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  1. Dear Helix Users/Experts, Any help, comment or suggestion on my below problem/question will be highly appreciated. I migrated from Boss GT100 to Helix floor 2 years back and the reason was the dirty tones (overdrive and distortion tones), which in Boss multi effects (GT100, GT10 and all earlier models, I am not sure how good is GT1000 in this area though) have always been unexplainably hopeless and pathetic and I am super duper satisfied with what I got from Helix (slightest crunchy tone to heavy distortion upto metal tones) but after using Helix for 2 years and trying out all possible combination of effects, I still feel that it is the clean tone, where Boss multi effects still shine far ahead of Helix. Fractal AX III is still the bench mark in clean tones...and Boss all GT series starting from GT-6 upto GT-100 are no less either. But Helix has always disappointed me in clean tones. I have Fender start and an Ibanez with EMG and I use pro grade JBL studio monitors, so I don't think I lack at any place in my entire setup to not get a creamy and refreshing clean tones. So looks like it is the effects and amps together in helix which, though are undoubtedly realistic, but somehow I failed to get a superior sparkling texture in my clean tones. After some research, I found that it is the "chorus" from Boss GT series and the effect named "Enhancer" in Fractal play a big role in getting a creamy texture in the clean tones from those units while I never got a mesmerizing clean tone from helix. Thanks. Sumit
  2. Hi Brue58ski, Thats interesting. I was actually wondering how those keyboard shortcuts are assigned to footswitches using midi CC. Any light on it?
  3. yes Mine is 2.80. I didn't updgrade to 2.82, because i didn't feel the need, neither faced any of the issues reported with 2.8. I am just waiting for an next update where some new stuff is added, else updating helix is lot of work (take backups of setlist, favourite Individual presets, IRs and then update and import again etc).
  4. Thanks a lot Lungho - Thanks a ton. Great help.
  5. Hi All,trol I was wondering how MIDI in Helix can be used to control things like youtube as shown below - IF you see this vide (from 25.00 minutes to 27:00 minutes), you will realise what i am talking about. My ask is - if this is possible, then just using Helix footswitches (and without having to take hands off the guitar) I can play some videos in youtube in the LAPTOP (not talking about iPad/phone etc) and can replay again and again or slow down a specific area in the video while working out some guitar pieces/solos. Dont you guys feel this would be so amazing??? I am not sure in the video, if any special device (midi device) was connected between helix and laptop, but if helix can be directly connected to a laptop using usb and this thing can be achieved, then i feel it would be tremendously helpful. Any suggestion/thought/comment would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Lawrence_Arps - Would you be able to share one of your patches that are close enough to the first video (LW cover by Marco canton)? So I can understand your signal chain and your idea behind it. That may help me correcting my chain and parameters. Thanks Jbujajla - Please refer to my today's post above, where I furnished info as per what you asked, that way you to understand my setup and kindly suggest accordingly.
  7. Thanks a lot BBD_123 for your tone. I will sure listen to it and will share my thoughts. Also, please refer to my recent post where I mentioned about my current line up/usage and what i am looking for.
  8. I would like to thank you all immensely for your replies and suggestions. I essentially use the following - 1. Mexican strat ( as shown in my Avatar) for my cleans. 2. Ibanez SA32 EX with EMG 81/85 for my overdrive/distortions. Helix Floor version - 2.80. Output device - JBL 306P studio Monitors connected to helix directly via XLR cables. Attached is an example patch I created recently for an Indian song. A little background about me : I had a Boss GT100 before this and several multi effects even before that, as buying Amps and pedals in India is not really affordable . I was happy with GT100 for cleans but GT100 is not capable of producing any decent crunchy/lead/distortion tones. So I sold it off and after lot of review bought Helix. I have been extremely satisfied with Helix since the first day. No complain about the unit. I have always got awesome crunchy/distortion/lead tones (until recently when i started searching in youtube and found Fractal units producing the kind of tones that made me stop at) from helix, but cleans I have never been that happy. And I know it is my fault and not of Helix. Therefore looking forward to get suggestions. Therefore what I am precisely looking for is the below - 1. Based on the example videos of my first post, what combination of Amps + stock cabs/IRs + pedals that i should use to achieve my desired tones (cleans and dirty). Though it is subjective i agree, but from the example videos you can understand what I am trying to achieve. 2. How us EQ to add an optimum thickness (to the highs without colouring the cleans (i do not usually prefer too much of chorus/flanger to thicken the tone, however, i end up using them since I never found a better way to do it without using them) 3. Usage of compressor pedal (at the beginning of the chain or before delay or right in the end), though i usually use it at the beginning but never felt completely happy with its use. 4. Any other thing that you would like to suggest. Thanks everyone Regards Sumit Mazumdar Sundori Komola.hlx
  9. Hi Everyone, I have been in search of a juicy, thick clean and overdrive tone, something which i can see Boss GT1000 and Fractal FX are phenomenally capable of, whereas, I have not been able to get there. When I say thick clean & overdrive tone, i mean the high notes are ringing with lots of juice, whether clean or in overdrive/distortion. Here are some examples - For overdrive/distortion - Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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