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    Mainly finding a way to change my screen name here :-)

    When I chose 'line6BBD' I had no idea these forums existed, or that by using this name (chosen purely so I'd remember it) that I could be mistaken for a Line 6 employee. But as I quickly discovered, it is in fact impossible to change the name you used when creating your account. So I'm stuck with Line6BBD. Sorry for any confusion caused...
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  1. I wasn't suggesting there was in your case :-) It was just a general observation...
  2. There's no point in getting into a weeing match over a product that isn't available yet.
  3. I had more problems at the outset with HX Edit until I trained myself to save and reload pretty much after every change I made to a patch. Fine after that.
  4. Entirely OT, so apologies and I will be brief :-) There are a number of people here who are church players, so I imagine that my occasional excursions into drunken pirate style cursing would be unwelcome with them and indeed others too. Moderating for language is imho acceptable when the intention is to keep the forum comfortable for all users. The auto-lollipop serves as a gentle reminder that this is a public space, not a sweaty dive full of degenerate rockers ;-)
  5. It's the future, arriving on the shore of the present (man). Modelers are the coming thing, I suspect. There will always be amps, of course, and nothing wrong with that, but the DSP genie won't go back in the bottle now... It's all good.
  6. Touch screens on a floor unit are going to need a lockdown mode. I hope this will have one.
  7. That's what is known as 'inappropriate tone' :-) A non-winning move on a cooperative platform.
  8. Just been looking back over the thread and wanted to make clear that the 'you' there was general, NOT @BlueD . :-)
  9. Irrefutable logic there :-) HNY to all...
  10. Really, it's not :-) I hear this, but here is a truth, unpalatable though it may be: If you lack the experience and ears to set up a workable Helix tone by ear you have wasted money on kit you don't need. The marginal advantage afforded by metering is not going to help much at this point.
  11. If you can get the patch levels consistent with each other across your library that's one job. Then get them sounding right at gig level and you will be all set. Easier said than done with 80-odd patches to go through, but there it is...
  12. I can hear clipping and I can hear when something is sat in the mix. I know what a bit of LA comp at the end of the chain is for. You are arguing for the sake of it and it's getting tedious.
  13. I wish I hadn't mentioned the bliddy Rat thing. This is all my fault.
  14. We're talking about guitar tone singular here. Not an album final mix. If the effect is imperceptible, then it is imperceptible, and therefore irrelevant. So no, not demonstrably false. This conversation is becoming increasingly silly, kylotan.
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