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  1. jbuhajla

    Grounded sockets

    Also if you get your instrument close to a computer/laptop or external power supplies, the instrument pickups will pick up high frequency noise.
  2. jbuhajla

    Helix Bug Reports

    What instrument/pickups are you using? What amp and overdrive models are you using in your preset? Does it have the same noise when loading a blank preset?
  3. jbuhajla

    MXR Phase 100 sound?

    The Deluxe Phaser being "weak" is purely subjective. I really like the Deluxe Phaser and use it in most of my presets. I would wait until you hear it yourself before you come to your own conclusion.
  4. jbuhajla

    Clean boost (with LT)

    Another option is a "gain" block not in front of the amp model, but after the cab/IR. That way it doesn't increase dB on your signal going into the amp, possibly making the amp "break up". That may have been the case when you tried ODs, compressors, etc... They were probably in front of the amp. Some amps are affected more then others when doing it that way.
  5. jbuhajla

    Helix Bug Reports

    The way I do it is I connect Helix to my DAW on my PC (Reaper) and use the metering there. I bypass all effects and just have the amp/cab model running. I play an open chord reasonably hard on all pickup settings, getting the meter to peak on average around -12dB. Then I do the same process by adding one effect block at the same time. I mainly do this with just the overdrive blocks. I do look at the meter, but rely on ears ultimately. After going through the process with each overdrive, I then start to stack them just to be sure a certain combination of overdrives doesn't get too loud. Then I go through the process with the compressor block if I am using one. Once I have done that, things are pretty "normalized" at that point and I can tweak by ear if necessary. I have a few "template" presets I have saved with amp/cab models, overdrives, and compressor combinations that are "normalized" that I use as a base for creating new presets.
  6. jbuhajla

    Helix floor into amp, using helix's effects only

    I can attest to that. The other electric player in our church will sometimes be down for 1-2 songs troubleshooting a bad connection on his pedalboard. For me, it is worth having just guitar>Helix>mixer even though the Helix doesn't have every single model of my "dream pedals". Pros and cons, you just have to weigh them and go with it.
  7. jbuhajla

    Multitap with pitch shifting per tap

    "Creative Ideas" can be submitted at Line 6's Ideascale. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/index
  8. jbuhajla

    LCD dimming strips?

    Vehicle window tint
  9. jbuhajla

    Helix floor into amp, using helix's effects only

    Looks like you have things wired correctly. There should be a factory preset for 4CM. Try to use that as a starting point for setting up the signal chain within the Helix
  10. If you can recreate the issues with a particular preset, maybe you discovered a bug. Open a support ticket.
  11. 1. When you say "the sweep remained" do you mean you bypassed the modulation blocks, but you are still hearing modulation? 2. You definitely have your expression pedal assigned to something that is affecting volume/gain somewhere.
  12. jbuhajla

    Helix Routing Help

    Serial going from 1B to 2A. No output signal coming out from the end of path 1B.
  13. Expression pedal. I use an external expression to adjust going from toe up to toe down: Drive up Bass down Channel Volume down My main preset is the Jumped Plexi that I do with with. You can sweep from clean to crunch/stank. It's like hiring a one of the kids in your neighborhood to move the knobs on your real amp for you while you are playing.
  14. jbuhajla

    creating an A/B switch

    Yes. Two amps in series both assigned to the same stomp. If they are both on, highlight one and hit the Bypass button. Now they are in opposite states (one on, the other off). Press the stomp and they will switch states. Keep in mind, two amps in one path is very DSP demanding, so you won't have much for anything else on that path. I have found that using one amp model that is good at clean and dirty is better, then using an expression pedal to change the drive, channel volume, eq parameters, etc works just as well, but only uses one amp model. Switching between two completely different amp model types may be the application needed to have two separate amps.