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  1. Just reset global settings and - In global settings "Ins/Outs" I have only one page with the options Guitar in pad: off 1/4 outputs: instrument XLR outputs: Mic Send/Return 1: instrument Send/Return 2: instrument USB Destination: Multi No option for setting the Volume Knob.. Am I looking in the wrong location?
  2. "The volume knob never controlled the USB output" - exactly But in previous release you could - connect Guitar to Helix, - Helix to Amplifier => turning volume knob even to zero, and the level goes to the amplifier would be the same as set on the Preset... Now, 3.x accidentally turning volume knob down and you will not hear the guitar or change your tone. on 2.X you could set if you want Volume knob to control your Output Jack or just your headphones and USB. No such option now....
  3. [Yes it is when having 1/2 as input block] After resetting global it did solved it and can not reproduce the problem any more. Now 1 and 2 have same level tested on my daw... == can close thread ==
  4. Hi System setting has no more the option of Volume Knob – control only USB. (like in 2.X) This is a problem assuming you’d like the output level goes from your ¼ Out to the amplifier depend only on what is set on your preset and not also the Volume Knob.
  5. Though 3.01 solved the corrupted audio, when played with piano through insert ½ (stereo) You would notice that the Left channel (1) is much stronger then the right channel (2) To reproduce: 0. make sure 1 and 2 inser are in ‘INST’ mode and not Line [In line mode it would be less noticeable] 1. Connect Helix LT to computer via USB. 2. Make sure you are on Empty patch. A: 1. Send same signal level to 1, and 2 [from synth or electric piano] Look on your DAW monitor, and see 1 is stronger (Much stronger). 2. replace jack 1 with jack 2 to ensure it is not a cable issue B. Make sure other things are correct - Send from Guitar to Stereo USB should be ok
  6. attached Open Stage Control, implementing the - The “Unofficial” Helix MIDI Guide v3.0 I still don't understand why Line6 developers made for example midi of FS1 is for stamp mode only, (unlike using the footswitch on the unit itself where it can be used to select preset etc...) it is better the nothing though remember to install dependencies for python midi and to run with correct parameters like: ./open-stage-control.app/Contents/MacOS/open-stage-control -m list "HELIX:2,2" I wish helix developer would 1. sending midi foot switch would be like as pressing the footswitch on the unit (select stamp, switch preset...) and not just select stamp. 2. consider implementing OSC(Open sound control) for the Helix Editor Software (The helix software would act as a OSC server that can be controlled from a tablet) HELIX.json
  7. confirmed usb id: USB_ID(0x0E41, 0x424a): /* Line6 Helix LT - firmware >= 2.8 */ that maximum kernel available for me is AMD 64, for now......
  8. Twin harmony is cool effect, however I’d like to use it is pitch correction for my Theremin The Helix seems to do great in identifying and correcting pitch, in the “Twin harmony”. However 1, No chromatic Scale exists. 2. I wish we had parameter for how fast should auto tune engage (for Theremin vibrato at beginning of note, for Fretless base to make transition from one note to another more smooth). If at Line6 you think, “we like it that way we dont want to change it. Maybe you could add auto tune effect. Personally, I think there is no need for another effect called "autotune", 1. and 2. would do the same functionality and in much more powerfull way….
  9. Helix can send CC, turning CC to note is simple using 1. your daw (Logic pro transformation object) 2. VCV rack, just connect CC trigger, to note trigger module. 3. Using 3 lines of code in Midi Javascript 4. You dont want to "play with your foot switches", you do want to trigger event/sequences/patches with it... Lets try simple home assignment . VCV rack will control Helix Gain volume where amplitude of change will decrease over time. 1. Free 40min of your time. 2. In VCV rack add LFO, and ADSR 3. Connect LFO to ADSR to control amplitude over time. 4. Add CC trigger (You can also have VCV identify a trigger as any sounde larger then 3V) 5. connect cc trigger to adsr 6. Helix configure footswitch A1 to trigger CC channel X 7. Helix configure Gain affect to receve changes on CC channel Y 8. test that VCV accepted your trigger successfully. 9.Verify that the ptach actually works. This is a simple task with no keyboard. - In the synth world we dont need to trigger specific notes, we trigger sequence events. ** This is a Virtual Analog task, their might be as well FM synthesis home assignment, Live looping home assignment or AbeltonLive10 Loops assignment. however analog monophonic synth is the best way to start, a. You can simplify this task even more by jest sending LFO from VCV Rack to Helix, this is 7Min assignment but it would be less challenging . b. It is always best to have Helix or External Synth produce the sound and Midi just play changes with it.
