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  1. jbuhajla

    My Helix and Powercab Tone Suddenly Sucks

    Keep in mind, Global Parameters are reset to factory default after an update. So, be sure to take note of all your global settings before an update. They will not restore to where you had them set automatically.
  2. jbuhajla

    Helix hardware reliability

    4 years and counting. Hauled it around twice a week for rehearsal and live playing, and much playing at home. Yes you are going to find a small percentage of failures, like with ANY manufactured device.
  3. jbuhajla

    Is upgrading to Win10 an issue with Helix?

    When upgrading your OS, you'll likely have to reinstall software anyway. Upgrading OS usually blows away everything on the PC with just a clean OS install. Works just fine with W10.
  4. jbuhajla

    Importing IRs

    I have never been able to hear the difference between 1024 and 2048.
  5. jbuhajla

    Feature request: HX Rum

    I think the joke flew right over someone...
  6. jbuhajla

    What the hell just happened ???

    I can attest to this personally. Phantom power totally attenuated my output to nothing. As soon as phantom power turned off, sound was back to normal. No damage done.
  7. jbuhajla

    Helix/Rig ideas for acoustic gigs?

    If it were me, I would try the Floor with your L1 to see how you like it first. The beauty of the Floor model is that you have a mic input for vocals. You can send an output to your L1 and to FOH. You have PLENTY of inputs and outputs with the Floor. I've had my Floor for a few years now and am very happy with it in terms of ins/outs and it's built like a tank. I play electric primarily but some of my electrics have piezo pickups. Sometimes I play just acoustic.
  8. jbuhajla

    Levels. Sitting around -12db max

    I set my presets generally to -10dB through USB to DAW (using my ears as final judge). I have volume knob set to around 2:00, and marked with a piece of tape. That gives me a little headroom if needed. Sound guy adjusts FOH to their taste, I control in ear mix with my own monitor mix.
  9. jbuhajla

    Phantom Power?

    I had phantom power accidentally turned on my XLR channel before. My sound/volume was completely attenuated to zero. It didn’t sound bad or weak, but there was no sound at all. As soon as phantom power was lifted, full volume was back. No damage to the unit.
  10. I use the jumped Plexi model for most of my live presets. I use an expression pedal to start heal down as clean and pristine to toe down mid gain nasty. The nice thing about doing that is you have all the territory in between and you can go heal to toe slowly for some extra nice dynamics.
  11. jbuhajla

    Stacked Amps

    The beauty of the digital realm of modeling...you can't break stuff.
  12. jbuhajla

    To DI or not DI.. that is the question...

    Having found phantom power on once going to my Helix floor, my output signal was attenuated to almost zero volume. As soon as phantom power was lifted, it was back to normal.
  13. jbuhajla

    Using Headphones with the Helix Floor

    I have found that my cheaper Audio Technica IEM's translate pretty well when comparing playing the tones live through JBL EON610s or QSC k10s. I imagine your IEMs would be even better. I prefer building my tones at home on the JBLs, but that is not an option when the family is sleeping. The QSCs are part of the sound system at church. I connect my iPhone via USB and camera connection adapter to the Helix to play songs from Spotify, and listen to the songs from USB and my guitar tone by plugging IEMs into Helix phones jack. That leave my iPad or PC to read sheet music at the same time.
  14. jbuhajla

    Any indication on the status of the spring 2019 update

    Don't click on that thread from within this thread though, you'll get the internet caught in an infinite loop.
  15. jbuhajla

    Any indication on the status of the spring 2019 update

    Great, you made me pause briefly to convert the .3 minutes part to seconds...