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  1. Sorry to hear you have the same problem but pleased to know I am not the only one experiencing this frustrating situation. Are your piezo saddles all snug in their bridge surrounds or do they wiggle slightly? And if so - does your 1st string saddle wiggle more than the others? My saddles do shift around a tiny amount and I am wondering if that movement could be causing the ringing overtones but if so - I don't know how to fix it. I still think it's because the strings have actually worn a tiny groove in the piezo saddles and therefore no longer fit completely flush across the saddle - but if that is the case I don't know how to fix it other than having the saddles replaced. I have yet to try the cleaning suggested by psarkissian - so I will report back on whether or not that helps.
  2. Thanks very much datacommando - I will try those actions.
  3. I am a new HELIX LT owner, but long time Line 6 user with Variax, POD HD500X etc. Got the HELIX LT this weekend and have switched it on and tried out the factory loaded sounds. I have also connected to my PC and upgraded the firmware to the latest 2.82. Tonight I decided it was about time I learnt how to build a preset from scatch. Chose USER 1 setlist and 01A New Preset. The screen very helpfully tells me to "Press joystick to open model list" However, when I press the joystick, nothing happens. Is my brand new HELIX LT broken - or am I doing something wrong? Many thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Thanks psarkissian. I haven't changed the bridge pickup height or changed the strings and it wasn't a major issue before - maybe a slight metallic overtone but not too much. When I noticed it had got more prominent, I fiddled with the top 3 strings, detuning them so they were slack and then wiggling them around in the saddle groove and then retuning to pitch and it definitely made the problem far worse, as if I had dislodged the strings from their worn in groove and now they won't slot back in that groove. I will give the Iospropyl and cotton swab a try to see if it makes any difference.
  5. Yes - if I wiggle the top 3 strings across the piezo saddles I can feel them pinging in and out of a tiny groove but it's almost imperceptible to see it. Can I use something to smooth each of the saddles out?
  6. It's the same sound that can be caused by a string not being snug at the nut slot, often with the 3rd string, it can just be a bit loose in the nut slot and rattle when played open, causing the ringing and overtones, it can also be caused by the nut slot being a ting bit too deep or the action a tiny bit too low causing the string to hit the frets in front of the fretted note, and it can be caused by a string loose in the saddle slot allowing movement when it's struck, and finally it can be caused by the strings between the nut and the tuners, or the strings behind the saddle and before the stop bar. My JTV59 originally didn't have this problem - so I don't think it's a problem with the nut slot or action or the strings between the nut and the tuners. However, it started to appear as a metallic overtone most noticeable when playing a Variax model so I originally thought that was down to the saddles moving around in their slots in the bridge and I managed to temper that by using insulation tape on the string tails and then adding a bit of shrink wrap to minimize any extraneous vibration behind the saddles. But that metallic clanging has morphed into the overtones ringing on the top 3 strings to a point where they cannot be ignored as they are almost as loud as the note being played. The only thing left to check out seems to be the ting groove that the strings have cut themselves in the piezo saddles, or the tiny groove in the saddle housing that they pass through after the saddle, or the height of the string as it passes the front of the bridge just before the bridge pickup. I don't think there is enough movement in the string at the last two points to hit the side of the groove or the top of the front of the bridge, however, I think the tiny groove on top of the piezo could allow the string to rattle around right on top of the saddle and cause the metallic ringing overtones on those 3 unwound strings. But the million dollar question is how to fix it?
  7. No - it's not - it is happening all the time in standard tuning, with the mags or with the models. When playing the guitar acoustically I can just about detect it but it's negligible - however, amplified via the mags or the piezo's it is over powering on the 3rd, very noticeable on the 2nd and noticeable on the 1st.
  8. My JTV 59 has started playing really pronounced ghost notes over the 3rd string, when it's open or when I fret anywhere along it, it does a very similar thing for the 2nd string but not so pronounced, and again for the 1st string but again less pronounced. Each of these strings appear to have made a tiny groove for themselves in the piezo saddles and I am wondering if it's these grooves that are causing the ghost notes ringing out? If I rest my palm in front of the saddles and partially mute the strings when I play then I can significantly reduce the sound of the ghost ringing notes but not completely eliminate them. If I play the guitar without amplifying it then I hardly notice any ghost notes or ringing on these strings, but through an amp or an HD500X or HELIX LT, the ghost note ringing really stand out and ruins the overall sound. Has anyone else had this problem? And if so, has anyone found a way to fix it? It's currently making my JTV 59 unusable for gigs or recordings or playing through any type of amp - it's only bearable using it unplugged. :(
  9. I have an original Variax 700 but I also have a JTV59 and a JTV69 which are my main workhorse guitars. Thanks for highlighting this issue though, as I wasn’t aware there were issues with Helix and older Variax models.
  10. Thanks for the advice codamedia and foxmeister. I am leaning towards getting a Helix LT as Helix Floor provides way more functionality then I will ever need, so although it would be great to have, I can't justify the extra expense. Even a used Helix Floor costs more than a new Helix LT over here. :)
  11. Thanks for the reply bluebirdrad. I am thinking of using the HX stomp connected to my HD500X. That way I keep the Variax functionality of the HD500X which I need, also get to keep the expression pedal, plus have a mic input, and have more foot switch options plus have access to the all the HX level amps, cabs and effects. Just wondered if anyone else has tried this and if so was it easy to set up, were the end results worth the effort, and are there any gotchas to be aware of? Thanks in advance for replies.
  12. Just wondering if anyone has actually tried using the HX STOMP with the HD500X? And if so, was it easy enough to set up? Were the results good? Any problems or gotchas that we need to be aware of? Thanks in advance.
  13. I plugged the external cab and the internal speaker into the pair of outputs labelled for " a pair of 8ohm speakers" on the back of the DT25.
  14. Thank you for your answer psarkissian. Always very helpful, useful and interesting. Last night at band rehearsal I tried out the DT25 with an external Marshall 1922 cab - using the mono input at 8ohms - in conjunction with the onboard 8ohms speaker - and it sounds a new level of awesome! Wish I had thought of using it with the external cab ages ago! I was keeping up with the other guitarist who has a Marshal TSL 60 Watt amp, with 2x12, plus a 2x12 extension cab. My little DT25 with it's 1x12, plus a 2x12 extension, running the Marshall models, sounded almost identical to his. :)
  15. Thanks psarkissian. Any idea why it was shipped with the speaker plug in the 16ohm output?
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