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  1. jbuhajla

    Helix 2.8 release likely not for several months

    To be released spring 2019. Spring 2019 = March 20-June 20.
  2. jbuhajla

    Black Raven Protector

    Great idea. Looks like they were cut out with a water jet CNC. Having anything cut on a water jet is going to cost some $ because they are trying to pay off their equipment. Now just add some "knob condoms" to protect from spilled drinks....
  3. jbuhajla

    Help me understand pathes

    You can run up to 4 independent paths in Helix rack/floor/LT. Kind of fun to play through 4 different amps simultaneously sometimes.
  4. jbuhajla

    Helix into front of amp ?

    You can run everything in the Helix in the front end of an amp, yes even amp and cabinet models. I actually found some amp/cab models ran in front of my old Blackstar Club 40 and Fender Blues Deluxe reissue sounded fantastic to me. The #1 rule about Helix is: there are no rules. If you want your signal chain to look like guitar>reverb>delay>amp model>cab model>wah>distortion>into your amp.... and it sound good to you, you can do it and not break anything in the process. When you set your signal to instrument level and go into the front of the amp, it doesn't matter what you do within the Helix.
  5. jbuhajla

    Wireless G10s question - cross posted (sorry if against rules)

    I used it on church stage for about a year with zero issues whatsoever. It played nicely with other wireless systems running, and sounded great. I went stereo out on my instruments, so I donated it to our worship leader for his acoustic. He has zero issues the past year.
  6. jbuhajla

    Map physicals output to presets?

    Yes, you can. I also have patches built that use both 1/4" and XLR in the same preset. Signal chain 1A goes to 1/4" for my piezo bridge and signal chain 1B-2B is for my magnetic pickups going XLR. They go to separate inputs on the main board so FOH person can control each.
  7. jbuhajla

    Confused about the use of Volume Pedal

    But you are just wanting to boost your signal for leads, correct? The volume block at the end of the chain having an affect on tremolo when you turn it way down should not be a concern. My suggestion, plop the volume block at the front of your chain, play, then keep moving it to the right until you find a spot where it works for your needs.
  8. jbuhajla

    Edit on the fly using stomps question

    Yes, you can assign the "master volume" to a stomp or an expression pedal. Im not in front of my Helix now but you should be able to go to the output of your preset signal chain, push/hold the knob for level, and assign that to a stomp or expression pedal. I usually do this on the input of the preset so I don't have to use a volume "block" in my preset.
  9. jbuhajla

    Glitz Reverb Level change with Mix

    When you go up in mix with the reverb, you are going down in the dry signal. The perceived volume of the dry signal to me is always louder than the reverb signal. You may have to turn up the reverb level as you turn up the mix beyond 50% to compensate for the loss of the dry signal
  10. jbuhajla

    Bank up and down question

    I put all songs in order of the set list, then change the "bank" up/down buttons to "preset" up/down. Then I just increment for each song. I do this even if the presets are exactly the same, but just with a different tempo.
  11. jbuhajla

    Guitar input pad - does you or doesn't you?

    I only play single coil Strats and Teles... so no.
  12. jbuhajla

    Roland has figured it out

    Any minute now, Andy Summer's tone will be mentioned...
  13. jbuhajla

    Using a Windows 10 tablet to run HX Edit

    Very nice, thanks for sharing. That's a great option to have to restore a backup in case of an emergency as well.
  14. I use two old EX1 pedals with Helix Floor with no issues at all.
  15. jbuhajla

    USB audio issue

    What version of Helix are you using?