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  1. Then the Pirate MIDI Bridge 6/4 are your best option, specially if you can wait a few months. The upcoming Helix 3.10 Firmware may have some MIDI implementation improvements, too.
  2. Seems like you're describing an HX Effects. It works pretty well just as a Controller, and it doubles as a DSP extension, if needed. If you already have an iPad, you may consider using it as a MIDI Controller. I have made two different controllers for the Floor/LT/Rack. 1- Icon G-Board for Helix Devices: New 2021 release. Made to work with an iCon GBoard, including synced LEDs. This same Layout also works as a standalone controller. And the GBoard doubles as a Mackie MIDI Controller when used with a OS X computer running Logic Pro. 2- Helix Wireless MIDI controller: This one is about to be updated (probably next week). It works primarily as a standalone MIDI Controller (wireless or wired), but also will receive embedded support for the iRig Blueboard, and a small MIDI implementation to use any other configurable MIDI controllers.
  3. Getting the MIDI output loop commands back will be great, but I have no words to describe what a better MIDI implementation will mean for us. Don't quote me, but... Maybe something like... "The next firmware update promises to be a true milestone for us MIDI fans?".
  4. HX STOMP Wireless MIDI Controller has been updated to version 1.4
  5. The long awaited 1.4 Update for the HX Stomp MIDI Controller (IOS) Now Available!! : Free update for previous users (just check your in-box).
  6. 2021 UPDATES Changes Log: v1.2 Update - Jan 6 2021 Important changes: Now we're using the "Logic" profile in G-Board iMap. Please update your config if you were using a previous version of this Layout. Now your G-Board doubles as a Mackie MIDI controller when is connected to a computer using Logic Pro (OSX). This means that Logic also controls the LEDs! Improved graphic design (again) v1.1 Update - Jan 3 2021 Secondary screen added (Presets) Improved graphic design. Now the controller can receive CC69 (Snapshots), values [0,1,2] if they are configured to send such data in Command Center (this settings are saved per preset) Now the controller can receive CC1 & CC2 (EXP pedals) if they are configured to send such data in Command Center (this settings are saved per preset)
  7. It was certainly an undocumented feature, but it was great. Luckily, the guys at Line 6 are actively working on all this, and maybe we MIDI fans will have great news in the upcoming Helix 3.1 firmware. So, life's good. Line 6 rocks!
  8. Hi PierM! That's a very good question. Basically it means there is an bidirectional way of communication, whatever it is. But to be precise, the following Helix command are being received by this Layout (using fimware 3.0/3.01) : - MIDI PCs: Received and translated to ABCD format using this Layout - MIDI Looper Commands (Broken feature using fimware 3.0/3.01. It was working, and it will work again in the upcoming Helix 3.1 firmware) - EXP pedals: If configured to send CC1 and CC2 in Command Center, provides on-screen movement on the controller sliders. - Snapshots: If configured to send CC69, values 0-3, the changes made in the Helix device will be reflected both on the iPad screen and the G-Board LEDs. Hopefully, the upcoming Helix 3.1 firmware will make all this way easier, and much better.
  9. This is a Premium MIDI Layout for MIDI DESIGNER PRO 2 ( IOS App, sold separately) Specially made to work with a iCon G-Board and a compatible Line 6 Helix Device: Helix Floor, LT or Rack HX Effects POD Go If you have a HX Stomp, there is a specific Layout available: https://gumroad.com/l/bcZWg Provides all the logic to sync the eight onboard LEDs on the iCon G-Board with your iPad and your Helix device. 3-Way MIDI made easy! Requires an Apple CCK USB3 connected to A.C. to feed both the iPad and the G-Board, and a Wireless MIDI-BT device to work. Provides full hardware support for the iCon G-Board (MIDI footcontroller), including the eight onboard LEDs. Also works as an enterely wireless MIDI controller (using the Yamaha MD-BT01 or the CME WIDI Master wireless adapter) NOW AVAILABLE: iCon G-Board for HELIX/HX EFFECTS - IPAD Version!! Changes Log: v1.0 Release - 3 January 2021 Features: Preconfigured support for the iCon G-Board, including 8 LEDs 4 Presets (upper row), 4 Snapshots (lower row) Save up to 8 Banks (A-H) x 4 Presets Each Bank is represented with a funny icon Receives MIDI from your HX STOMP (Program Changes, Looper. Also Snapshots and EXPs, if configured accordingly using Command Center) EXP 1-2 faders with Max/Min button Ease of operation (single screen, big text, colorful elements) Also works without the G-Board present (as a Wireless MIDI controller for your HX STOMP) Can be used together simultaneously with a computer connected to USB (to use HX Edit o whatever) The "Logic" template in the G-Board iMap editor is being used here, so it doubles as a Mackie Control controller if/when the G-Board is connected directly to a computer with OSX installed. Logic also controls the LEDs! Extended visual Input: This Layout can receive CC69 (Snapshots), values [0,1,2,3] if you have configured your device to send such data in Command Center. The same is applied to CC1 and CC2 (EXP pedals). These changes must be saved per preset basis in your device. Hardware requirements: Helix Floor, LT or Rack, HX Effects, or POD Go. iCon G-Board MIDI Designer Pro 2 (IOS) Apple iPad Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter + cables and charger. This is used to feed both the iPad and the G-Board. MIDI Interface (Yamaha MD-BT01, or CME WIDI Master) 1- Main View 2- Main View Cheatsheet 3- Preset View 4- Preset View Cheatsheet ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ G-Board (IOS; using this Layout): Making Connections: G-Board iMap Config (required):
  10. Thank you very much EJmo, I really appreciate your feedback! Of course the Airturn devices work with this layout, I own the BT-200S-6 myself. You simply have to configure it to send the appropriate CCs or Notes, as seen on the Blueboard screen. The reason I have chosen the BlueBoard as a base is because of its two pre-configured Bluetooth LE modes. I find this feature extremely useful from both the programmer's and the user's point of view. I have also included two buttons to turn on all the BlueBoard LEDs in each of the different modes. But you can use the Blueboard, the Airturn, the Airstep, or any other MIDI device that sends those messages, actually. In a few hours I will launch a different layout made to use a specific USB footswitch, the iCon G-Board. This one does respond very well to LED control (and has 8 of them), but it required a bunch of Stream Byter logic to make it work. This is why I'm making a specific Layout for it. At first I did it thinking about the HX Effects, but I have realized that it will work for the whole Helix range, including the POD Go. The actual "iCon G-Board for HX Stomp" Layout will be updated too!
  11. Tested with my Helix Floor, HX Stomp and HX Effects. None of them are sending Looper MIDI Out commands anymore after the 3.0/3.01 firmware. Also... The label "Redo" no longer appears on the Helix Floor or HX Effects Scribble Strips.
  12. Spent half an hour trying to PM a moderator, but I was unsuccesful. Please move this thread to promote your patches section, someone!
  13. Wait a moment.... The MIDI Commander sending CC values others than min/max? (Snapshots) Where’s that “Dr. zuo’s special firmware package“?
  14. Well, an iPad is quite cheap nowadays! And this layout works even with very old devices (I'm using a iPad Air first gen) There are MIDI controllers for the rest of the Helix line here!: https://line6.com/support/forum/96-promote-your-patches/ This same thread will be moved there, eventually. But this subforum seems better to announce the release. Follow me for updates on what I am creating.
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