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  1. Kupsik

    Hd500x And Ex-1

    I've just added 22k ohm resistor to EX-1 (connected 2 input jack wires in it) and EX-1 now works better. There is still dead zone, but not that big, so I like the result. I might try to add second resistor to it (don't know how much ohms should it have) and try to make dead zone even better.
  2. I would like lock controls on JTV for modeled guitar, but keep them for "normal" guitar sound. If I set lock volume+tone+control in my HD500X, I can control tone of normal guitar but volume is locked. Can anyone verify if this is common for all JTVs or if there is some glitch in my guitar?
  3. Kupsik

    Hd500x And Ex-1

    Thank you all for your answer. I'm glad my HD500X isn't broken... I found old topic about Mission pedal where is info how to modify their pedal to work better with HD500, I might try to modify EX-1 this way, it should be the same. Here is the link - http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/42136
  4. Kupsik

    Hd500x And Ex-1

    I'm using HD500X with Line6 EX-1 pedal and I have this problem. Internal pedal of HD500X works without any problem, but external EX-1 pedal doesn't have that perfect "tracking" and I get 100% value when I'm let's say in 85% if compared to internal pedal and I get 0% value when I'm in 10% if compared to internal pedal. (I hope I explain it so it's possible to understand, I'm not native speaker). I don't see way how to calibrate external pedal in same way as internal pedal. Can anyone confirm this behaviour of EX-1 pedal so I know there isn't any problem with my HD500X or EX-1?
  5. Yeah, I know that stereo can make real difference, that's why I wanted to know if anyone has tried to use dt25 (or dt50) together with l3t or other Line6 speaker simultaneously in stereo...
  6. I currently own JTV-69, HD500 and DT25. I'm thinking about getting L3T because I also play keyboard so I can use it not only with HD500 but also with my keys and/or mic. My question is following: Has anyone here tried to run DT25 and L3T (or any other Line6 speaker) in stereo? If so, how did you like the sound? What L3T speaker mode did you use and did you use full or pre amp versions in HD500 for L3T? I'm asking because it would be nice to be able to have stereo possibility with DT25 and L3T if I need it but I would like to know how it sounds before I buy L3T...
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