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  1. You can use any other MIDI device (capable to send CCs 51-59, and PCs) connected to the HD500 if needed. I have a Korg padKontrol. Very easy to use device. Never tried to place it in the floor but it should be usable with your big toe.
  2. This! The absolute minimum they should do at this point is to correct what they broke with the last update. I am referring to the strange bars that now appear in the parameters of the amps instead of the percentage indicator. Personally I find this bug very annoying. I'm quite happy with my HD500 too. Still a very capable device for the price, too bad they do not continue their development. Would that! I think the "IR factor" is obviously the next evolutive step in modelers, so this alone will determine if a modeler is from the old or the new generation. Really? I always thought the cabs was the weakest part in the HD series, although over the years I've compared it with some other hard/soft modelers (boss, zoom, etc) and it is still better than most of them. The Eleven Rack is the point where the HD cabs are surpassed, IMO. Probably the best from the old generation. However, it is also a device sadly abandoned by its manufacturer. At this time, the Atomic Amplifire(s) seems to be the cheapest all-in-one way to get IR loading capabilities, and it can become the most serious competitor for the HD series, if is not already. However, I imagine that until a bigger competitor like Boss launches a new modeler, Line6 will continue to sell the HD series, despite not being updated anymore.
  3. Volume — CC7 Wah – CC4 The Eleven Rack have a full MIDI implementation with all CCs listed in the manual.
  4. Get the FBV3. Amazing controller for your HD Desktop but also great as a computer MIDI controller. A real shame is that those pretty colored LED rings are not controllable with its editor, anything but the Firehawk 1500 can change the LED colors. (Why, Line6, Why!!??) So.. Red rings only, but still a interesting device. Edited: Vote for selectable LED colors Rings for the FBV3 The FBV2 MKII can be found around 100 bucks used. The so called "V-tron", "Tron up" and "Tron Down." Kinda meh! for my tastes. I bought the real EH Q-Tron+ just becouse I love this effect. In my opinion, there are still a few analog effects that cannot to be replicated properly by a digital device: the dynamic effects. And of course the Q-tron is one of them. I have the same opinion about the compressors, so I searched for a noiseless and transparent one and got a Rothwell Love Squeeze. The only effect that I'm really missing right now its a Wah activated by foot pressure, like the Wowee Wah. Theres no digital device —even the mighty Helix— capable to do that at this time.
  5. The HD series development seems to have already reached the end of a road that is closed and does not lead anywhere. Thats a dead end by definition. Said that, I bought a Mac Mini 2.1 (80€) that now sits over my amp together with an old 15" cheap monitor and a wireless mouse. If you need portability for your guitar rig (I dont) then get an used netbook or a cheap 64 bits windows tablet. No need to spend more than 100 bucks for a computer capable to handle an editor. Even a 10 years old computer with half a GB of RAM can do it.
  6. The PODs are not USB Class Compliant devices, so you will need any other compatible interface in the middle.
  7. Ridiculous. Nothing can imitate the complex and powerful sound of a saxophone. Just play your guitar solo and try to do your best, or even better: call a real sax player.
  8. I'm quite happy with the HD500 but the Helix is expensive. That made me think that I would be willing to buy an upgraded version of the HD500. For me it would be enough to make a few improvements: -Same kind of color footswitches that the Firehawk. -Screen with better resolution and readability -Improved DSP to better tracking pitch effects and synths, more room to dual amps, etc. -Less latency (overall, but specially in pitch, synths, and so on) - EQ as frequencies, not as percentage. A new multiband EQ, with graphic mode. - Improved cabs, and perhaps the possibility of using IRs. -Fixed FX Loop. (Now lost -6 dB, and it is noisy) -Re-assignable Looper footswitch (and maybe tap tempo). I'd use it like any other FS, and not using that looper at all. -Ability to make USB Reamp. -S/PDIF In/Out to make digital Reamp -Infinite Encoders with a LED for amp control potentiometers. -Full screen editor, one that not crashes when the expression pedal is being operate (this is a really awful bug, never fixed). Just leave the rest as it is, and you have a potential costumer here. Price it half than Helix (around 700) and you (still) have a winner with the HD series.
