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  1. Thanks for the great reply and yes I'm using it as a floor monitor so maybe the DSP settings to eliminate some of the bass is the way to go. I didn't try that originally because I was worried about affecting the tone even worse by selecting something other than the flat. It seemed to me when reading about the DSPs that most increased the bass response. I know there are only a few DSPs so I can just experiment but is there one or two you'd recommend to eliminate that bass coupling?
  2. I made the jump into the HELIX LT and absolutely love it. I went with the FRFR speaker QSC CP8 because it was recommended, it was there at guitar center when I purchased the Helix and QSC is a well known brand. Problem is I think the QSC CP8 has a "sound" to it...too bassy and muffled if that makes sense (it's hard describing what you hear sometimes) and yes, it's set to the flat setting. Has anyone else had this experience (the bassy, muddy, tone?) with these or is it just me or something I'm doing? I know the net is full of recommendation for speakers but the net also highly praises these QSC CP8s! I'm looking at the EV ZXa1s? DBRs?
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