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  1. Best post ever about this matter:
  2. Version 2, coming soon. V2 Improvements: — Selectors for each of the 5 footswitches dedicated to program changes — Memory for 9 internal "Banks" (so, 9x5 presets) — Four buttons for the HX Stomp modes included in the Looper view — New "Credits" and "Connect" buttons Covering the entire Roland FC-300 SYSEX specification plus the HX STOMP MIDI implementation to make them work seamlessly together. All plug&Play! Does not require any user configuration. More than 1000 lines of Stream Byter code! About 100 hours of single man work! Full control over the Roland FC-300 onboard LEDs, 3-Digit Screen (showing preset numbers), LCD Screen (2 x 16 characters), and both Expression pedals, all synced with your HX STOMP!
  3. The variax isn't propietary, but system exclusive (SYSEX) It will work AFTER you transmit necessary "wakeup" command SYSEX: F0 00 01 0C 07 00 2A F7 All the info here: https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?topic=13484.25
  4. It's already available, guys!! This is the first version, offering Plug&Play functionallity over five presets (1 to 5)
  5. Almost everything is editable with the right tools. (Even the human DNA) You need a text editor that allows write to files that require authentication. Using OSX (no idea about Windoze, sorry): /Applications/Line6/HX Edit.app/Contents/Resources There you'll found a lot of.... well, resources. In my first attempt I have been able to change the system fonts size of HX Edit, as a simple example: /Resources/librarian.xml <text> <label>PRESETS</label> <font name="Avenir Next Condensed Demi Bold" size="13"/> <align horz="center" vert="middle"/> <text_color>0xFFB3B3B3</text_color> </text> Let's change the "Presets" label size from "13" to a bigger size (23), then save the file (with file authentication, then providing your System Admin Password): Look attached screenshot. Since you want to change Amps names, search for amp.models file. (this one is probably JSON) The changes affects HX Edit only, not the Helix internals, but it's cool anyway. (Always hated the small fonts/Icons sizes they used. I think I may end making a custom HX Edit for me, too!)
  6. That simply doesn't exists for the HX STOMP. The last compatible version (for Helix) with Maverick was Version 2.21- Released 5/2/17 But the HX Stomp started to be supported from Version 2.70 - Released 10/17/18 So you absolutely need to update your OS at least to Yosemite (10.10). This OS X version allows you to install every HX Edit version released so far (Version 2.82 - Released 9/26/19)
  7. Tested with my iPhone 5 SE, IOS 13.3, original Apple CCK USB 3.0, HX STOMP: Result: Everything is working as it should. PD: What does it mean for a device to be 'class-compliant'?: https://m-audio.com/kb/article/1706
  8. He said the same about the powered cabs, until they came with theirs. So that’s not necessarily a bad sign. I have hopes about new Variax Bass too!
  9. Now available! Check the iPhone Version here: https://line6.com/support/topic/53496-icon-g-board-for-hx-stomp-iphone-version/
  10. Icon G-board for HX STOMP (iPhone version) https://gum.co/ALVVU New Premium MIDI Layout for MIDI DESIGNER PRO 2 ( IOS App, sold separately) - Works as an enterely wireless MIDI controller (using the yamaha or the Quicco MIDI-BT wireless adapter) - Also works with USB cable (using an Apple CCK connected to the HX STOMP USB) - Provides full hardware support for the iCon G-Board (MIDI footcontroller), including the eight onboard LEDs. Requires the Apple CCK USB3 and the Wireless MIDI-BT device to work. Main Screen: - Covers almost all HX STOMP MIDI implementation. (the "Play Once" button was deliberately ommited in this version) - Adds memory for 8 banks (A-H) of 4 Presets. (no more running correlative presets Up and Down!) Performance Screen: - Once you have set your banks in the main screen, load this Performance view to have a real Head Up Display for your HX STOMP. Includes the most relevant performance controls and a funny icon for each Bank! Icon G-Board: - Upper row: FS 1-4 (selectable Presets on the iPhone Screen) X 8 Banks (A-H) 1/4 LED active - Lower row: Snapshots 1-3. Super FS momentary footswitch (selectable FS 1-5 function) 1/3 LED active + 1 momentary
  11. Same DSP, but only one of them, unlike the bigger units. And artificially limited to 6 blocks. The HX Effects also have a single DSP, but it’s not limited (well, something like up to 9 blocks?) The 6 blocks limitation on the Stomp seems to be logical to some extent, since some amps alone needs >50% of the DSP. They also mentioned reasons related to the interface, ease of use, future updates, etc On the other side, is a real drawback when some FX with virtually no DSP usage (FX loop, or the looper itself) can’t be added to the chain without wasting a block, despite having enough free DSP.