  9. As a HD500 and VL3X owner.... The units are night and day regarding amp modelling. The whole guitar layer in the VL3X sucks IMHO. The difference with the Helix will be abysmal. The VL3X sounds good with the voice (Or mic. I'm using it with my sax and flute), but I think the "3 in one" (Voice processor, guitar and looper) concept is completely wrong here. I think they would do better to concentrate on making just one good, rather 3 not very well. The looper is clumsy compared with any dedicated looper in the market (Boss RC-300 here), and the guitar layer is deficient in every aspect compared even to a cheap Zoom G1. It´s simply the worst I have heard in many time. The best thing you can do is turn it off completely. So you can free DSP, and use guitar outputs for output of backing tracks instead. And they have plans to release a new Voicelive 4 soon. Therefore, if your primary need is the guitar, if I were you sell the VL3X. In fact I'm thinking about selling everything and buy the Helix. Not sure if Helix improves mic processing in any way compared with the HD series, though.
  10. That promo is an attempt to boycott Boss next release ( next friday 9) ^_^ Just joking. Same story happened with the X3 live in his day. At that time I got the free packs (actually, it was enough to register the machine with the date of the promotion ;) ) This time I paid for the HD Complete Bundle, but hey, the JC-120 and Gallien-Kruger for bass are now my go-to amps, so I guess I cannot complain much. I hope they also take out a final 3.0 firmware for HD pod, as happened with the X3 Live. I think it was one year before being discontinued. They need to fix some bugs before abbandon us. At least no Java is needed for the HD editors :lol:
  11. Hi folks! I'm using the HD series since it was launched, and I have used it with my Variaxes (guitar and bass), but also with my main instrument, the saxophone. (Alto, tenor and soprano) I have achieved good results with reverbs, delays, octave, and some other effects. The harmonizer has many good points, but I have always noticed that the POD HD lacked DSP power, which resulted in several inconveniences: inaccurate tracking, delayed signal, generation of artifacts, and worst of all, detuned notes generated. It really was a shame, because despite everything, the sound was quite good. I could get a credible sound of baritone sax playing my alto sax, get fun armonizing a pentatonic scale, or generate parts of 4 voices (octave low and two other voices on either side of the stereo), but unfortunately had to resort to other effects (pitch glide) to tune the generated notes. This obviously was a bummer, plus the pitch effects quickly saturated the DSP. I recently acquired a TC Helicon Voicelive 3 Extreme, but I'm not too happy with the result, because in a certain sense I get better sound with POD HD (I mean the degree of credibility of sound, not talking about DSP power), and the armonizer parameters are really clumsy (they named the scales as 1, 2, 3, and there is nothing like pentatonic scales or whole/dim, like the POD HD has) Due to my current state of disappointment, I opened this thread to ask if anyone has tested the effects of Helix with a microphone. Maybe someone with a wind instrument Here? In any case, how about the harmonizer on Helix? It has much improved over the HD series? It is accurate? It is finally able to produce notes in tune? Maybe its time to sold all my current electronic devices and go to Helix route. (Well, or wait for a Voicelive 4, that will be surely influenced by the Helix developement in many ways).
  12. If 1000$ including shipping from Spain for a near-mint 705 Sunburst is OK for you, feel free to PM me.
  13. My favorite amp is the Gallien-Kruger 800RB (G Cougar 800). Easily the best bass amp model in the HD series. To me, this amp alone worth the price not only of the bass pack, but the entire HD500. So yes, I think the Pod HD offers a fantastic value for bass players if you find your sound there (as I did). I´m using the HD500 only to record. I also have a Roland Bass Cube 120XL, with enough quality FXs onboard to not even need anything else, so I´m happy in all situations (that means: playing the bass on my homestudio and my living room. :lol:) In fact, I'm a sax player, after all, but I truly appreciate the sound of good gear, and the Pod HD certainly makes me more than satisfied to play and record some guitars and bass, very specially since I bought the HD expansion packs (the JC-120 is my favorite for guitar) Regarding bass effects: Tube comp, a bit of reverb (chamber or room at 15%), chorus or flanger (there are many variations to choose), and ocasionally some delay. I like the "Tron Up" effect for bass. The key with bass effects is usually to keep the "Mix" parameter pretty low on every fx, and not try to use too many effects at the same time.
