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  1. Thanks! So I just tried putting it after the Helix before the Amp, and that was much better sounding, none of the effects changed the sound of the Beatbuddy, so if all else fails I will go with that, only issue is recording, I use Reaper Software to record tracks through a USB from the Helix to mny computer. Will having the Beatbuddy after the Helix before the Amp not allow me to record, i.e. the Electric or acoustic guitar I am recording will come through, but not the Beatbuddy? If I did it the way you mention, how hard is it to do what you mention (own path at end of guitar path). I am technologically ignorant.
  2. Hey all, I have tried searching, but all of the topics concerned a Beatbuddy being synced with a looper, all I am trying to do is hook my Beatbuddy up to my Helix LT. I am trying to go with the Beatbuddy midi spliter chord that plugs into the in/out of the Helix, but I cant get any drum sounds to come through. The only way I have gotten it to work is to use a 1/4 cable and have it in my chain between my guitar and Helix. Can anyone explain how to best ue the Beatbuddy with the Helix, and what settings I need to adjust? Thanks a million. Rob D
  3. Went well, I used a 2204 setting with a couple of maxed distortion pedals, got a pretty close sound.
  4. Thanks, I have used it live, I use a Les Paul and I go through a Friedman power amp, so I have had no issues, and most of the songs I do I have found very good presets for, this song was a late add, and I was simply looking to see if one of the factory presets was a "version" of that song hidden under a different name. All good, I am going to play with it to dial in what I need. I am opening for a Rolling Stones cover band called "Satisfaction" in a few hours.
  5. I am paying a show tonight, and one song is Revolution by the Beatles (that heavy distorted sound). Does anyone know which is the best patch to use for this song? I am hoping someone can point me to it as opposed to going through every one, or having to create one.
  6. Wow, I am an idiot, I found the PC version and it installed fine...Thanks!
  7. Yes, I am on a PC, I didnt see another option for download other than the one I used.
  8. I am lost, looking for any help. I found the HX Edit file and downloaded it. Then my computer wouldn't open that file so I downloaded a DMG program and was able to open it. Now I am looking at what is contained in the HX Edit download, and cant get my computer to open any of those files to install. I have no idea what to do. I am assuming I need to be able to execute the 84MB .pkg file? Thanks, I always try to read previous posts, but I am as lost as can be here.
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