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  1. foxmeister

    Stereo IR

    Assuming you are running less than 6 blocks, you are likely consuming too much DSP.
  2. FWIW, I've watched all 3 of your amp/modeller comparison videos and enjoyed all of them. So keep it up - there's room in YouTube land for all sorts! :)
  3. I'm using L6 Link with a regular AES/EBU cable to control my Powercab 112+ via my Helix, and not experiencing any issues. Someone has already asked if you've updated your Powercab firmware, though it should be 2.00.1 not 2.8x as that's the Helix firmware revision number, but if you have what is the issue you are having? You should be aware that when you do make changes via L6 Link, the only change that you can see on the Powercab display is the addition of the word "edited" and the ring led may change colour.
  4. Have you installed HX Edit 2.81 on your laptops?
  5. Can I suggest that you download few of Jason Sadites patches from CustomTone? Try using them in conjunction with the appropriate "Dialing In" video for that amp and see how it compares with your setup. A good example would be the Litigator preset/dialing in video because it has some nice clean and edge of break up tones, and he's using a guitar with dual humbuckers that should be in same ballpark as your LP.
  6. I can't answer your question, but wouldn't you be better off with a Helix LT? Regards, Dave
  7. Yes, but in order to that, you need to be able to access line6.com, which you clearly can since you were able to post here! ;) Go to Downloads, select your device (Helix, Helix Rack, Helix LT etc) and "Flash Memory" and press go.
  8. To be fair, I think they got the last statement wrong! When I initially updated to 2.80, I'm 99% certain that my LT was using "Selection", and I had to change it back to "Model".
  9. Glad to hear you got it sorted! In these situations, I can't help but to post: :)
  10. I'm sure the OP is much happier now since if you look at the update instructions now, (2.71 to 2.81 edition), they are much smaller! :) Of course, the 2.80 update instructions didn't just include just the instructions on how to update. They also included complete descriptions of all the new models and enhancements, and this is what made up the bulk of the text. If you were to strip out these along with "known issues" to leave just the instructions on how to update, they would have been much "shorter" too! ;)
  11. I couldn't get HX Edit to run in the Windows Sandbox, so it looks like that is a bust. FWIW, I'm also running Windows 10 Pro 1903, and I've no issues with either Native or HX Edit. Given they both exhibit the same issues, and that both present a "graphical" interface when running, I'm wondering if your white screen is indicative of a graphics card driver issue. I'm running a GTX 1070, with driver version 431.60.
  12. Well, I'd suggest that it isn't flawless since you are having an issue that you think a system restore will fix! :) Just kidding! Are you running Windows 10 Pro, or better? If so, have you tried installing HX Edit in the Windows 10 Sandbox, just to see if it works correctly there? Not a solution I know as you'd lose it when you shut the sandbox down, but it would at least "prove" that it is something in your current Windows setup that is causing the issue?
  13. I'd say it depends on how you are using the Powercab. If you are using speaker sims, or IRs in the Powercab, you should XLR out of the Powercab. If you are using Helix stock cabs, or IRs, you can either run out of the Helix or out of the Powercab.
  14. I'm rather confused about what you are asking here? From what I think you are asking, if you are in Stomp mode, you just need to change to Preset mode to select a new preset and then go back into Stomp mode.
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