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  1. Unfortunately, X3 bean does not have an expression pedal, but on the network I found a service manual for X3L, it has several schemes, including an block of expression pedal, the necessary electronic components and connection points. I'm still trying to figure it out, but can Line6 engineers say whether it is even possible to refine the X3 bean so that it can get an external pedal? In the settings of the device there are pedal parameters, so maybe a few details and a little soldering are enough and this processor will become delightful. I really love this desktop processor, despite the presence of a huge number of new and powerful devices, unfortunately not one of them сan't do it like he - lock the processing chain of the microphone. P.S. I know about the FBV controller, but it is too bulky and I still want to have my habitual pedal.
  2. Hurrah! I assembled the kernel, added a one line and helix rack worked! thanks!
  3. Hello! Under Ubuntu 19.04 and 19.10 / Kernel 5.3.x and 5.4.x / Helix Rack does not work. dmesg log: Where to get this patch? What to patch?
  4. cultivator

    Vocal FX

    Thank! I registered at the ideascale, and gave my vote.
  5. cultivator

    Vocal FX

    Hello! Question to the developers. What is the chance for full-fledged vocal effects to appear in helix? Such as deesser (the most important), harmony, doubling, choir, autotune, vocoder, gender-change, anti-feedback. Without them, he is no good for singing. TC Helicon voicelive 3 looks more interesting.
  6. I do not have a lot of space on the table, I'm still interested in mobility, I want to carry all my equipment on my back. Well, I just like compact things and modifications of something. My past instruments are POD Bean and Boss GT-001, I really liked them, but they are not as functional and convenient as Helix.
  7. I need to reduce weight and size, not increase them. With the same success, I can just put Helix-floor on the table and say "here it is now desktop" =)
  8. Unfortunately, VST plug-ins are too latency, even on the best CPU and sound cards, in addition, I use Linux more. Аnd I just want a compact hardware effects processor, like Boss GT-001, with the power to use a guitar and a microphone at the same time. But after the release of the Boss GT-001, none of this did, and even the boss of the GT-001 is not quite perfect - a guitar and a microphone can not be used together. I do not plan to break the case, I want to extract something inside and make another case. Judging by the helix-floor, the main part of the device is rather small, I also think it has less switching panel, and if it can be reduced it will be a bomb! =)
  9. Hi! Forgive Google-Translate for bad English =) Have not met anyone pictures of the open Helix-Rack, I plan to remake it into a desktop version, reducing the size and weight. Maybe someone will not be afraid to open their own, on the example of my Helix-Floor I can assure that this should not deprive you of a guarantee, there are no seals in it, and it opens very simply - a good design. But the dimensions of the chip-boards do not allow to reduce the size significantly and I plan to exchange it to Helix-Rack.
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