  14. Same crash on Mac OS X, no matter the version. This is something I mentioned often (both here in the forums and support tickets), and they just tried to blame my computers or simply denying reality. A real shame.
  15. I just do not understand why Line 6 not bring us a simple stereo self-powered cabinet to connect the Helix or POD HD. With a pair of line inputs and maybe a digital input. I'm glad I bought a Roland GA-212 (stereo amp with stereo line inputs) for only 299€ (special price for the last units of a discontinued product). The speakers are surprisingly flat response. I use this amp even for my saxophones, flute and EWI, all connected thru the HD500. A company like Line 6 could redefine the entire market of amplifiers: No manufacturing more amplifiers. Just stereo powered cabinets for connecting digital modelers.
  16. Ed_Saxman

    HD Bass Pack

    Absolutely essential, that's it. I would keep my HD500 just for the bass pack.
  17. About my previous post, be careful: The Easy Expression Converter DOES NOT work on Line 6 FX units. They require 10k exactly. #3 Good idea.
  18. No way. You need an expression pedal like the EX-1. However, you can use something like this: http://dbinstrumentamp.com/drupal/content/easy-expression-converter http://www.strymon.net/2011/10/10/strymon-tech-corner-3-volume-pedal-as-an-expression-pedal/ Quotes from ME: You can sometimes use a passive, low impedance volume pedal as an expression pedal by using a TRS stereo insert cable to connect the input and output from the pedal to the expression controlled device. The volume pedal will likely have a log pot and expression devices normally expect a linear input so you may find the response not to be very smooth, unless the device is designed to accommodate a log pot. Some digital devices can be programmed to compensate for a log pot if you use a volume pedal as an expression pedal. The taper of a potentiometer describes how its electrical resistance changes proportional to it’s mechanical movement. In a linear potentiometer, the electrical resistance changes at the same rate throughout the mechanical range of the pot. In most cases, although not all, linear taper works best for expression pedals. In a logarithmic taper potentiometer, the resistance changes more slowly as you first move the pot, becoming increasingly faster as you get near the end. Log, or near log pots are commonly used in volume controls but don’t always work well for other effects. This is one of the reasons why trying to repurpose a volume pedal as an expression pedal often produces unsatisfactory results. Some wah pedals use pots approximating a reverse log taper. In most cases this will not work well for an expression pedal either, but there are at least two known cases where this is actually a requirement for an expression pedal.
  19. I hope they will soon update both the firmware and the HD Edit. Personally I have also found several bugs: — Sometimes the "F" (factory) models appear on the model list of my JTV with firmware 2.21 (and should not appear) — Sometimes you can not move effects blocks, and "Cab Parameters" tab can not be selected. After several tests I found that was solved by moving the tone or volume controls from the Variax. Somehow, sometimes they are continuously sending data to HD Edit, which causes this error. — The percentages in the parameters of the cabs no longer appear (there is now a horrible bar in place) — And of course, the eternal "Wah Bug": The whole HD Edit crashes when the expression pedal is being used for a while (at least on OS X).
  20. I'm a OS X user, but I even think the big software companies should boycott Apple when they are insisting in their stupid annual releases strategy. IMHO, every operating system should have a life cycle of at least 1000 days, let's say 3 years.
  21. You can install both OS in different partition/drive on the meantime. In fact, this is the safest way to proceed when a new OS comes out.
  22. Some Roland fun! They publish a compatibility chart about el Capitan: http://www.roland.com/support/support_news/2876 Still no driver for my Octa-Capture?: http://roland.com/support/article/?q=downloads&p=UA-1010 Yes, there it is!: http://www.roland.com/support/by_product/octa-capture/updates_drivers/7123
  23. IMO, Apple should rethink seriously its strategy to introduce a computer operating system every year. As a computer company they have a market share too small to force big software/hardware developers to update their drivers as often. A computer is not a smartphone. Lollipop you, Apple.
  24. Still not an editor. Just Presets/IR manager. Helix application is a simple, but powerful, preset librarian and I.R. manager application for Mac® and Windows®. It allows you to easily see, customize, backup and manage your tone presets and setlists, as well as manage the impulse responses on your Line 6 Helix device.
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