  12. How to turn a modest MIDI device on a monster controller for your HX STOMP!! https://gumroad.com/l/bcZWg Maybe the iCon G-Board has ever called your attention as a possible partner for your HX STOMP. It's small, light, and has those typical guitar switches ... Oh no! It connects via USB and has no power connector, what a disappointment! You also can't store presets banks, and... don't even have a screen! But it can be powered through the Apple CCK USB 3 (also feeding the iPad), it is in a Class-Compliant device, it has eight beautiful LEDs on board, and the most important thing: it also receives MIDI! Therefore, we just need a brain for it, something like an iPad, the wonderful MIDI Designer Pro 2 app, a wireless MIDI interface, and spend several dozen hours to create a semi-decent MIDI template. Or you can spend a few bucks to have this one: https://gumroad.com/l/bcZWg The top row controls the presets, which you choose from your iPad by sliding your finger on the selectors. Only one of the four LEDs will remain active, both on the pedalboard and on your screen. You can also automatically save 8 banks of 4 presets (A-H), each of them identified with a funny icon in the upper right of the screen. The lower row contains the three Snapshot footswitches. Again, only the LED from the last selected FS will remain active. The button in the lower right corner of the pedalboard is something special: it works in momentary mode and can act as any of the HX Stomp footswitches, from one to five. There is a 5-position selector around this footswitch, whose buttons also function as momentary push-buttons, so you can also activate them from the screen. The large preset marker at the top center of the screen receives MIDI from the HX STOMP, as well as the looper buttons (remember that for the looper to work, it must be included in the effect chain) You will also find other usual controls such as the mode selector, the Tap Tempo button, tuner, bypass, etc. All this in a single-screen, colorful interface. No configuration is required by the user. Perhaps the easiest way in the world to use your HX STOMP. Seriously. So easy to use that even a child will want to do it. The requirements are: HX STOMP Apple iPad Apple CCK USB 3, cable and charger iCon G-Board (cable is provided) Yamaha MD-BT1 or Quicco M.1 (wireless MIDI-BT interface) MIDI Designer Pro 2 (IOS App) This MIDI Layout (Now available) We could consider that it is a form of semi-tethered connection, in the sense that we will connect the iPad and the pedal board to each other, and both to an AC connector through the USB3 CCK, on the one hand, and the data will travel wirelessly to the HX STOMP, which It can be a few meters away, sitting calmly on top of your amp, while your iPad faces the stage. Sit on your couch with your iPad and your G-Board, and enjoy your HX STOMP with this superb controller. It also works without the G-Board! (so you can use it right now, while ordering your G-Board at your nearest store) See you soon! Ed.
  13. The polarity values must match to get it working correctly. FS-6 settings: Polarity:RIGHT, Mode:LEFT (momentary). This goes for both A&B switches. HX Stomp settings: Global settings/Preferences/ EXP/FS Tip:FS4, EXP/FS5 Ring:FS5, Tip Polarity:Normal Global settings/Footswitches/ FS4 function:PresetUp, FS5 function:PresetDn Configured in this way, the FS-6 never becomes unresponsive. It still does scroll when hold, but in a controlled way. Any other settings may cause unexpected behaviors.
  14. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our HX Stomp had a dedicated professional, gig worthy, Plug & Play controller, where you don't have to program anything? What if it could also work with batteries, and... wirelessly? Better with a large touch screen as H.U.D? ROLAND FC-300 SYSEX MODE For HX STOMP https://gum.co/AnHuek Version 1.0 (5 Presets) Preset Mode: Stomp Mode: iPad Main view Looper controls This is a MIDI Layout Made to work with MIDI Designer Pro 2 (sold separately). Allows to use a Roland FC-300 MIDI pedalboard with the Line 6 HX STOMP, using SYSEX messages to control all the onboard LEDs, expression pedals and footswitches. Plug & Play. No config needed. Partially Wireless!! Plug your FC-300+iPad together, then control your HX Stomp Wirelessly! Requires some aditional hardware. Please read carefully the following requeriment list. Requeriments: - Line 6 HX STOMP - Apple iPad + MIDI Designer 2 + this MIDI Layout - Roland FC-300 - Roland UM-ONE MIDI Interface - Yamaha MD-BT01 Wireless MIDI Interface - Apple Lightning to USB 3.0 camera adapter Making connections: -Connnect the Roland UM-ONE MIDI DINs (In, Out) to the Roland FC-300, then plug the USB to the Apple Lighning to USB 3.0 camera adapter, plugged to your Ipad. - Plug the Yamaha MD-BT01 to your HX Stomp, then connect Wirelessy once in MIDI Designer Pro 2 Features: - Premapped SYSEX Mode to make both devices work seamlessly together. - Offers control over five preset on the FX STOMP (1 to 5) - Expression Pedals with real-time movement on the iPad screen. -Bypass and Tuner functions assigned to the Footswitches under the Exp pedals (including On/Off LEDs) - 3 FS assigned to Snapshots (One LED active) - One FS to Switch Stomp and Preset Modes, that also works as Tap Tempo. - 5 FS (lower row on the FC-300) with double function: single press to turn On/Off effects, Long Press to change presets 1-5 - Looper Controls onscreen - Control over the FC-300 screen brightness and ECO mode. Version 1.0 - Released 24-MAY-2020 Future versions may include additional features. All updates will be free of charge for current costumers.
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