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  1. amor4jc-2

    Main Guitar

    Amen to that! While I appreciated my old Variax because of it's functionality, when I began modifying my JTV-69s, I fell in love with them. I have solid rosewood necks on both of my JTVs - one from Brazil (I bought it in the early 90's) and one from India with stainless steel frets and an Earvana nut. I absolutely love playing it. I have two Gibsons - a Les Paul and an ES335 that are longtime companions and are gorgeous. Both worth $$$. It's not worth gigging with them because they are irreplaceable. I can get the tones I need from the JTV for gigging. So much so, I sold 10 of my guitars (2 Strats, Tele, 2nd Les Paul and 2nd ES335, Danelectro, 12 string, electric dobro and others). I have kept my main acoustics (6, 12 and dobro) plus the 2 JTVs for gigging and recording. The 2 gibbons are just for recording now and personal use.
  2. Just install a more recent OS X on another partition and boot into it when needed. I have several drives set up with different operating systems just for that purpose.
  3. amor4jc-2

    Digital input level

    You can only adjust the digital level input for USB 1&2. You can find this under global settings->ins/outs. The parameter is at the far right of the first screen that comes up and is labeled "USB In 1/2 Trim". For USB ins 3-8, you can either trim the output of your external device or use a gain or volume block after the input block.
  4. I know it's a long shot, but I thought I'd ask if there has been any developments toward the possibility of a wireless VDI solution for Variax & Helix users?
  5. amor4jc-2

    VDI wireless?

    I know it's a long shot, but I thought I'd ask if there has been any developments toward the possibility of a wireless VDI solution for Variax & Helix users?
  6. amor4jc-2

    Using FS6 for bits and pieces with helix lt

    You can use the FS6 for a number of things via the EXp2 or Exp3 jacks, but I am aware of no option to use it to toggle between pedal modes in order to switch between displaying stomps or snapshots.
  7. amor4jc-2

    Setlist Folder Management (Multiples)

    Both/And. For my regular weekly gig, I have to manage about 500 songs a year. So I set up I have four setlist banks: 1) Electrics A-M 2) Electrics N-Z 3) Atmospheric and hybrid patches (Hybrid=Variax layered Magnetic and modeled sounds) 4) Acoustics. I have other groups that I perform with periodically throughout the year. For these, I maintain two empty banks that I fill with saved setlist, rotating them in and out as needed. 5) Group B setlist. 6) Group C setlist. Finally, in the last two setlist banks I keep my patch templates as well as a library of favorite 3rd party and factory patches I keep around as starting points or just for jamming if I am in the mood to doing something different. 7) My templates setlist. 8) 3rd party and factory patches setlist. Another advantage to keeping setlists 5 & 6 open is that I can reload old setlists of my own if I'm looking for a particular patch from the past or if I want to compare changes I have made to a patch to an earlier state of that patch. I have an "Init" setlist that will reset the setlist to a blank state in one fell swoop. I also have most patches saved separately as well. I export copies of new patches or changed patches to folders the night before a gig. In this way I have rendundant copies in case a patch becomes corrupt. Currently, I am using software titled GigPerformer to host and manage my VST synths (I use an FTP MIDI pickup). It provides me a lot of additional control for performances. I program and control my live song lists within it and it sends program changes and snapshot changes to my Helix. Prior to using GigPerformer, I used to load my relevant patches into either setlist 5 or 6 to create a setlist with my song patches in the correct sequential running order. Hope that helps!
  8. amor4jc-2

    Line 6 Helix 2.70 Mega-Setlists (Free!)

    Yes, it's called HX Edit. Download it from the software area: https://line6.com/software/
  9. amor4jc-2

    Why there is almost no distortion from the amps

    I play single coil strats and I find that most of the amps have too much gain and I have to clean up the amps to be useful for my purposes. So I find it odd that you aren't getting any breakup whatsoever on any of the amps. Clearly the issue you are experiencing is about input level. Gain structure is everything - if you don't have enough signal at the beginning of the signal chain, nothing is going to be operating in "the sweet spot." Lower your impedance, turn off the input pad. Try different guitars, different pickups. If a guitar with hot humbucking pickups isn't getting you close to those "default" tones, then there's something wrong with your unit's physical input and you should contact Line^ about having it repaired.
  10. amor4jc-2

    Midi CC Feature desperately needed

    Ran into this issue some time ago. The way I finally solved it was to link a foot switch to a block (say an EQ or gain block). When doing so, set the block/switch to "momentary" and confirm it's switching the block on and of in a momentary fashion. Next, go into the control center, select that same foot switch and set up a latching CC with the values you need. Doesn't make sense, but it works. Stumbled onto this after a long aggravating session....
  11. UPDATE 2: Flashing the firmware fixed the problem! Who would have thought that the firmware would fix the MAG pickups?! PSARKISSIAN: Both of my JTV's are out of warranty. Both are about the same age. I am the Minister of Music for a local church and use one JTV-69 as a backup for the other. I keep all the firmware, patches and sound sets in in sync at all times. Before these, I owned a Variax 500 that I heavily modified and giggled with for nearly a decade. I worked as an audio engineer/producer from 1989 - 2014 - I have been trouble shooting and repairing instruments and studio gear for a long time. An old Line6 tech I knew used to work on my V500 and allowed me to observe his work when several parts failed at different times (including a bridge cable and 2 piezo bridge sadles). I do thank you for clarifying that the part# is explicitly for certain JTV-69 models. :)
  12. UPDATE: I went through the entire guitar today with a multimeter. All connections and the wiring harness were good. Since I didn't have a copy of the schematic, I had no way to adequately test the main PCB-A. BUT...I do have another, identical guitar. So I swapped the PCB-A board out of the other guitar and PRESTO! everything worked fine. I called the service center tech again and reported my findings. I inquired as to what would be involved with getting a new one to which he replied, "Sounds like you're pretty handy with this kind of thing - why don't you call Line6, order the part and do it yourself?" So I called Line6 and they were extremely helpful. They said they had not heard about this happening (so I referred them to this thread). They told me how to proceed. So if anyone else out there experiences this, you want to order the "PCB-A Main Guitar+G11," part #50-02-0320-2 from Full Compass. They also suggested re-flashing the firmware before ordering the part...
  13. If it's the older of the two guitars, then it could also use a current main board and firmware. 

  14. I am having this problem with one of my JTV69s now. Checked the back cavities to make sure no broken string ends were in there. Checked connections were tight. Problem still exists. I spoke to the nearest Line 6 repair tech by phone. He said the preamp may have failed. Does anyone know about the magnetic pickups on these using a preamp? Before I open up the fr4ont cavity, I'd appreciate any ideas on what to look for?
  15. amor4jc-2

    Wah and Volume toggle/ see saw?

    Try assigning the bypass function for your volume block to a different controller while keeping the gain parameter assigned to Exp-2.