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  1. jbuhajla

    Switch EXP pedal from footswitch

    Guitar > EXP 2 backing track >EXP 1... but reverse the polarity. That way when you switch to EXP1 it is a zero, then heel down to increase volume. This way you can still utilize the toe switch.
  2. jbuhajla

    It’s bivolt?!

  3. jbuhajla

    Hx effects patch volume difference

    That is why a lot of effect blocks have a "level" parameter, so you can adjust as necessary. Turn all the effects off to start, then go one by one and normalize volumes. From patch to patch, you may want to connect Helix to a PC/Mac with DAW software and adjust to a meter then final tweak by ear. It is just something that you have to be proactive about doing.
  4. jbuhajla

    Aux In Routing

    Yeah, you could do that with one of the signal paths. What are you trying to accomplish?
  5. jbuhajla

    hx edit no audio

    Connect your monitors to Helix and not your interface. Helix operates as an interface, so just abandon the your presonus interface.
  6. jbuhajla

    USB Audio question

    What software on your PC are you using to stream the audio to Helix through USB? It sounds as if somehow your audio card on your PC is accepting USB inputs from the Helix, and you are maybe hearing the guitar signal (with latency) coming over USB with your backing tracks. I don't know how that is possible. It has to be something on your PC end, it is not Helix. I play with backing tracks all the time monitoring through Helix and zero issues.
  7. jbuhajla

    Looking to ditch my Guitar Amp

    Can't speak for "amps in a box" to add to HXFX. But, I do run Helix Floor into JBL Eon 610's at home and Helix to FOH live monitoring with IEMs. No more "real" amps for this guy. Love it.
  8. jbuhajla

    Headphone amp broken? Digital clipping in headphones!

    Helix warranty covers 2 years from the date it was registered. Are you in that 2 year window?
  9. jbuhajla

    HX Effects bug? Reverb works intermittently

    First I heard of this one. Yep, pretty major in my opinion
  10. jbuhajla

    G10 Relay Flashing Green and Orange

    Open a support ticket with Line 6 so they can help you out.
  11. jbuhajla

    playing time per charge

    Open a support ticket with Line 6.
  12. jbuhajla

    USB Audio question

    Turn volume at the PC down in the application. Then try turning down USB 1/2 trim in global settings as DD suggested. I use this all the time and it works flawlessly.
  13. jbuhajla

    Brand New to Helix

    Read the manual. It is not that long. Then just start playing around with it.
  14. jbuhajla

    Tap light and delay time drifting out of time

    You may want to open a support ticket to make them aware of the issue if they are not already.
  15. jbuhajla

    helix pedal block order

    signal flow on Helix goes left to right, opposite of a "typical" pedal board.