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  1. I would like to install zexcoil noiseless pups and have a separate output jack for the mags. Would the Variax be ok without the mags connected to the JTV electronics?


    Some of the reasons for this include i want a split coil in the bridge and I think the electronics affect the tone.


    thank You!

    1. psarkissian


      JTV-69 with a humbucker?

    2. psarkissian


      Need to keep the DC/bulk resistance (DCR) between 6k-Ohms and 8k-Ohms.

      I didn't see a DCR in their literature, just the inductance.


      Follow the wiring diagram in the Knowledge Base.



    3. garymwest


      Sorry, let me rephrase. I want to disconnect the mag pups from the Variax electronics. Will the Variax sounds still work properly using the piezios with the magnetic pickups disconnected?

  2. Hey Rob, Since you have the midi cable for your BB you might try sending the midi tempo signal to the Helix, the time based effects sound great when synced to the tempo, set the delay times to note values. Your tempo led will turn blue when synced.
  3. Hi,

    I have a JTV69 yr2012 Modeling works fine but mag pups only put out a very very weak thin signal barely noticeable unless you really crank amp volume. Same result through VDI or 1/4. same on all 5 pu selection positions. If you had to guess where the (in order of mostly likely) problem is. 

    Jack Plate assembly

    Pu selector switch

    Wire connection

    main board


    Thanks sooo much!


    1. psarkissian


      2012,... was a pretty good vintage year. Squashed a couple of minor

      bugs, so the 2012's came out pretty well.


      From a software point of view, what is the Flash version of the 69?


      Doubt it's the main board, slim chance of the jack plate. Could be any

      or a mix of all of the others.


      Would have to be properly troubleshooted by a Line 6 authorized tech

      who has experience with the product or it may waste time money trying

      to do trial and error.



  4. Tried 2.12 a few times and had to go back to 2.11. I think the problems have been mentioned, Freeze's, Variax parameters not recalling etc,
  5. 2.12 caused multiple freezes and doesn't retain variax model data. had to revert back to 2.11
  6. Glanced through this thread and don't have time to think about it but remember you can shunt exp2 out to disable it and you can set Snaps to discard changes when changing a snap in a preset. Maybe this helps :)
  7. The combination of the editor and pedal edit mode is a pretty powerful tool team. Basic selections with editor and fine tune parameters with feet. Looking forward to editing with a touch screen and pedal edit.
  8. Agreed! while a slider is great for linear values like volume, multiple choice is cumbersome when you can't see all the choices. An overlay across the slider indicating what and where the choices are that you could click on would be much simpler and easier. Would only require a graphic change not a program re code /FS1/FS2/FS3/TS/EX1/EX2/EX3 etc. Not worth slowing 2.0 for but up ther on Edit list my 2c..
  9. I would also love the Editor to run without the Helix. I really liked studying others presets for the HD500 in HD edit. I does look like a server/client setup so maybe a virtual helix server could be released to run on a local machine or even in da cloud. Something like this must exist for the devs :rolleyes:
  10. I used a old fv300 for years as a exp pedal on my HD500 it would go past 100% so I drilled a hole towards the tip and put a drywall screw through as a stop. Not the most elegant but worked perfect and could fine adjust to +-1% B)
  11. My Jtv69 is my main guitar Mostly because of the tuning change ability. That being said I am very unhappy with the high E string slipping off the fretboard,its worse the higher up the neck. I've adapted my technique to keep it at a minimum but i'm always conscious of it and it does cramp my playing. Sweetwater has looked into it as well as filing a ticket with L6. My Strat, Jackson and others have 3mm+ distance between string and top edge of fret. Is it a neckset/angle issue? very annoying! A tech from Stewmac suggested I slightly loosen the screws and see if the neck angle will shift the retighten it did and it helped slightly. Help psarkissian Merry Xmas All! BTW I did file a ticket, Really don't want to return to L6
  12. :lol: Thats great! I'll be able to get a lot of new products then :blink:
  13. When a custom name is assigned to toe sw. the exp pedal doesn't operate the wah position. Attached is the patch. The exp. Pedal operates the mix on simple delay and when toe sw is pressed the wah comes on but position is not moved. If you remove the custom name it works properly. I like to assign multiple parameters to the exp's and toe sw. Is the a way I'm missing to see multiple assignments since there is no capacitive touch to cycle through?
  14. Yup, auto engage/manual release is all on the Helix for now.
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