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  1. Yes I did - but I have now fixed it with a re-install - please see my latest update. Thanks for your help.
  2. UPDATE: I downloaded the new Line 6 Central software and installed it. I then downloaded just the firmware 3.70 install file for Helix LT. Started up my Helix LT in UPDATE MODE - pressing down footswitches 6 and 12 as I powered it on. Connected my HELIX LT to my PC. Started up Line 6 Central Chose Install from file and picked the downloaded Helix 3.70 install file. Reinstalled it. Performed the Factory Reset again - holding down footswitches 9 and 10 while powering on. Started up HX EDIT and restored my own presets from my previous backup. Restarted my Helix LT again and it rebuilt all the patches. Tested it out - problem fixed! :)
  3. Yes I did. I then repeated that restore after I first hit the problem, taking the data from my 3.60 backup. I could see my Helix LT rebuild the patches the first time I powered it on after the restore .
  4. I have opened a Support ticket for this but thought it worthwhile to report here in case anyone else has hit the same issue or if anyone can suggest how I can fix it. Thanks. SUPPORT TICKET Text: I upgraded HX EDIT to 3.70 and then my Helix LT to 3.70 firmware using updated HX EDIT from my Windows 11 PC and following the documented instructions and did not have any issues However, after restoring my saved pre-sets, when I use ANY patch I found that the sound has way too much high end/treble and doesn't sound like it used to. I tried reloading from my backup and recycling the Helix LT and watched as it rebuilt all the patches however when I tried it out it still had way too much high end. I tried turning my guitar tone control down to about a quarter, and then reducing the treble settings on the Tube Screamer, and then the treble settings on the amp and it was still not enough, so I switched on GLOBAL EQ, and put in a high cut of 10K, and reduced the HIIGH 8K EQ by -4db. At that point it started to sound similar to what I had with 3.60. Do you think a re-install of 3.70 may fix this? If so, how do I re-install as HX EDIT doesn't give me that option. Or should I roll back to 3.60 first and to see if that fixes it? In which case, how do I do that? You advice and help will be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Sorry - I got confused - in your earlier post you said "they can get it from me on request" - so I thought that meant that my repairers could contact you directly and ask for the procedure details? The local repairers are not the official authorized repairers in the UK. I thought you knew that from my earlier posts. They told me they got the manufacturers service manual and followed the bias and burn in process from that but they didn't see any other relevant procedures to perform other than what would be done initial factory build. They said it was 80 pages worth of manual. Anyway - do I need to now take it to an authorized repairer to get the final "procedure" performed OR am I ok just with the tubes changed to a matched EH pair, biased and burnt in? Many thanks.
  6. Thank you psarkissian - how can they contact you? You can email me the details privately if you prefer or communicate via my Line 6 account. Thank you.
  7. I messaged Mark on both FB and LinkedIn but he didn't reply to either message. :( Quick update. Just got my DT25 back from repairers. They say they fitted a new matched pair of EH EL84s, biased in and soaked as per service manual. They left it on without issue for a day. They didn't see any other procedures in the service manual that were relevant to fitting new tubes. Am I good to go - or do I need to get the amp checked out by an authorized Line 6 service center?
  8. Quick update. Just got my DT25 back from repairers. They say they fitted a new matched pair of EH EL84s, biased in and soaked as per service manual. They left it on without issue for a day. They didn't see any other procedures in the service manual that were relevant to fitting new tubes. Am I good to go - or do I need to get the amp checked out by an authorized Line 6 service center?
  9. True. That's interesting - what a small world. Colchester is about an hours drive from me too. :)
  10. Thanks - I also found him on linkedin. :)
  11. No - I am about an hour east of London Northampton is probably at least 90 to 100 minute drive from me. It's about the same distance as Milton Keynes. I can look Mark Wright Music up on Google.
  12. Thanks for the information psarkissian. Unfortunately, I don't live near either of those recommendations, and my local repair shop are not on your list so I guess they are not authorized Line 6 repairers. They changed over the tubes for me last time, so reading between the lines, there is a possibility that they did not perform the tube swap and biasing exactly to Line 6 specs and that may have contributed to the failure that I have just experienced. So, I guess there is also a possibility that they may be able to get things up and running BUT if they haven't done all the Line 6 specific processes that perhaps my DT25 could fail again. Is that correct? Or is there a good chance that all will be OK?
  13. Thanks psarkissian. Do you have a list of UK Line 6 authorized service centers that you could send me or point me at?
  14. There is just the one fuse on the back panel on the left hand side. It looks intact except for the black marks at one end and the black scorch mark on the glass. Can't remember exactly when I had the tubes replaced but I believe they were the factory specified tubes. I am a hobby player so it doesn't get a great deal of use. I have taken it back to the repair shop that did the tube replacement for me last time and they are going to take a look at it for me. The tubes all looked OK after the problem - they were glowing as usual and didn't seem to have blown. In fact all the lights were on and working and responding to the switches - just no sound.
  15. I have owned my DT25 for a few years now, and it has only seen light rehearsal use and the odd gig here and there. I haven't used my DT25 in a few months due to the lockdown and no rehearsals allowed. I went to try it out on Friday. I switched the power on, with the standby OFF, and noticed that it had a louder mains hum than I remembered, I let it warm up for a minute or so, then flipped the standby switch on, immediately the mains hum increased in volume almost as if someone was rolling the volume up to maximum, ten there was a slight whistle and crackle, followed by a pop or phut, and then no sound. This happened in a few seconds. All the lights were still on, the topology lights swapped when I moved the switches but no sound whatsoever. Switching it off and on made no difference. Just lights but no sound. I tested using both guitar directly in and HELIX LT via L6 LINK. No sound. I checked the fuse that is mounted on the back of the chassis and it looks intact BUT there looks like there are black marks on part of it and a tiny black burn mark dot on the glass. I think its blown. I suspect that some part has failed and the fuse has blown protecting the amp, so I don't think simply replacing the fuse is a good idea. I think it needs to go in to an authorized repair centre to be checked out and very likely repaired. Just wanted to check on here if anyone else has had a similar problem and if so, what it turned out to be? And could it be repaired? Thanks.
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