first PC+ then thru to your 2nd. The channels will split and give you what you are looking for either full stereo or just slight variations of tone each channel or path. The tough part is playing out. Your at the mercy of the house sound tech/person. Each channel would have to be set up like you want. The house PA system may not be as good as your home stuff so all that trouble of tone setup would go down the drain. Plus shlepping all that xtra gear would be a hassle.
  10. If I’m at small bars clubs and I don’t plug into foh, I just go with the preset speaker combo that worked during rehearsal with my band. If on bigger stages or I do run foh, I step off stage with wireless to see which mic I think might sound best in my preset and any other minor tweaks needed thru house PA system. Remember mics in the preset only work when you use the xlr out to foh. They don’t work when your just listening to yourself playing thru the Pc. I’ll turn my pc volume completely off to just here house pa tone for tweaking. I always use my PC as my monitor tilted towards me if using foh. Or backline if used not hooked up to foh. Oh, if you use ir’s there is no mic selection for xlr out. Or at least the one I have. Amp sound tone is pretty much same as tone coming out xlr. One last thing, I used to run my setup thru an atomic clr neo. For me the Powercab is better.
  11. I use the Powercab plus only for my acoustic stuff. I run my acoustic thru a Fishman aura Di. And some other pedals into the PC. sounds frikn amazing. Then I run my banjo thru an Alix DI. into channel 2 of the PC. AND IT SOUNDS GREAT! I play in an Celtic/Irish rock band full drums bass etc.. plenty loud enough. The low volume stuff I see on this forum must be the helix coupled to the PC? Then if I’m on bigger stages I use the xlr out of Pc to get the mic’d in room feel thru foh and it kills it.
  12. So.... ^^^^^ what he said! In the global section there is input 1 and 2. There set from factory at lowest dB. Bring those up to at least 0 or higher. I run +4 or more if you need it. Then each cab preset you pick has its own level on the powrpercab plus. I bring this up pretty high also. My gig volume is great. I’m only half way up on Powercab master volume. I do agree with poster on this forum, line 6 should of made this 500w. There should be no reason helix owners should have to max out all there preset volumes etc. to get gig band volume blend.
  13. OR, maybe Better? ^^. You don't need 509 different paths to get good tone or get lost in buying endless tones and ir's and still not be satisfied. or, have to hook up to another computer to edit in this day and age. And still line 6 can't get the preset switching to be seem less. If this board sounds halfway descent in a band mix and is seamless preset switching I will be a convert. This coming from a person who has had the bean to two helix units and everything in Between!
  14. Im in! I've had two helix, first one had issues the second well maybe since I was one of the first to purchase it, it just wasn't friendly with playing out hooking up with some foh boards. New firm wares might of changed that since I sold it. Still have my fh 1500 and fh fx floor pedal hooked to my clr neo Mkii. Which in a live band mix were I always use them sound great. I always thought the helix should of came with a iPad Bluetooth option for ease of use and no bending over or hooking up to a computer to get the tones you want. Heck these are computers now why do you still have to hook up to another to edit? I'm a gigging out guitarist I don't want to spend countless hours chasing the preverbial tone tail. Headrush looks good, will see, time will tell..
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