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  1. Hi, i have installed the new version 3.0.1 but there are many new effects that i can NOT use its. The old ones are on white and works ok but the new ones are darker in unavailable. Poly PITCH AND OTHERS ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO USE : CHECK THE PIC Thanks
  2. Hello, I have a HELIX LT. I use the PITCH WHAM or SUMPLE PITHCto change the tunning down or up (depends on which guitar I use) But it sounds bad. While the pitch change is good it does have a wavering sound like a tremolo. with distortion playing loudly it is little noticeable but in clean tones it is very annoying. Im using 2.83.0 version and my setting is: Interval -2 position 100 cents 0 delay 0 shift level 100 mix 100
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