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  1. Glad you solved it. Regarding the FS Toggle... that feature was introduced with the 3.10 Firmware, I think. So check first if your version are up to date. Anyway... If your external device can receive MIDI, you can use Command Center to make every FS in that Preset to send OUT their own MIDI values, so both devices will be synced. You have to do this per preset (and make sure that HX Edit isn't interfering in the FS status when you're editing the preset, since it doesn't send regular MIDI messages but their own propietary protocol) If your external device doesn't receive MIDI, then configure it to use Momentary actions instead, sending just an unique value (127). In this way the Helix will toggle the FS anyway. Yes, you lose the visual feedback outside the Helix, but this is the easiest way.
  2. It don't make any sense, apparently. Facts so far: CC50, values 0 (off) 127 (on) (now it works as Toggle), is the right CC for FS2. (B0 32 00 - B0 32 127) Preset 26B is MIDI PC 109 (C0 6D) So... Try over an empty Preset with just a block assigned on FS2 to see what happens. (maybe that second assingment it's causing the issue) Check your MIDI Log to see if your external devices are sending the right messages.
  3. Not really, MD requires specific Layout versions made for the iphone. I've made a iPhone Layout for the iCon G-Board and the HX Stomp, but it works even without the G-Board. It's not so updated, but it's cheaper, and it works: Was made using an Iphone 5C (So I don't really know how it looks in bigger screens)
  4. Wireless MIDI Controllers for IOS - AUGUST 2021 UPDATES! Based on the new MIDI implementation from Firmware 3.10 Includes SAVE button (All models) Includes MODE button (Helix Floor, Helix LT, Helix Rack, HX Effects) Includes VIEW button (Helix LT, HX Stomp) Helix Floor/Rack (main view) Helix LT (main view) NEW layout! included with the HELIX Floor/Rack layout HX Stomp (main view) HX Effects (main view)
  5. Updated to v1.5!!!! Save and Mode buttons added (requires firmware 3.10 or later) Preset pickers in Setlist View now includes color highlights Bidirectional Looper MIDI commands fixed
  6. Updated to v1.1!!!! Save and Mode buttons added (requires firmware 3.10 or later) Preset pickers in Setlist View now includes color highlights Bidirectional Looper MIDI commands fixed
  7. Hello EJmo, I'm sorry to answer so late. The Version 1.1 is ready (check your inbox). It's made to work with Firmware 3.10 or later. Updates are free forever. You will receive updates directly to your E-mail.
  8. Updated to v1.2!!!! Save and Mode buttons added (requires firmware 3.10 or later) New Helix LT layout included (replaces EXP3 slider with a View button) This is the new Helix LT layout:
  9. Just get an iPad, a WIDI Master, and my MIDI Layout for iOS. Version 1.1 to be released (probably 1 Aug 2021)
  10. CC71 works on the HX Effects too, but it swaps Effects/Banks view. To enter in Snapshot view you still have to press FS1&7 while in Banks view, though. BTW, We are just a few hours away from receiving the new update based on the new 3.10 MIDI implementation for my Helix iOS controllers. This is the new v1.1 HX Effects layout:
  11. 1- That rattle is caused by a defective fan. Mine had to be replaced too (L2T) 2- For bass you’ll need a L3
  12. The CME WIDI Master is far better choice than the yamaha. A pair of WIDI Master also work together (point to point MIDI interconnectivity) not needing an iPad in-between.
  13. ROLAND FC-300 SYSEX Mode for HX STOMP has been updated to version 2.0! I recently purchased a pair of CME WIDI Master, and found how well it works with SYSEX messages, unlike the Yamaha BT-01 I was using before. This has meant that my Layout for the Roland FC-300 is now fully Wireless, so I've taken the opportunity to update it to version 2.0. It is now quite a bit more complex, including memory for 9 banks of 5 presets. It has also been redesigned to look better. This MIDI Layout is an example of how MIDI Designer 2 can control several devices at once, establishing communication between them all. Without needing a single cable. It is composed of about 1000 lines of Streambyter code, necessary to control the SYSEX implementation of the FC-300, at the same time that it controls the HX Stomp. This means having implemented a complete customized SYSEX mode so that both devices work together in a logical way. The Roland FC-300 is battery powered, so with the CME WIDI Master, the iPad, and this Layout it has become a great device to remotely control the HX Stomp. The FC-300 may not be the most popular MIDI controller today, but it is the only one in the world to have a SYSEX mode specifically designed for the HX Stomp! Someone interested on a HELIX version?
  14. CHEAT SHEETS 1- Main View 2- Setlist View 3- Presets View 4- BlueBoard View
  15. HELIX Wireless MIDI Controller (iPad) has been updated to version 1.1 !! 1- Main View 2- Setlist View 3- Presets View 4- BlueBoard View
  16. Updated to v1.1!!!! Improved design BlueBoard screen added Extended visual Input: Now this Layout can receive CC69 (Snapshots), values [0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7] if you have configured your device to send such data in Command Center. The same is applied to CC1 and CC2 (EXP pedals). These changes must be saved per preset basis in your device.
  17. There is a new Firmware 3.9.0 for our BeatBuddys! BeatBuddy Firmware 3.9.0 “MIDI Optimizations and Bug Exterminations” I'm using mine with the BeatBuddy MIDI Sync cable and a Yamaha MD-BT01 or a CME WIDI Master. And don't miss my MIDI Layout made with MIDI Designer Pro: It will be updated soon for the new firmware, if needed.
  18. Then the Pirate MIDI Bridge 6/4 are your best option, specially if you can wait a few months. The upcoming Helix 3.10 Firmware may have some MIDI implementation improvements, too.
  19. Seems like you're describing an HX Effects. It works pretty well just as a Controller, and it doubles as a DSP extension, if needed. If you already have an iPad, you may consider using it as a MIDI Controller. I have made two different controllers for the Floor/LT/Rack. 1- Icon G-Board for Helix Devices: New 2021 release. Made to work with an iCon GBoard, including synced LEDs. This same Layout also works as a standalone controller. And the GBoard doubles as a Mackie MIDI Controller when used with a OS X computer running Logic Pro. 2- Helix Wireless MIDI controller: This one is about to be updated (probably next week). It works primarily as a standalone MIDI Controller (wireless or wired), but also will receive embedded support for the iRig Blueboard, and a small MIDI implementation to use any other configurable MIDI controllers.
  20. Getting the MIDI output loop commands back will be great, but I have no words to describe what a better MIDI implementation will mean for us. Don't quote me, but... Maybe something like... "The next firmware update promises to be a true milestone for us MIDI fans?".
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