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  1. jbuhajla

    Turning the helix ON/OFF

    I do it all the time.
  2. jbuhajla

    Helix DI clipping, no input gain control?

    Something in your signal path is overdriving the signal. Bypass all effects/overdrives and see where just your amp/cab model comes out on your DAW. If it's too hot, turn down the channel volume on your amp model. Channel volume does not effect the tone, only drive and master (if it has master) does.
  3. jbuhajla

    Can I emulate an amp and cab without a microphone?

    Helix models a mic'ed up amp. Playing a real amp through a PA system is a mic'ed up amp. You're not going to get "amp in the room feel" unless you have an amp in the room pointed at your body. Powercab is supposed to get that by being the cabinet (in the room) and the Helix is the amp/effects. I play though a couple of JBL EON 610s at home. When I point them at my face and crank them up, sounds/feels like an amp in the room to me, but even better.
  4. jbuhajla

    Tips for setting up a monitor for live gigs

    Ideally you want your mic'ed signal in your wedge. Or, put in a "send" and route that send to a separate signal path with an amp/cab model. Then route that signal to your wedge
  5. jbuhajla

    Using same preset multiple times in one setlist?

    I use one main preset template. I copy this template to the first 4-6 preset slots in a setlist, so they are presets per song. I make minor tweaks to each based upon the needs of each song. I don't change the name of the preset, so all the slots have the same name presets.
  6. jbuhajla

    Helix USB Question

    I have the floor and play along to backing tracks over USB all the time. USB Inputs 1/2 level are adjusted in Global parameters, that will adjust the level of your backing tracks. The headphone volume control controls the overall volume going to the phones, not just the backing track. Not sure about LT.
  7. jbuhajla


    Each path (1 and 2) runs off it's own processor, so you have to get creative sometimes on splitting up the items in your signal path between the two. Generally I have the amp on path 1 and the cabs/IRs in path 2. Those are the biggest DSP hogs.
  8. jbuhajla

    Is the USB output Balanced?

    The digital data going over USB is the EXACT digital representation of your guitar signal going through your preset signal chain. If your sound is different from other demos you are hearing on Youtube is because your guitar is different, different guitar player, something in your preset is different, etc... My suggestion is quit comparing yourself to Youtube demos and just play/record what sounds good to you.
  9. jbuhajla

    Helix into Tube Power Amp - Preamp or Full Amp?

    The "best way" to run it is try using preamp only, then try using the full amp model. Whichever one sounds and feels the best to you is the best way to run it.
  10. jbuhajla

    Tones barely audible

    I believe the default level for IR blocks is -18dB. If you crank it up to 0, then you are probably over driving the signal chain causing clipping. Leave your IR at default level and adjust amp parameters and/or OD parameters to level out the preset.
  11. jbuhajla

    Controller assigning troubleshooting

    Choose the switch you want to control first, then set your min/max.
  12. jbuhajla

    Simplest way to have some stage noise

    Yep, I let FOH handle my sound in the house, and I control what I hear on stage so I stay inspired while playing. If monitoring on wedges, have one wedge with the stage mix, then add your own wedge and go direct from Helix to that dedicated wedge just for guitar. Then you can control just the guitar coming out of the one wedge, while the stage mix is in the other wedge.
  13. I do LOVE snapsnots, but I have transitioned away from them just because of the lack of easy/flexibility. I use 8 stomps primarily now on one main template preset, then I customize the stomps for particular blocks bypass and physical stomp layout. I prefer stomps because we may change directions mid song and stomps allow more flexibility to change during the song. Stomps give me more artistic flexibility. I do use a preset per song, but the presets are just different stomp layout of the same preset, with custom tempo. I have the left up/down set to preset so I just scroll up when playing through the setlist.
  14. jbuhajla

    anyone using hx effects and helix together?

    Man, I love that! Nice integration
  15. jbuhajla

    Controller assigning troubleshooting

    Are you in snapshot mode or stomp mode when this happens?