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  1. Done! Did the backup, update, factory reset, and restore. All is well! Thank you Line 6!
  2. Yup, I recall it had to do with 6 blocks going to 8, and now you can afford to add fxloop block due to the gain of two blocks. Hey, what can I say.... "gettin' old..." Thanks!
  3. I vaguely remember hearing that with either 3.0 or 3.01 that a block didn't have to be dedicated in order to insert a pedal into the signal path of the HX Stomp, is that correct or is my memory just failing me? I'm voting on my memory failing me...
  4. Just upgraded! Thank you Line6!! You guys are amazing... Been with you since the first red bean.
  5. And there you go, ask and you shall receive. HX Edit 3.10 came out today!
  6. I too have UA Apollo, it's the Twin X and run Pro Tools. I decided to use it via USB and just change the Playback engine in PT when tracking guitars with the Stomp. When Tracking, I prefer headphones anyway so it was no big change for me. The downside is PT makes you change playback engine and it does a save/restart of your session every time. But even when I track with a mic'd amp into UA, I still use headphones vs monitors. Once in a great while I'll go 1/4 cable out of HXS into my ADAT, but honestly I'm just enjoying having the HX connected via USB to my Mac. That way I can have PT and HX Edit up and make changes on the fly (more delay, less reverb... etc). Either way, sounds like you got good answers.
  7. HX Edit 3.01 will work on Big Sur Intel, however, when you shift focus from HX Edit to another application, HX Edit loses connectivity to the HX device (Helix, HX Stomp, HX FX), etc... This is known issue, but not a show stopper. As soon as you need to go back to HX Edit, just click the "reconnect" button at the bottom. Otherwise it will work just fine.
  8. 1.) Please tell us or upload a picture of what your signal path looks like for the Stomp, I.E. What do you have assigned to the blocks. 2.) Please tell us or upload a picture of your signal path, out of your guitar ---> stomp ---> amp. 3.) Please make sure you DO NOT have the USB plugged into a computer where audio is also getting routed too. (USB 1-2). Remove the USB cable from the back of the Stomp if you have that plugged in. I run a stomp on my pedal board and have a patch set for "Front of Amp." It's ONLY FX, no amp models, or amp cabs... My amps (Dr. Z's) are so quiet I could hear a pin drop.
  9. If you have an amp/cab in your signal path, and you are plugging from the Stomp into the front-end of the amp, there will be noise. Did you create a signal path of just effects? You should not have any amp/cab models in your chain when going to the front end of the amp. What kind of effects? Delay? Reverb? Start with just the two basics... a simple delay and reverb and see if you get any noise.
  10. Personally I don't think you have a good use-case unless YOU are the engineer. I would just make three patches: - Fender - Vox - Marshall All with no Effects (or at least a Reverb & Delay) mapped to the two remaining buttons. Have the artists bring their pedal board or use effects in post (which is my preference anyway). In other words, create a "virtual backline" typical of any studio. But for Pete's sake, keep it simple! I'm also questioning the amount of work you're putting in for a $600.00 purchase. It's a no brainer to have a Stomp or something like it around a studio, just in case... But since you asked, I'll answer how I use my Stomp: - In front of amp(s) just for effects: I have it on my pedal board with other pedals and it goes out my buffer to whichever amp I'm using. I have Dr.Z Maz 38 with Z-Best 2x12, or my other amp, Dr. Z Carmen Ghia 1x12. In this config, I have one and only one patch with Delay/Verb, volume pedal and Wah. That's it... I keep it simple. - Recording: For this I go out USB to my MAC running Pro Tools 2020. In this config, when I switch the playback engine in Pro Tools to HX Stomp, the Stomp becomes the audio interface. After I'm done with my tracking, I switch the playback engine back to my UA Apollo. And I do track with the amps. Each amp has a two mic setup on them. Fathead II / SM57 to my UA Apollo with Unison UA Pre's. Pretty much the only Amp model I use is the Princeton. i have three patches: - Princeton with stock 1x10 Cab - Princeton with Stock 2x12 Cab - Princeton with Ownhamer V30 2x12 (57/121) IR --> this is the patch I exclusively use. I have Delay/Verb/volume Pedal/Wah and Fuzz --- plus all the other pedals on my pedal board. Again, I keep it all simple. Hope all this helps!
