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  1. mrbluez

    Helix Bug Reports

    Yea, the second point is what i am talking about, this is because the level gets automatically set to MIC
  2. mrbluez

    Helix Bug Reports

    I have my helix XLR outputs set to Line Level, but when i restart the machine the level goes down to mic even if in the global setting still says Line, to fix it i need everytime i start my helix to put the level to mic and then again to Line.
  3. mrbluez

    Helix Footswitch Mode per Preset

    Hi guys, i have a question for you, is it possible to change the footswitch mode depending on the single preset? Like maybe for the standard preset i need 4 snaps and 4 stomps but for another one i need 8 stomps.
  4. mrbluez

    Right XLR Problem on Helix LT.

    Hi, i have an issue on plugging an XLR cable into the right balanced Helix LT output. The cable does not completely fit it because the port has a small ring that does not allow the cable to plug in correctly, how can i solve it?