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  1. Try it with different amps or at least different cabs on each side. Also 20-30ms 100% wet on one side. All my patches are like that but play mostly clean. i use different amps, cabs, reverbs and delays on each side. If I use a phaser or chorus also different on each side.
  2. The mag pickups are converted to digital on the variax. Line6 wireless already do digital wireless. Not stereo with bi drectional midi but they appear to have many of the necessary pieces.
  3. Nope. On HD500 you could use knobs on jtv as expression with pod effects only. With helix you can control any external midi gear with CC commands. Also on HD you can't save model and tuning on a snapshot by snapshot basis. Of course HD doesn't have snapshots but if line6 was killing variax why add variax stuff to snapshots?
  4. I have a peavey mace laying around. At some point I will do a kemper profile. maces have solid state pre and tube power amp. Not really a marshall sound. More their own thing. Jeff Carlisi, Allen Collins and Hughie Thomasson all played maces at some point. Actually Hughie played deuces I think. Three of my faves.
  5. Different market. May spur people to use more of the variax goodness. More modern players rather than us old farts that need a guitar that looks like les paul or strat.
  6. Not automatically unless preset 001 on helix is alos 001 on the H9s. You have to send commands to change presets on H9 when recalling Helix presets. Pretty easy though.
  7. I never installed 2.11 because of some issues. Last night I was going to update the Rack and the Floor but got sidetracked tweaking a patch. Glad I didn't update as Variax is key to my setup.
  8. Hard to do techno on Helix without midi sync.
  9. Nice. I work for a company with their US office in Whittier. It seems each time Line6 has an open house it is the day after I fly out of LAX, lol. I am going to NAMM again this year as we are streaming the live concerts outside. Only had a few minutes last year to hot L6 room to see the Helix Rack and Firehawk amp. Currently have 10 JTV xplants with 2-4 more in the works. Funny part is I never notice the slight differences different body woods causes. Likely because I am using mags and models at the same time. I have also read several times that the xplant has to be same scale length as donor. Most of mine are not and either I am deaf or don't notice whatever problems may be caused. I also have a variax acoustic 700 that needs new piezos and two variax nylons. One has been transplanted. The other is stock. Want to fix piezos on the acoustic 700 and maybe put the electronics in a solid body tele style guitar.
  10. Bookmarked them. I go te vegas once or twice per year, so if I need any custom transplant stuff doen I just may look em up.
  11. I would gladly send to you for any mods but I believe you are on the other side of the pond?
  12. Not sure I agree. I have a three pickup firebird with more tele stule pickup setup. It has JTV 59 electtonics and a separate switch to add middle pickup to the mix. If we have an 89 working with two p rails and not doing coil split on pos 2 and 4. If we have poa 2 and 4 doing the same as pos 1 amd 5, adding a third pickup to position 2 and 4 should be doable.
  13. Very cool. Does this mean the pos 2 and 4 do nothing? I have a 89 body here and was trying to figure out how to maybe wire with three pickups. I guess I can run the two leads from the p rails to both where you have yours connected and in parallel to where the plit coil would go. Then on both pickups just put middle pickup in parallel with the leads going to where the split coil would normally go.
  14. I am a huge proponent of midi sync but which effects would you sync to midi? I find that setting delays and mods to correct tempo works ok. IMHO Helix doesn't really have effects that would benefit from midi sync yet.
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