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  1. Just adding some ideas to the list here, humble requests if you will. Marshall Mode 4 head and cab More bass amps and cabs and pedals, More eq options A block memory of some sort, so when i use that same block somewhere else it keeps the same settings without needing to copy paste a million times. I feel like the seek wah doesn't really work that well, zoom did a really good version of it in their gear, maybe fix that please? Polyphonic please? Model some reverbs please, there are alot of great reverbs out there. Or make more reverbs with fewer adjustments. A helix expansion bay for more effects loops, I'm using all of mine (for bass pedals) but i could use a few more. I would be willing to buy an external piece of line6 gear (I'll spend more money for this). Maybe something that could connect through usb? Or the variax port, or something.
  2. Dsprag000

    Midi 2.0

    With the arrival of midi 2.0, got a question/idea/ discussion topic. Will Line6 be able to just upload this into the helix? Can you imagine how game changing this could be? Is this going to be in 2.9 maybe? I am very clumsy with midi, this looks to be a huge step towards a more user friendly format. https://www.musicradar.com/news/midi-20-spec-confirmed-the-biggest-advance-in-music-technology-in-decades?utm_content=buffer1f963&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer-musicradarfb
  3. Dsprag000

    I'm a midi noob

    Thank you, i will try this
  4. Dsprag000

    I'm a midi noob

    Ok, I've very minimal experience with midi, i am still learning to maneuver my way through the helix. I have a marshall jmd100 which has a midi controller interface. I know the helix will change the patches through the midi, just not sure how to do it. Halp. Just want to know the basics. Thank you all in advance.
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