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  1. foxmeister

    What the hell just happened ???

    I tend to work on the principle of Occam's Razor, in that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. In this particular scenario, I would suggest that it is *likely* (but by no means certain!) that you had an earlier version of your presets in the factory setlist.
  2. foxmeister

    What the hell just happened ???

    Are you using stock presets in one of the factory setlists that you've adjusted to suit your needs, or are you presets in a user setlist?
  3. foxmeister

    Is the Helix what I need?

    If money is a consideration, and since you aren't actually using much in the way of pedals and effects, you might want to take a look at the HX Stomp instead of the LT or HX Effects.
  4. foxmeister

    Powercab considerations and thoughts

    There's an important distinction to make here! When you are using the speaker emulation modes in the Powercab, you are not using a modelled cabinet - you are using what is, in effect, a "real" 1x12 cabinet, albeit a powered one! Where the modelling comes in is in the emulation of the speaker within that real cabinet. So, the idea is that if you are using Powercab with say the Vintage 30 speaker model, all things being equal you should get the same sound and feel as if you were using a neutral power amp going into a 1x12 cabinet containing a real Vintage 30. When you take the XLR out from the Powercab+, what you should then get is the sound of that 1x12 cabinet/speaker combination as if it were mic'd up with whatever mic/parameters you set on the Powercab+.
  5. foxmeister

    line 6 touch issue

    It is a fault - my Stomp had the same issue on the left most button only. I sent in in for repair under warranty and it was fixed and hasn't happened again.
  6. foxmeister

    Does such an amp exist?

    If you really want a single unit that runs stereo, you might want to look at the Firehawk 1500 as an FRFR monitor, eschewing the built-in modelling. However, I think you'd probably be better off with 2 FRFRs.
  7. foxmeister

    6 Switch Looper for HX Stomp

    The 1-switch looper on the Stomp is the 6-switch looper from Helix. In order to access the additional functionality on the other switches, you need to use a MIDI controller such as the Morningstar MC6 MkII. Jason Sadites has a great video describing this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=db6JQp46QYI
  8. foxmeister

    Helix Ideascale Community Submissions

    https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HX-Stomp-Looper-always-available-via-MIDI/949989-23508?submitted=1#idea-tab-comments Added an idea to save a block in HX Stomp with compromising the UI.
  9. foxmeister

    Helix Stand Recommendations

    I use a regular guitar stand on a small wooden nightstand.
  10. foxmeister

    Headrush FRFR

    Just had a Headrush FRFR-108 delivered. Not had much of a chance to play with it, but it has a much better build quality than I'd imagined, as I'd expected it to be quite flimsy plastic. It is small, well constructed, and reassuringly weighty for its size. It's also epically loud!
  11. foxmeister

    Helix usb cable?

    Before going too much further, I suggest trying on a different PC as problems like this are usually at the PC end. That being said, have you tried the advice in this thread? https://line6.com/support/topic/34099-helix-driver-windows-7-installation/
  12. foxmeister

    Helix lt

    I've already purchased Native using my registered LT, so this is what you would see if your LT has already been used for this purpose.
  13. foxmeister

    HX Stomp freeze twice

    I've not had mine freeze either.
  14. foxmeister

    Helix lt

    To register your product, follow this link: https://line6.com/account/registergear/ That being said, if your LT is 3-months secondhand, you *may* find that the original purchaser already registered it to gain a substantial discount on Helix Native, before returning the LT, which is a scam in my opinion! To find out, registered your LT and then go here to see if you are offered a $300 discount on Native for registered LT users!
  15. foxmeister

    HX Stomp: Are 6 blocks enough? Not really

    I suspect that the 6 block limit is mostly a UI choice, due to the size of the screen, to keep on-device editing as streamlined as possible. That being said, I think there are things they could have done to mitigate this without requiring a bigger screen, or smaller UI elements. For example: 1. Allowing Send/Return to occupy the spaces between blocks, much like if you have a split path. 2. Allow additional blocks on path B.