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    Mainly finding a way to change my screen name here :-)

    When I chose 'line6BBD' I had no idea these forums existed, or that by using this name (chosen purely so I'd remember it) that I could be mistaken for a Line 6 employee. But as I quickly discovered, it is in fact impossible to change the name you used when creating your account. So I'm stuck with Line6BBD. Sorry for any confusion caused...
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  1. BBD_123

    Delay in-between amp and cab blocks?

    Just watch the channel volume on the amp block. I think some of the more vintage delay models might not like too hot an input (although IIRC there's a headroom control to deal with input clipping on at least some of them).
  2. Great post from amsdenj. I have Helix floor but I still use an old POD HD for holidays*, plugged in to a Roland Cube Lite sprouting Beyerdynamics. Edit is via a Dell notebook. A bit Heath Robinson, but it has served me well for a number of years :-) But it's long in the tooth and I'm going to get a Stomp. I know I'll be fine with Stomp because I'm a follower of the 'fewer blocks, better tone' school :-) I also understand the DSP limitations from the perspective of a Floor user and to me, at least, they don't present a problem. So Floor it will be, and bye bye to that fiddly knob interface for HD Edit... I know that it is possible to get excellent tones from Helix Floor using only path A and a handful of blocks and simple linear routing. So I know Stomp will do the trick for me. Of course YMMV but I hope this is useful. * We drive a few hours to a rental cottage on the Cornish coast. Stuff we take gets packed into the back of the car. No airports are involved.
  3. IDK but perhaps the decision to limit to six blocks was based on DSP limits, as it represents a reasonable 'typical use'. Since some amp and fx choices could max you out at below six, setting the block limit any higher would result in even more aggrieved customers.
  4. BBD_123

    New Helix LT just got it August '19. It has Version 3.0

    That's not a Leslie effect, it is the sound of approaching black helicopters - from the future... ;-)
  5. BBD_123

    POD HD500X keeps on crashing my new Win10 PC

    Found this thread while researching. I have a POD HD that I use for holidays. I've just replaced the laptop I have used with it for years and... oh dear what a mess. Repeated BSODs, weird behaviour from the POD requiring restarts and so on. I'm using a brand new Dell XPS 15 2019 with a fully patched W10 and nothing much else except an email client and Office - so very vanilla, software-wise. On my previous setup I had POD handling guitar *only* and the inboard audio chipset dealing with music playback. The laptop is connected to a Roland Cube Lite mini combo as well as POD. This was perfectly stable over several years of use. But when I installed POD on the new laptop, the default setup kicked in and POD tried to take over all the audio processing functions. This is the source of the problem. As soon as I forced POD to stick to guitar only and allowed the inboard audio chip to deal with music playback, the horror show stopped instantly and stability returned. Of course there may be other reasons why you might get BSODs, but I can say confidently that this was mine, and the problem was easily solved.
  6. BBD_123

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    LA Comp adds +4dB so I have its level set at -4dB to shave off the bump.
  7. BBD_123

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    That's it. I notice that the LA Comp patches will sometimes load quiet with an immediate volume swell but not to the correct level. W10, fully patched, build 1903, correct and successful update procedure from 2.70 to 2.81. Now I'm *not* moaning about this, it is just one of those things with a major update, but it is definitely a thing.
  8. BBD_123

    Took the Leap to 2.81...what's all the fuss about???

    Like you, I waited a while, then upgraded from 2.70 to 2.81. Like you, I read and followed the instructions and encountered no problems with the upgrade. Unfortunately, I can say that I am having issues with random drops in patch volume associated with patches with the LA Comp at the end of the chain. These seem to be impermanent, so one time a patch will load quiet, then the next time, with no Ch Vol adjustment, it will load at the correct, original volume level. I'm not gigging so this is a modest PITA rather than a Problem, but it will be good to see it fixed, hopefully with 2.82. I would also like to confirm that I remain a dedicated fanboi of L6 :-0
  9. BBD_123

    High gain lead tones thin and fizzy

    Being a bit old school, I tend to take that approach: cranked Plexi for clean (guitar vol rolled back) and crunch (guitar vol full up) and step on an OD for lead tones. This is paying off nicely right now with the new Tone Sovereign / KoT pedal in 2.8x ... Lots of tone control there to 'pre-EQ' the amp as well as add boost, crunch or OD. I'm having no trouble getting the full gamut of tones from fat blues to screaming rawk out of the Plexi 100 head. Okay, not the modern high gain amps Paulzx was specifically asking about, but tbh I'm not sure what I'd do with any more gain than I'm getting - from a Strat - into KoT then Plexi. There seems to be more than enough to go around :-)
  10. Yes, there's a good list here. Scroll down for links to cabs, effects and mics. No! Helix does the lot, from effects to amps to cabs to mics - the whole signal chain - so you can monitor through headphones. And this ^^^^^^^^
  11. Hello mate - fwiw, another UK Helix user, but more to the point, main guitars are a Strat and an LP (wow, sooo adventurous, aren't we?). And my first impressions of Helix were... meh. I'd spent the previous few years using the Line 6 HD500 so not unused to modeling, but I naively expected Helix to sound better out of the box than a fully set up HD500... daft in hindsight, but there you go. Please, be patient and get to grips with the unit. As others have said, the time spent pays off in spades. Helix is very, very good, but a classic case of you get back what you put in. All I would suggest is that you keep it simple for now. No third party IRs. Just a handful of amps that you like, a bit of reverb, and plenty of time spent dialling in basic, foundation tones that you are happy with. First walk, then run :-) Enjoy!
  12. BBD_123

    2.81 firmware available now

    Upgraded from 2.70 to 2.81 without issues. ... And a big thanks to the Line 6 team for creating and continuing to develop a first-rate product. :-)
  13. BBD_123

    High gain lead tones thin and fizzy

    For now, I'd recommend turning global EQ off and working up the simplest patch - amp block, cab block and maybe a reverb block at the end. Nothing more. Set the cab block low and high cut as suggested (as starting points) and dial the amp's tone stack in to your preference. Tweak the cab block high / low cuts as necessary. It's a good idea to try to keep close to unity gain within the Helix - so your empty patch - pure dry signal - shouldn't be significantly quieter than your actual patch. Use the amp block Channel Vol to get this about right. The fewer variables in play at the beginning, the easier it is to dial in a core tone that you like. Once you've got something basic but solid, then you can experiment with sag and bias on the amp, and maybe some more precise EQ with the Parametric block after the cab, or with something like the Teemah dialled for clean boost in front of the amp. After about a year with Helix floor, I deleted pretty much everything I'd done from my patch library and started over, as described here. The results were better.
  14. BBD_123

    High gain lead tones thin and fizzy

    Have you tried simply engaging the cab block low and high cuts? Start at 8kHz high cut and 100kHz low cut with an amp you like. If you crank the power stage (master vol) of most high gain amps, they can sound a bit nasty until you get the high end cuts in place.
  15. BBD_123

    Beware of Helix Edit 2.80!

    This ^^^^^^ It's software. Sometimes it's best to give a major update a wide body swerve until the dust has settled. This is not rocket science :-) I'm 54 btw :-)