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  1. I never was able to sort this out. Still have the problem, and haven't pursued it further.
  2. LeCover just put together their Firehawk 1500 cover. Several variations available (colors, padded, etc.) at
  3. Yesterday I sent an email to the guys at Le Cover ( to see if they make one. Have not heard back yet. Usually they can make anything. I have bought several over the years several of my amps and cabs. Every one of those covers still looks brand new. Rugged fabric with about 1/4" of padding sewn in.
  4. That's helpful when tweaking a pre-set. Not really helpful when comparing, because you have to hit 'SAVE' prior to switching to switching presets, making the tweaks in that preset permanent.
  5. All functional workarounds, more 'want' than must - just many extra button pushes and creativity pitstops. If I recall, at least SOME L6 products had compare functionality - my original Axsys 212 did. My old Digitech and Roland VG stuff had the ability Compare. Extremely useful to go back and forth while building a patch.
  6. Has there been any talk or discussion about adding 'Compare' functionality on the Helix, whereby you can commence tweaking a stored preset, and go back and forth between the modified preset and the stored preset? That would really be an advantage when editing - especially when tweaking IR's and then comparing. Is there some way to achieve this now? Also - I've seen discussion about having presets for effects blocks. My simple way around this is to store my favorite settings as individual blocks in a scratch-pad source preset, and then just copy the block from that preset to the preset that I'm working on. Not pretty or elegant, but maybe a smidgen faster than manually manipulating every parameter. I store the go-to blocks in a few scratch presets that I can get to quickly. I then use the Copy Block and Paste Block functionality to Copy a block from a scratch preset, and then Paste it into the preset I'm working on. If I'm working in a different Bank, I just copy my scratch presets to the bank I'm working in.
  7. Voted up! For now, I'm using the 1/4" Loop Returns on the FH1500 as my stereo input for the Helix. This works (albeit, with a level reduction). At least I can now feed FOH from the FH1500 XLR Outs, or the XLR Outs on the Helix.
  8. Makes sense. Just wish it wasn't the only option, in case I want to return to FW 1.01 (or some other rev that surfaces). Today, I'm experimenting with the 1/4" Loop Returns as a means to amplify the Helix in the FW1500. Works nicely, but there is a lot of gain difference (much lower using the loop returns vs. the XLR ins - even when changing the output levels on the Helix). However, there's so much gain in this amp, it shouldn't be an issue. ColonelForbin - do you know if version 1.01 of the FW passes everything coming into the L-R Loop Returns out the XLR outs? I just want to make sure everything goes to FOH properly. I guess one option is to interface to the FH1500 via the Helix 1/4" Outs, and at the same time interface to FOH via the Helix XLR Outs. Maybe that might be cleaner.
  9. I've been trying to revert my Firehawk 1500 back to Firmware 1.00 (from 1.01). The reason is, I'm using it strictly as an FRFR amp for my Helix, and I'm plugging the Helix into the XLR Main Ins on the FH1500. The newest Firmware (1.01) does not pass thru the XLR Main Ins to the XLR Main Outs (which is how I want to feed FOH). Regardless of the reasoning, I'm struggling getting Line 6 Updater working with the FH1500 via USB. My Windows 10 USB sees the FH1500. I choose the Local File (Firehawk_1500W_v1_00_00.tmf) then select 'Update,' I get to the Software License Agreement screen and click Accept. It looks like it's starting up, but then gives me a Firmware Update Failed message, stating an error has occurred, and please try again. It infers that there's a USB issue, but I use the exact same setup and USB port to update the Firmware on my Helix, as well as use the new editor. Is anyone else having problems updating or reverting to old Firmware on the FH1500?
  10. A good reminder. I'm pretty sure I had nothing but Wet in the L & R outputs, but I will re-check.
  11. Well I played with this on Sunday. I wasn't too thrilled, specifically because of the phase cancellations you cited. To explore that W/D/W config further, what I really need to do is work from the ground up. I may even get out my oscilloscope to look at the phase of what's coming out the Main Out's versus the Sends. I'll need to get motivated for that one! When using just the XLR Ins on the FH, I DID find one anomaly that has me a little worried with the FH1500/Helix marriage. It has to do with the usage of the Mono/Stereo/Stereo Wide setting on the FH1500. When using a beefcake patch on the Helix (e.g., the Cali Rect), and a blank patch on the FH1500 with volume at >40 (the large volume knob), there's a weird initial clamping of the volume when the setting is on Stereo. It does NOT show up in the other two settings - when on Mono, it sounds great. When in Stereo Wide it sounds great. BUT - when in Stereo, I play a staccato chunk 16th note pattern, and the first note comes through loud and clear, while subsequent notes become audibly squashed - almost like a limiter has kicked in. It's extremely noticeable, and unusable. It's not even tamed by adjusting the level knob on the XLR Ins on the FH1500. VERY weird, and it makes the only two good choices either Mono or Stereo Wide. The XLR Out level on the Helix is set to Line (I hadn't adjusted that to try to temper the clamping). The overall level difference on the FH1500 (when used strictly as an FRFR via the XLR Ins) using the Stereo setting is definitely lower than the Mono setting, and lower than the Stereo Wide setting. That weird clamping (maybe 500mS into the sound) on the attack of the signal while in Stereo mode is incredibly distracting.
  12. I plan on giving this a go over the weekend. I've had 5 gigs since the 1st, and have not had time to pursue the useful suggestions and observations in this thread. I hope to report back after this weekend. My intention is to also stay away from "Stereo Wide" and just use "Stereo" - as nuances will get lost in the live setting. I'll also have to explore the Floor/Wall/Free placement settings. My goal is to have the FH be as neutral as possible in the overall sound, and have the Helix shoulder most of the sound duties. That's in case I'm in an environment where I can't bring the FH (e.g., gig where backline is provided).
  13. Interesting. Where did you settle on the Floor/Wall/Free setting?
  14. Great news! I can't wait to try it this weekend (gig tonight). I can't recall if the Send Level is adjustable between Line/Instrument in Global Settings, but I suspect it is.
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