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  1. foxmeister

    Updater: "http Request error" / can't update firmware

    Yes, but in order to that, you need to be able to access line6.com, which you clearly can since you were able to post here! ;) Go to Downloads, select your device (Helix, Helix Rack, Helix LT etc) and "Flash Memory" and press go.
  2. foxmeister

    intermittent joystick since update

    To be fair, I think they got the last statement wrong! When I initially updated to 2.80, I'm 99% certain that my LT was using "Selection", and I had to change it back to "Model".
  3. foxmeister

    Can´t get the stomp mode

    Glad to hear you got it sorted! In these situations, I can't help but to post: :)
  4. foxmeister

    Jeezus H Christopher

    I'm sure the OP is much happier now since if you look at the update instructions now, (2.71 to 2.81 edition), they are much smaller! :) Of course, the 2.80 update instructions didn't just include just the instructions on how to update. They also included complete descriptions of all the new models and enhancements, and this is what made up the bulk of the text. If you were to strip out these along with "known issues" to leave just the instructions on how to update, they would have been much "shorter" too! ;)
  5. I couldn't get HX Edit to run in the Windows Sandbox, so it looks like that is a bust. FWIW, I'm also running Windows 10 Pro 1903, and I've no issues with either Native or HX Edit. Given they both exhibit the same issues, and that both present a "graphical" interface when running, I'm wondering if your white screen is indicative of a graphics card driver issue. I'm running a GTX 1070, with driver version 431.60.
  6. Well, I'd suggest that it isn't flawless since you are having an issue that you think a system restore will fix! :) Just kidding! Are you running Windows 10 Pro, or better? If so, have you tried installing HX Edit in the Windows 10 Sandbox, just to see if it works correctly there? Not a solution I know as you'd lose it when you shut the sandbox down, but it would at least "prove" that it is something in your current Windows setup that is causing the issue?
  7. foxmeister

    PC 112 Plus as floor monitor on stage ?

    I'd say it depends on how you are using the Powercab. If you are using speaker sims, or IRs in the Powercab, you should XLR out of the Powercab. If you are using Helix stock cabs, or IRs, you can either run out of the Helix or out of the Powercab.
  8. foxmeister

    Save diff HX Effects stomp mode presets

    I'm rather confused about what you are asking here? From what I think you are asking, if you are in Stomp mode, you just need to change to Preset mode to select a new preset and then go back into Stomp mode.
  9. foxmeister

    Powercab & Helix first time setup

    Try telling my 2x12 cab loaded with Celestion F12-X200's that it isn't a real cab because the speakers contain HF compression drivers! ;) Powercab *is* a real cab - if you want to be really pedantic about it, if you use the "Natural" speaker mode, no EQ is applied and the HF compression driver is disabled, so nothing is being emulated or simulated. From the manual: HF OFF / Natural – This is the natural sound and feel of the speaker in the Powercab with the high-frequency compression driver disabled and no EQ of any kind applied
  10. foxmeister

    Helix-Powercab implementation

    As I said, just playing devil's advocate here - I don't see why they couldn't provide an additional "mode" in the output section for Powercab+ preset selection, and think it would a good idea for the next firmware update! :) Personally, I don't see any particularly compelling reasons to load IRs into the PC+ *if* you are using it in conjunction with a Helix. I'm not saying there aren't good reasons, just none that apply to my workflow - I much prefer to use speaker emulations with my PC+, and as such eschew the use of IRs almost entirely unless it is one of those IRs that you need to get a specific sound, (e.g. acoustic or banjo sim) so the current implementation works better for me than preset selection. YMMV of course, and likely does! :) I suspect that if the L6 Link integration as it currently stands had been baked into the Powercab+ and Helix when the Powercabs were originally released, we likely wouldn't be having this conversation at all! ;)
  11. foxmeister

    Helix-Powercab implementation

    Personally, I don't have an issue with the way that L6 has implemented Powercab+ control over L6 Link, although I do understand why others do and can sympathise. However, playing devil's advocate here, one of the major advantages of the current implementation is that all of this information is contained with the Helix preset, which means that I could share my presets with other HX/PowerCab+ users and they would get the whole shebang, and not just the "Helix" part of it. Of course, this doesn't mean that L6 couldn't implement remote preset switching via L6 Link in addition to preset editing too! ;)
  12. foxmeister

    Powercab & Helix first time setup

    Sorry, but I have to disagree with you when you say that "PowerCab is only a speaker - not a cab"! If you are using the PowerCab in speaker emulation mode, it *is* a 1x12 cabinet with a guitar speaker in it, albeit with a built-in power stage. I would imagine that you could, in theory, take a Powercab and strip out all of the electronics and replace them with traditional speaker cab wiring to the 12" driver and you would have a regular 1x12 cab using the natural voicing of the custom speaker. From the new manual:
  13. foxmeister

    Beware of Helix Edit 2.80!

    Here's the thing! All software of any complexity is likely to contain bugs. Some of these bugs will be more serious than others - some may be "serious" in effect, but very obscure and hard to replicate. Even if your code itself is completely free from bugs, the 3rd party compilers and tools that you use to build it may not be - there may even be bugs at a hardware level that you end up trying to work around in software. So, to suggest that *any* company is able to release bug-free software is simply absurd because it doesn't happen. This is why corporations don't use Windows Update to update their desktop PCs or cling to earlier supported version of Windows, such as XP or Windows 7, instead of jumping to Windows 10. Corporations don't upgrade their Windows or Linux servers to track new releases, and they pick and choose which versions of their enterprise software they move too, which can often be several releases behind the most up-to-date versions. My HX Stomp shipped with 2.65 of the firmware, although if I recall correctly 2.70 was available and practically a necessity when my Stomp arrived. 2.70 was rapidly followed by 2.71, correcting some of the issues that were found in the earlier version. If Line 6 were to release 2.81, I think there would be an expectation that most of the bugs found in 2.80 would be fixed and it wouldn't introduce many new bugs, certainly, none that serious. Let's not forget that 2.80 would have been a major version release (i.e. 3.0) if it had contained more user-facing enhancements - from a technology perspective, 2.80 is very different architecturally to 2.71. If you are using a piece of hardware which includes a software component in a professional or semi-professional context, you should really be as cautious as corporations when it comes to software upgrades because downtime can cost you time and money. Let people who are more casual users of the hardware (such as myself) find the issues and give the hardware supplier a chance to fix them before you upgrade yourself.
  14. foxmeister

    Why no PC plus fw 2.00.1 for Windows 8?

    Why are you downloading the firmware directly? Just use the latest version of L6 Updater to update your Powercab to the latest version. If you really want to update manually, the firmware image is the same across all OSs, so the fact that Windows 8 isn't listed almost certainly isn't an issue. EDIT: just realised that I missed the OPs original point, so none of what I've said is appropriate! :(
  15. foxmeister

    Current status on L6-Link, midi and a PC+?

    Assuming you are changing the speakers in the Powercab section of the output block, it will be changing the settings in your Powercab. What it won't be doing it changing to a different preset, which is probably what you expect. I've set up a new preset on my Powercab at preset 100 which I've "labelled" Helix and leave my Powercab on this. When I switch Powercab modes or speakers etc, it is effectively just amending that preset on the file with the settings from Helix.