  11. Very cool Phil. The Princeton is my default amp. The 1x10, 2x12 sounds great, but I really love it with an Ownhamer 4x12 Mesa cab with Rib/57 IR. Takes to all the pedals very nicely, especially my Zen Drive or Xotic AC Booster. I put a Wampler Ego in front at the beginning of the chain. I just did some tracks and comp'd it to a Dr Z Carmen Ghia 1x12 and it sounds pretty darn skippy in the mix with the Z.
  12. All good options. On my real amps (Dr. Z's) I don't have to fiddle much. Plug and play, few knobs and the truth... Let the old NOS rectifiers do the rest. I recall back in the day when I had a Digitech 2112 I used to have a bank for strat and a bank for Les Paul. But to my ears, what I was hearing wasn't really break-up, rather digital clipping. A fuzzy overtone to rather clean sound.
  13. Turned the drive to 4.5 to 2.5, boosted the CH Vol to 10... all better now! Looks like I'll have to make a Princeton Patch just for the Lester and one for the Strat.
  14. Hi All, My Les Paul custom is seriously clipping my Princeton preset. Nothing special, just the Amp, some delay and reverb. Dist is off, it's definitely clipping, not "break-up" Any particular parameters I should look at?
  15. I've had L6 products that go back to the first bean. Great for what they were back in the day, but given the opportunity to own a real amp in their model list, I'd always take the real one. Had the HX now for little over a year. This ain't your daddy's modeler for sure. We all know that, but I never tried A/B'ing between one of the models and a real life version of it. So I built my little vocal / amp booth (walk-in closet) and set my Dr. Z MAZ 38 with Z-Best 2x12 in there. Pulled the attenuator out of the mix and set up two mic's on the bottom speaker of the cab. Bottom speaker is a G12H 30, the top is a Vintage 30. I used a Fat Head Ribbon on the speaker cap and a 57 right next too it on the cone. Both mic's were aligned and about 5" from the speaker. (That's by design, the Doc sets the speaker about 4" back from the grill in the ported cab). Checked for phase, none, so mic's were aligned properly. Pulled up two tracks using UA Apollo Twin X / Console, with UA610 pre's unison. For giggles I put 1176's as inserts and sent them to two tracks in pro tools. I did a little blues vamp. Then I did another take for crappy guitar solo. For that, I stomped on my Xotic BB Pre and Wampler Comp. I didn't use any effects. No delay / no reverb. The room is two rooms over, so with all the doors shut, I couldn't hear the guitar. So my only means of hearing the Z, was through cans or monitors. I chose cans. So my aesthetic feel was the same as an amp in a live room, and me in the control room. Same way you'd use the Helix direct. I then quickly dialed up a patch in stomp, Zed Interstate and native cab (the modeled Z-Best 2x12), no IR"s. Again, no effects, just the amp/cab with a comp at the end of the chain, via USB into ProTools. Did the same vamp, same crappy guitar solo. Again, I chose cans over monitors. On playback of my disastrous impromptu jam, I discovered that while there are differences, I would expect that. Different mic's, different rooms, I'm in a closet, etc. L6 modeled a RT66 (KT66 tubes), I have a Maz 38 (EL84's), so serious differences. But here is where it got interesting. No one (friends /wife) could tell which was mine or Line6. Actually the wife liked the Line6 better. She said it was tighter. Hmmmm. That's damn good! In conclusion, I know there have been some good shoot out videos out there (I'm not a You Tuber), but I have to say, If you're not taking the L6 lineup seriously, start rethinking it. While the real z was a bit warm, and had some natural compression and sag with some fat mids, I think that if you were just given a mix you probably wouldn't know. Z's aren't rare amps, but they're usually not the first amp everyone is comping against. So as a Z-Natic, I'm here to say... The Doc may have the cure, but Line 6 has the supplement. :) Anyway that's my rant...
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