  10. Helix got 8ins 8 out, in terms of logical usb ports, so it is might benefit for example to get your software synth in to Usb3/4 for effects while guitar goes in to guitar in for example. This is also good for recording, for some reason sending sound from two different programs to same output cause glitches. Artistically, , I like for myself recording classical string quartet on monophonic analog synth, or guitar. For live shows probably you are looking for building a simple VCV Rack patch, and maybe the patch would control external analog synth. and all trigged by guitar VCV RACK 1.0 is free and can also control pitch wheel, so maybe LFO can also control the external synth pitch wheel. also a loop playback VCV rack module can be used to trigger recording/playing every N bars All of this would be triggered by any note sent from the guitar to VCV. or Helix internal clock thew these things are really nice, I find it more interesting investing my time on piano classical music , and playing Piano pieces on guitar (Bach for example). then gong experimental.
  11. To wrap-up the discussion. now that we both on the same page managed to recreate the issue: 1. This bug does not occurs on any other interface (Synths, or soundcards I have, or generic midi interface). only Helix has this bug 2. It is easy to solve by code (Just do not re-echo requests sent to all-ins through Helix,), easy to reproduce, easy to debug. it is just a matter of programmer forgot to Own the all-inst event before resending it, so it will not re-re-re-sent 3. Logic Pro Unlike Live 10, do not have independent midi engine per track. Logic has one "Midi environment" window for all project and tracks. => By default Helix Out Din will not work on Logic Pro, (unless creating something like /dev/null object from the Helix input). 3.1 This is definitely not standard request from a user to mess with "Midi Environment" because Helix Re-eco request sent to "all-ins" I do however agree that in live10 it is almost not issue at all. Anyway Thanks for response
  12. Hi Your test WAS OK, you were just one click away from the bug. just set to "ALL INS" I've repeated your last experiment and in did it was ok, However to trigger the loopback bug you would have to switch from USB2-0-MIdi to "all ins" Here I've repeated your experiment where Focustrite ss my simple Midi using external Roland old usb keyboard . (No more Casio, no more USB directly connected) Here where it is ok: Here you should see it loopback: Notice that after loopback occurs, no notes will be sent to external DIN and the Helix needs to be reboot It he picture you see as constant lights but these lights in the Live10 gone wild and Helix would require restart to play any midi note. Your test WAS OK, you were just one click away from the bug. just set to "ALL INS" BTW - Really deeply thank you
  13. Hi Sorry, for the mis understanding, 1. indeed it is required USB keyboard I've tried using webMidi test page and it was not reproducible (https://jazz-soft.net/download/web-midi/web-midi-test.html) 2. no need to connect anything to the Helix MIDI IN DIN, only MIDI OUT DIN when set TRACK MONITOR to "OFF" nothing is actually sent when I play on the keyboard so I have to set it is AUTO I guess, It is good though to set it to OFF when using module/keyboard that don't have "ECHO OFF" mode, to avoid playing back the same note. (like a casio digital piano, or when connecting the external sound module back to the Helix midi in) But here the problem is infinit looping and not just the same note itself Here compared tested with Focusrite Soundcard and all ok
  14. Hi Here instruction for reproducing the issue in Live 10. 1. Start new project, press tab to switch "Project view" from "loop view" 2. in the "1 Midi" set the record on [red] 3. in the "1 Midi" set dropbox from up to down as follows: - "CASIO USB" or any other external keyboard you have - Keep default of "All Channels" [it is the input channel, of the keyboard so it is not matter' - "auto" button on [yellow] - HELIX [This is the output port] - Ch 1 [this the the channel of you hardware synth 4. Press any key like "Do" *** Here everything should work correctly 5. Change the first dropdown to - "All Ins" 6. Press any key like "Do" You will see that - Helix is keep re-sending the Do(C4) over end over again - lights on the Live10 always on. indicating loop. - lights in the hardware synth indicate loop. 7 test that with Focusrite soundcard or any other usb midi device and see it is only occurs with Helix. The Loopback you've mentioned 'track monitor' is wave partial cancellation, and not actually recursive midi data loopback that overload the Helix
  15. Actually, I see that the MIDI OUT DIN is ok. The problem was that the loopback, bug caused Helix system overload. So the *** OUT DIN is ok. my mistake*** The loopback bug, will not impact Reaper, since you specify your input keyboard as the midi input port. However in Logic Pro, we have "ALL" (all devices) as input by default, and since then The loopback bug: - note sent out of MIDI DIN -> Sent also USB MIDI IN it caused loopback, it is possible to walk-around by ignoring midi in from Helix. at the logic midi environment
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