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  1. ArneLine6


    Hi Derek, The FH1500 does not have a input directly to the speakers for a power amp but you could use the line output from the Vox head and connect it to the monitor input on the FH1500.
  2. The returns can be used but they do not switch the impedance according to the models loaded. So, in general, the front guitar input is the way to go.
  3. Did you connect the sub to the other stage source speakers using the Line 6 Link connection? Depending on goals it could help to change the crossover setting on the back. The higher the crossover is set, the more low end energy is send to the subs instead of the L3 tops.
  4. Hi Peter, The FX Returns on Helix do not have the automatic impedance switching and overall specs of the Guitar In on the front. Please try to use the Guitar Input on the front and go from there. Thanks, Arne
  5. Make sure that the Firehawk 1500 is updated to the latest firmware. There a a few DB's more in that :-)
  6. A lot of fun can be had with a routing where you create a dry send right after the amp/ cab into the guitar in and a stereo send with 100% wet effects into the stereo monitor in. Feeding the same signal into the guitar in and into the stereo in is dangerous in the sense of phasing issues and will probably not always work. The stereo input goes to the stereo system. If only the left side is plugged in it goes to the mono (center) system. The guitar in always go the the center system and the internal stereo effects always go to the stereo system.
  7. Which Helix outputs are you running to the Firehawk 1500's monitor and guitar inputs?
  8. The factory reset is: Hold the small encoder knob and the big volume knob pressed while powering up. It looks like you were putting it into a test mode.
  9. The stereo wide speaker mode uses an algorithm that gives a wider stereo spread perception. You will realize the difference only with strong stereo effects.
  10. With an L2t you can connect your mic to one mic input, your acoustic guitar to the other pre amp input, add eq and effects, connect your AMPLIFi TT to the RCA Aux inputs and still have a line input left for a laptop or drum machine. The L2t can cover any coffee house situation. If you need more volume you could use the L3t (disclaimer- the weight is similar to a Firehawk 1500) Another option is a small PA, a small mixer and 6 signal cables and 3 power cables.
  11. The L2t has an 1/8" aux input where you could connect the Amplify TT to. The Firehawk 1500 was intentionally not designed as an "all in one- personal pa"- it's a stage amp, for guitar. Had we added a mic input we would have added some separate controls for the mic channel with gain, eq, effects and the you would look at a panel with 8 additional knobs- on a guitar amp.
  12. This one has two inputs that can be used with microphones and it has eq and effects:
  13. The Firehawk 1500 is first of all a stage amp. We do have a stereo Monitor Input but this one does not have mic pre amps so you would need a small mixer or something else with a mic pre amp. We have thought about this but wanted to keep the guitar application as clear as possible.
  14. The inputs go to the 3 systems: Stereo Left/ Dry/ Stereo Right. The crossover business between the 12" and the other speakers is not the point here. It basically looks like this:
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