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  1. On a side note this IPAD app for the Firehawk is brilliant! Why did they not implement this for the Helix? I dont understand some decisions by L6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. YES this is the ONLY thing I care about. So the Firehawk can or CANNOT do this? AT 15 MIN So can you or cant you do it with snapshots/foot controllers? ughhhhh. I dont see any snapshot ANYTHING in the app so I think the person who suggested this might be wrong
  3. I used it for other things but im back to real amps and prefer other fx. Love the tuning stuff though. Different strokes brugh. That looks like a good option. Thanks! EDIT: Just to be clear it will work the exact same way as the Helix for per string tuning etc? I wont lose any functionality that way?
  4. I find I am really only using one feature of the Helix and that is using it with my Variax and having the ability to change tunings(or just the note of one string) on the fly with the footswitch. Question is this.... Is there any other way to do that without the Helix hardware? For such an expensive piece it dosnt seem worth it for me to keep it given what im using it for.
  5. Most excellent thanks guys. One more question.... If a mono pedal is placed in the stereo loop will it break it? Or will I be able to just use one side of the stereo loop if I only want to turn that mono pedal on.
  6. Is this possible to run two stereo pedals in series into one FX loop? How would I pull this off if so?
  7. More pointless halfwit ‘humor’. Why bother? If you respond to someone again....maybe try actually have something to say. Maybe even constructive!?. Sounds like a lot fro you I know.
  8. Thank you for that absolutely pointless dribble. I now feel enlightened to attack the day.....
  9. Maybe? Maybe not..... It was working, I hung it up and it didnt anymore. The connections in general are not great. They all wiggle around. I would call that poor design.
  10. I took off the back plates and the connections were quite,... loose especially the high Estring. I just unplugged and replugged everything and its back to working. However, this thing is definitely not Road ready! This happened from simply hanging my guitar! Unless The connections are properly secured I think this is going to keep happening so I’m gonna figure out a way to do that. Not really what I expect from a guitar that cost me nearly $2000 Canadian.
  11. Hey guys. This just seemed to happen today. Any idea whats up? What can/should I do? Plugged into my Helix using a VDI cable.
  12. How would I go about doing this? H9's have 2 ins and outs obviously but im lost beyond there lol
  13. I currently have a couple of H9's hooked up to the FX loops in the Helix. I find when I'm switching snapshots using the FX sends I get an audible click. I dont notice it when using the built in FX. Is this normal? Can it be avoided somehow?
  14. Would LOVE to have an editor on my IPAD pro. Love how easy it is to edit patches using my H9's. Leaning over is killing my back! Another cool option would to have a small hardware controller that you could plug in to the Helix allowing you to place it on a desk etc. Replicate just the buttons on the Helix.
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