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  1. Ok maybe not the best of all time, but I believe you wont find any album that comes even close sonically in last 20 years. Today I was looking around the internet trying to learn more about Billy Howerdel's guitar tone. I assume we all know who Billy is. :) I came across one thread on fractal forum. One guy was asking about instructions on how to create a tone another guy answered...You know same old same old, except the answer that the other guy gave blow me away. I'm just gonna copy-paste.the text: ''I've talked to Billy about this 2 or 3 times and also talked to Dave Friedman as well. The Mer De Noms tones were all done through Pod Farm. Yes, you heard me correctly. Pod Farm. Most of Billy's core tone actually comes from his guitar, which is a Les Paul with Tom Anderson H3+ and H1- pickups in it. Believe you me, if you don't use this configuration, you won't get his sound. You just won't. The Friedman Naked is simply a Marshall Super Lead with some transformer and preamp modifications. It's nothing insanely complicated. Dave used to offer this as a mod you could get done.'' Maybe you guys know about this already maybe not, but someone should look into this.
  2. MotherGo0se

    500x and Spdif

    Thanks guys. Like I said I never connected my Pod hd 500x via Spdif. I have an old PC which I use mainly for playing and recording tracks. Just a while ago I stumbled upon some comments here regarding Spdif. Thought I should give it a try. While this dinosaur PC of mine doesn't have Spdif in, I was thinking maybe if I bought somekind of internal audio card with Spdif in that should do the job. Maybe I missread somebody saying that digital signal which goes through spdif cable is better quality wise then going trough usb. If that's not the case, then there's really no need to invest more in this old PC.
  3. MotherGo0se

    500x and Spdif

    I'm looking to buy a version of Pcie card that has coaxial Spdif input. I never used this way of connecting PC with Pod. To those of you who did, is there significant difference in overall quality of sound, or is it just as good as going trough USB? I rather not temper with configuration of the PC if the difference in sound is gonna be unsignificant.
  4. First of all Hello everyone it's been a while. Lately I've been messing with Bias FX I and have to tell you I find this software to be over the top. Especially high gain modulations, distorsions and over all the feel of the sound coming out. But I have one problem. When I'm running it standalone and I'm dialing my tone everything goes well, but soon as I open up Reaper and I want to record that sound it says "There was an error opening the audio hardware: Error initializing ASIO driver..." I go then to the preferences/device etc And this is what I get
  5. First of all I wanna say hi to everyone here, it's been a while. So new amplitube 4 is out and I was eager to check it out, but as it is only for win 64 platform, now I'm having these device problems with my UX1 in Reaper. Everything works swell when I open Podfarm and Reaper, but every time I open amplitube and then Reaper I get the same device not found message. I know it's some kind of driver incompatibility and I don't wanna go asio4all I tried that buggy lollipop already. Is there any way I can have this software running in standalone like podfarm alongside reaper?
  6. Thanks for answering man, Believe me I tried all of that, and every time it comes out very strange, so unnatural. I've been doing Deftones covers lately, downloaded a couple of great backing tracks (drum, bass, keys, everything). And as for my part, with Pod Farm I've managed to get every single clean sound, but the same problem still knocks me down. Soon as I come in to the chorus with a power chord I loose all integrity of the song. it just sounds like 8 bit video game comparing to the clean part.
  7. I don't know where to start with this one. Ever since I started using Pod Farm I've failed miserably to record a decent distorsion sounds. I didn't want to bother you with this question cause I figured it's just another learning curve but it slowly got to the boiling point :)))) Every time I dial in some kind of tune and record dry signal then afterwards add Pod Farm as fx in Reaper it comes out very poor. I can't seem to save the texture of any amp that I use when I add distorsion. I tried tweaking, adding more compression, add eq, delaying guitar in mixer, doubling guitar (max left and right) in DAW, processing, mixing...and still nothing. I just don't understand what am I doing wrong since every single clean sound that I dial in comes out great after recording. And sounds very natural. I found some presets here on custom tones that I really like (done on a same guitar as mine with same pickups), but they still sound ''plastic'' after recording. Please Help you guys.
  8. MotherGo0se

    Ux1 with other devices

    I tried it both ways and now I'm running it from mono out to instrument, as Zap recommended. It's huge level difference as he pointed out, but never the less thanks to both of you for your fast reply.
  9. MotherGo0se

    Ux1 with other devices

    Can anyone help me out with this?
  10. Hi everyone. My friend gave me Boss GT6 unit to play around for a couple of days, and I was wondering if it's possible to connect it to UX1? I'm guessing it goes like this from gt6 l/r outputs into line inputs on UX1, but I'm not sure, don't wanna burn this little box :)
  11. MotherGo0se

    Question about conversion

    PS Sorry, I just saw that it was an old post from 2013, but anyways...Could something similar be done for Pod Farm?
  12. I see somebody has made conversion utility for some of the earlier Pod HD models, can it be done for Pod Farm as well? Eventually most of us will go for Pod HD 500X, but until we do it would be nice to be able to play around with that kinda possibility.
  13. MotherGo0se

    WHAT'S MISSING Show us your set up.

    You know ''well known'' is tricky stuff, For example if you like some type of music you will be more informed about it and of people who create the best sounds surrounding it. These people you then consider ''well known'', but they aren't maybe modern day tv popular, so rest of the planet maybe don't know about 'em. And I say thank God, otherwise they would be forced to make stupid music 24/7. Here's Tony Pettit of The Eden House, previously he played with Fields of Nephilim and before any of that he use to be audio tech with Pink Floyd, so I say that makes him pretty much relevant...Anyway here's the clip pause it on 0:57 Also I linked this before, so if any of you admins want to remove it go ahead.
  14. MotherGo0se

    Model Pack sale ... suggestion

    That would be great. But can it be done for existing Gx/Ux1/Ux2 hardware?
  15. MotherGo0se

    New amp models

    Anyone you like, I like 'em all :) Just listening to Throw down the sword.