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  1. jbuhajla

    So what type of stuff can the Helix now support?

    Seems that the focus was on getting things in order to make the new "Marketplace" functional, then new tuner options, and finally bug fixes. I don't think anything "under the hood" can really be added except for more/improved models and bug fixes. Those are all firmware related.
  2. jbuhajla

    HX Stomp: Are 6 blocks enough? Not really

    I can see where adding Stomp to an existing smaller pedalboard will make that pedalboard a "fly rig" by adding amp/cab/IRs to any pedalboard, plus using whatever you happen to have on your existing pedalboard. The Helix Floor/LT are already a "fly rig". HXFX is a "fly rig" if you have an amp sitting at your destination gig.
  3. jbuhajla

    Effects Choices for Replicating This Tone?

    I would try the Fender Vibrotone model (can't remember the Helix name). The tone in the song didn't have the distinct horn/woofer separation that the leslies have. Vibrotone is more SRV "Little Sister" sounding.
  4. jbuhajla

    Audio pops Helix thunderbolt dock

    I get those pops sometimes over USB to my DAW. I have found it to be static electricity related. I think I remember others talking about this and they used some sort of signal isolation cable that won't transmit the surges from static. It wasn't necessary for me to I didn't explore it any further. Not much of a help, but just something in my memory banks...
  5. jbuhajla

    That's it???

    It's Line 6's fault for not including the Andy Summers effect this update, just a stupid tuner and some money hungry "Marketplace" greed hole. DOWN WITH THE MAN...dude.
  6. jbuhajla

    Helix products: v2.70 now released

    I LOVE the new strobe tuner!
  7. jbuhajla

    Weird artifact when switching between two snaps

    There is a global setting for delays that make time transitions “transparent” that gets rid of the glitchy sounds when changing time. Can’t recall what it is off the top of my head.
  8. jbuhajla

    Volume Pedal Goes Quiet in Toe Down

    Are you using a TS cable?
  9. jbuhajla

    That's it???

    Sell Helix, buy Axe or Kemper...done.
  10. jbuhajla

    Assorted Helix mic/cab trivia

    Very interesting stuff, thanks
  11. jbuhajla

    are helix prices going up alot?

    Haven't changed in a couple of years. It is natural that the price will increase at some point.
  12. You can't "steal" something that is available in a free download area. Pure nonsense.
  13. jbuhajla

    Helix Bug Reports

    What are you playing your Helix through (guitar amp with 4cm, FRFR, studio monitors, etc...)
  14. jbuhajla

    forgot password

    Your password is: 12345
  15. jbuhajla

    best speaker

    "Best" is whatever sounds best to your ears, and fits in your budget. I personally am using two JBL EON 610s at home, but I am setting up tones on them to play live. A couple studio monitors may be just fine for your application.