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  1. No, you can't use any passive Speaker (Cabinets/Box) directly plugged into a hd500x. You need a Power-Amp & a Cabinet or an active Speaker (for example http://www.bigmusicshop.com.au/ PRO AUDIO & STUDIO -> Powered Speakers) As cclement said: the Altos are a good choice (https://www.altoproaudio.com/products/ts212 / https://www.storedj.com.au/brands/alto-pro-audio)
  2. 4mm Hex Wrench Neues Dokument 2017-02-04_1.pdf Source: http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/guitars/james-tyler-variax-guitars/james-tyler-variax-and-variax-standard-accessories-r152
  3. Yes, XLR to P.A. (or other non-Line6-Monitors) and L6 Link to both L2T-speakers. Hint: Save the L2T-speaker mode (per patch): Chose your patch (for example '3F') on HD500(X) Chose (for example) 'KEYBOARDS'-speaker mode on L2T Press SAVE (two times) on HD500(X). Next time you change to patch '3F' on HD500(X), your L2T will change to 'KEYBOARDS'-speaker mode ...
  4. Hi TBoneous, yes, in my case this is the 'ticket' for electric and acoustic guitars ... not because of the different pickup-systems (electric vs. acoustic guitars), but because of the HD500(X) in the signal-chain ... I use the HD500X as (full) modelling-unit: in case of an electric guitar a patch with a matching amp (Fender , Marshall , VOX ..) in case of an acoustic guitar a patch with (for example) a Tube Compressor and an EQ My goal is: the output-signal from the HD500X (L6 Link / XLR) is 'ready' for amplification without further toneshaping. In other words: The 'only' purpose of the L2T - in my case - is the (FullRangeFlatResponse-)amplification of HD500X-Output ... others may have different experiences ...
  5. Hi, This is my 'receipe' (I'm using the HD500X with (two) L2T via L6 Link) always use full amp models (never preamp only) always use cab models (never 'no cab' - and experiment with different cab models and with LOW CUT- and RES LEVEL-settings) experiment with mic (ie. 409 Dynamic vs.121 ribbon .... etc.) always Mid Focus EQ after the mixer (ie. after mic - and experiment with LP Freq and LP Q, see screenshot) always set L2T to 'Reference/P.A."-Speaker-Mode!!!
  6. Hello I use the HD500X as (full) modeller ... ie: the sound is determined by the HD500X ... in conjunction with my Variax guitar i use both - electric and acoustic - guitar sounds ... therefore for me: the L2T must - as neutral as possible - amplify the signal coming from the HD500X .. Conclusion (for me): L2T in PA / Reference mode
  7. Yes -> Ordered from http://www.thomann.de/gb/schaller_m6klemm.htm
  8. uartist

    Hd500x And Ex-1

    Yes, the same problem here with my new Line6 EX-1, connected to the new HD500X (using/trying the original and several other cables). The (HD-)unit doesn't react the first 10%, starting from the (EX-1-)"heel-postion" ... and stops reacting when the EX-1 reaches about 90% ("toe-position"). So, there is "only" (about) 80% usable control. I've no problem calibrating the build-in pedal ... ! But what about calibrating an external pedal (especially the Line6 EX-1)? Any ideas?
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