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  1. I should have tried this!!! Great idea and thanks for the help ...can't wait to test that out. The replacement pedal has the same issues! - Joel
  2. Hi All, Just to report back ...line 6 sent me a new one .... and THIS ONE HAS LINES AS WELL!!!! I am using the native power supply ...no electrical issues in my house. Crazy. It still works but the screen is wacky with Black lines. I may try the firmware update and hope for the best.
  3. Thx everyone ...I called support. I am in NYC and bought the stomp while in the UK. At first they told me that I would need to do support in the UK!!! I freaked out because that's impossible at the moment. But they did give me a one time servicing for free if I pay for shipping which was really helpful. Have to try a factory reset first, if that doesn't work I need to ship it off. It could be that a non compatible power source was used in the store before I got it? They said the black lines were a sign of bad power. I hope not...just praying that the factory reset solves it
  4. This just started happening. I already put in a ticket with Line 6 so just waiting to hear back. Anyone experience this and have a quick fix? The unit is about one month old. Reset the unit? Thanks. I'm bummed!
  5. Than you Phil! I apologize for not doing a more thorough research job before asking. I just got it and have a rehearsal tonight ..a little stressed/crunched for time. Need to tweak presets on my lunch break ;-)
  6. Hi All, I am just getting acclimated with my Stomp and noticed that if i assign TWO parameters (either from the same pedal or different pedals) they will both operate under the same parameters 0-100 Is there a way to EDIT the value parameters for each use? For example .... one Exp. pedal controlling Two parameters on a delay. Let's say DECAY and MIX .....Is there a way to limit the TOP VALUE OF THE MIX to 50% , while the top value of the decay remains at 100%? I don't want all parameters going from 0-100 at the same time but i would like to only use one expression. THANKS! - jfu222
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