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  1. Thanks codamedia, I am up and running. Appreciate your help!
  2. Sorry for the vague post probably submitted under frustration. Yes, have a PC running Windows 10. Was trying to update to 2.80. I did spend time looking trying different pedal combinations and downloads. Anyway, tried FS6 & 12 with update as you mentioned and was running again in minutes! datacomando, can not thank you enough for your time and solution. Greatly appreciated!
  3. Hey Guys, Was trying to update my Helix to latest software and I crashed. I am stuck in update mode and holding down pedals 8,9 or 9,10 during start up wont work just keeps going to update mode and has a red 3 in top left corner. HX edit and updater do not even recognize Helix. I did make a back up just cant get to it. Also tried different usb cables and connections. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. That is very interesting and new to me. I am still learning so really appreciate the information. Thanks
  5. I tried the compressor before the pitch block and it still sounds like an out of tune 12 string? I have the pitch block in the beginning of the chain. Might have to try some shifting around. Thanks for your responses.
  6. Hello All, On my Helix I have a patch the has a simple pitch set for Eb. When I select from a standard tunning all work well except B and high E. They are not tracking properly, is there anything I can try? I am playing an Anderson and will list the settings below. Pitch is placed first in line. Settings... Interval -1....Cents 0.00....Delay 0.0ms....Shift Level 10.0...Mix 100%.....Level 0.0db Thanks Steve
  7. Hey Buddy, thanks so much for you time and resources, will be checking out later today I hope. Have a safe and Happy New Year and thanks again. Steve
  8. Yes, tone is too harsh to work with. Sounds like everyone is plugging in and with a little tweaking are getting great tone but I'm just not getting there. I am going to look into my settings and may even do a reset. There is no way this is right so was hoping it was something small I missed and someone else has been through. Guess I should be contacting L6 soon. Thanks Steve
  9. I have been getting really nice clean tones from presets and different patches I've downloaded and bought but almost all patches with drive get real fuzzy and harsh. I have bought or downloaded all patches but when I created a new patch with just an amp and cab with some delay the patch is harsh at that point with only those added. I am using the Helix and PC+ on flat mode but even the other speakers are harsh. I am off this week so I will have time to get into it more but any help would be greatly appreciated as it seems everyone plugs in and has a tone they can work with but I am lost. By harsh I mean a compressed buzz that does not sound like a real amp and does not really clean up when I turn the drive down. Thanks to all who respond and Merry Christmas to all
  10. Yes, saving a PC+ speaker model to a Helix preset/snapshot. Sorry question was a little vague. I do have a LIne 6 L6 Link cable if that he[ps. Some of my more distorted patches from Helix sound really bad in Flat mode but clean up when using Cream model on PC+? Still learning Helix and PC+ together. Thanks
  11. Is there currently a way to add a model from the PC+ to a patch on the Helix. Thanks
  12. I'm not sure either and starting to think maybe I have a bad PC+. Thinking of returning. You say the ready live IRs are awesome. Do you have a link. Thanks for your time.
  13. Thanks capdoogie, Just tried the Factory presets and some other using a speaker from the Cab Pro and sound much better. Any idea why in Flat mode on the Cab Pro most presets and other patches or unusable? If I don't turn off the cab block in the patch does the cab over ride? Thanks!
  14. Just pick up Helix and PowerCab Plus. Factory presets, IR's and heavily distorted patches sound fuzzy. Tried headphones and sound better so I think i'm missing something in settings between Helix and Cab. At this time I am only using Flat on Cab. Could I have a bad cab or could I be missing something in global settings? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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