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  1. Hello, I have good news: I a now able to communicate with the Windows driver: only writing to the POD with DeviceIOControl and IOCTL_KS_PROPERTY. Thus I hope I will be able to port the application on Windows shortly; Regarding OSX I have now a version of Mojave running in a VM. The app seems to communicate through IOKit but I am not sure of if. The documentation is crap so it will take more time but does not feel impossible to have a running 64bit version of my app. If you have info about these two API feel free to bring your stone to the edifice. Aurryon
  2. @hurghanicoThanks for the feedback. I will check the Pod HD Tone source code. I was unaware that such program existed. To be honest the last thing I am lacking is the understanding of the big message of 4kb containing a preset load. The HD Edit app is sending this message when requesting a preset change and the POD is sending this when hitting a preset stomp. Other messages are quite small and easy to understand. @joel_brownFirst of all, I don't have a Mac and it is hard to find clean ISO install images to get it running on VMs. I truly understand that with the coming changes from Apple and the deprecated status of POD HD family from line 6, such hardware won't work in the near time. Honestly, I could check and get it running as long as the OSX kernel driver still exist and expose the proper communication channel. Regarding Windows I need to check. This one might be easier to achieve as Windows 10 will stay there for a long time and I have it installed in my VM to use/debug the POD HD Edit software. If I am able to finish my software in a month, I will be able to start looking at this. Aurryon
  3. Hello Line6 Team, I am currently writing an open source software (LGPLv2) to use the podhd 500x under Linux in a similar manner as "POD HD 500X edit". Would it be possible to have the protocol data sheet to complete my implementation? I am currently supporting basic features, i.e. reading and writing pedals settings, but I am lacking some understanding of the whole protocol. Thanks in advance, Aurryon The code https://github.com/StarAurryon/lpedit Note: Protocol reverse engineering is perfectly legal if we listen to the usb port, which is what I am doing. As a EU citizen I would also be allowed to reverse the assembly in the name of interoperability: which I am not doing now as it is harder
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