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  1. The new cabs... Oh my. Installation took ~15m and went exactly by the book. Top job, Helix engineers. Top job.
  2. Do you by any chance have a link to that thread / comment? Always interested in this kind of detail about the actual amps L6 are modelling, especially if there are little quirks like this. No worries if you can't find the thread - I'm not fact-checking you, just after more info ;-)
  3. Because the windows blow out, the neighbours call the police and your ears fall off :-) +1 to the WhoWatt model. It's oddly under-rated and it is a monster. And it can be pushed to the limits without ending your marriage, jail time, windows on the lawn, bleeding stumps of ears etc.
  4. One other possibility re the Stomp six block limit is to avoid thermal shutdown. Stomps are small, unventilated enclosures and they get *hot*. I think the way Stomp works is you either max out the available DSP or you can go up to six blocks, whichever happens first. Either way, this may be an engineering constraint on the amount of work the processor is required to do, which limits how hot it will get in use.
  5. Yes, agreed. In fact I now use the gain block rather than turning the input pad on. Decibels are decibels.
  6. +1 I used to use the input pad but now do this for the reasons you state. IMHO the key point here is that there can be a need for input gain control depending on pickups / active guitar preamps. So long as that requirement is recognised and incorporated into the relevant patches, all will be well. If it isn't, then players may struggle to get the tone they want.
  7. There's a full list of all amps, cabs, mics and FX on Helix (and therefore Stomp) at the link below. It seems to get updated fairly regularly with the new stuff included in each new firmware release and is showing entries for 2.9 already. Scroll to the end for links to cabs, FX and mics:
  8. >>afraid of doing a disservice to the product +1 Humility is a vanishing art.
  9. There are indeed. Also lots of unhappy bunnies pitch up here complaining that Helix doesn't cut it, perhaps blaming the tools prematurely. My experience has been as yours: the amp modelling is excellent assuming that the patch is optimally set up. A big assume, unfortunately, as there are so many things that can go wrong, not least cab and mic choices. Anyway, very glad you hit the nail on the head first try, and thanks for saying so in public. Makes a refreshing change :-)
  10. Nothing. Hear what you say about a looper, but I don't use one so not even that. I need to get organised and sell my pedals. I've had Helix long enough now (over 2 years) to know that I don't and won't need them any more. I've learned through trial and error that if Helix doesn't sound 'right' in its replication of a pedal (or amp) then I haven't dialled it in properly yet ;-)
  11. Did not gel with that LW cover... :-( But on a positive note, you could try this patch to get you in the zone. Neck pickup may work best, and ride the guitar volume pot for clean - > OD. Fender glassy.hlx
  12. What guitar are you using (looks like a Strat in your avatar, but can't really tell), what are you monitoring through and please post the patch(es) you are using. Otherwise very difficult to know what is going on... :-)
  13. @BlueD Just following on from Phil_m, here's Line 6's Ben Adrian on how he created the Litigator model:
  14. BBD_123

    Helix 2.9

    That's Pascal's Wager. It assumes that a deity would actually reward such expedient calculation rather than punish it :-)
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