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  1. Hi, any idea if the helix protocol is similar to this??
  2. Hi, I am developing an app to control my HX Stomp on my tablet (android) There's any documentation regarding the protocol used by hx edit to for example: download/restore a backup/setlist upload an ir file get the parameters and informations? Is any of this accessible via midi? (maybe with a syshex message?) In another thread a Line6 developer was talking about the fbv protocol... If anyone wants to help also... Cheers, Nick
  3. Still not happy with it my old m9 was fine (actually was making my sound better) I picked up this skill working as a repair tech for 5 years :-)
  4. Hi, two output of the pwt 08 should be enough (but check first) I think that the Truetone CS6 L6 inverts the polarity of the cable but I don't have it so you should check it with a multimeter Cheers, Nick
  5. Hi, Sorry I just read this!! I'm happy that it works for you!!!! for other user I simply got https://www.thomann.de/ie/palmer_pwt_12_mk_2.htm https://www.thomann.de/ie/rockboard_power_ace_conl6.htm https://www.thomann.de/ie/rockboard_flat_daisy_cable_angled_4.htm And I put the variable power supply output with a multimeter to exactly the same output (9V) and used the daisy chain to connect 3 output with the line6 hx stomp work like a charm from almost 1 year, and also the palmer is amazing is powering all my pedalboard and is svery small/light Cheers Nick
  6. Hi!! I am on ubuntu 20.04 and I installed helix native like a breeze with wine I am running it with carla but I cannot reach the network did anyone know how to run it in lin vst or have the same problem?? Thanks
  7. Hi All, I was puzzled as the tone of my guitar with the hx stomp in line even when in hardware bypass mode was totally different from when the hx stomp was not there. And I think the problem are L11 and L12 (ferrite beams) that are always included in the circuit even when the hx stomp is in bypass there are also C42 and C44 on the output (that can be left) basically bypassing those the tone is a bit less brilliant but also more natural. Disclaimer: this will void the warranty and you risc to break your hx stomp
  8. Please vote my looper idea!!!! add reverse/half speed to footswutch in hx stomp/helix https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HX-STOMP-looper-add-reverse-half-speed-to-parameter-and-switch/980539-23508
  9. Just install an updated kernel from https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v5.5.8/ It should work
  10. Btw you should send a patch to add the usb hid and PID to the following patch See https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/d4bd30532688558a7de70f0c8edd2a7a25c3963f case USB_ID(0x0E41, 0x4249): /* Line6 Helix Rack fw 2.8 */
  11. Hi you probably are using pulse audio you should use jack. I don't know the setup for mangiaro in Ubuntu I'm using the utility from kxstudio (CATIA) and it setup a pulse audio plugin called Alsa sink to route the audio from pulseaudio to alsa
  12. Hi all I can confirm that the palmer PWT 12 MK2 works with the HX stomp https://www.palmer-germany.com/en/products/power-supplies-chargers/18553/pwt-12-mk-2 This psu is quite small and relatively cheap (And is dead silent! good job palmer!). The only issue is that is a bit tricky to set the right output voltage with the small pot, so you have two options: with a multimeter carefully set the same voltage (I put it at 9.4V) on two of the 500ma outputs) and then connect the hx stomp to two of the 500ma outputs or use a 5 pedal chain (like this) and connect 4 of the 9V 300ma output to get 1200mA (yes they are well isolated) (and you still have the 4 500ma variable output for something else) Just remember that this psu can source maximum 2000ma in total so the hx stomp is ~1000mA -> another 1000mA of pedals Of course neither me not line6 is supporting officially all of this so... use at your risk Cheers Nick
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