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  1. Ok, all this makes sense, and I think my mistake was setting the input to the tracks in my DAW as Input-1 not 1 & 2 (duh!). I'll give that a shot! Thank you everyone!
  2. I love the idea of the new dual cab. Typically when I record terrestrial guitar amplifies, I place ribbon center cap, and then a 57 about 2" to the right of the center cap on the cone. Each gets its own track in the DA and creates a real "amp in the room" feeling. I treat both tracks as a single, meaning, I don't pan them separately, they work together as a pair and offset harsh frequencies normally found by just using a 57 on center. With that said, my understanding is that I can do the same with the new Dual Cab. I'm assuming that I can put a 57 off-center cap, and a ribbon on center, from there I'm not sure what the signal path should be into the DAW. In the HX Edit properties, Should I pan the 57 hard left, and the Ribbon hard right and run each to its own mono track in the DAW? Keep in mind I use USB to connect to the DAW and HX as the interface. My question is this the correct setup, or should I be using 1/4 outs to my Apollo Twin X? Is the HX smart enough to only send the 57 signal to wherever I pan it, and likewise with the Ribbon? I've tried with USB, not with 1/4 outs and I think USB is doing some summing because I didn't get the effect I desired. Both mono tracks in the daw sounded identical. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Upgraded my HX Stomp (no issues), and am really digging the Ventoux with stock 212 Mail C12Q. Haven't tried it with IR's yet, but that will be tomorrow night. My favorite amp prior to this release was the Princeton and used it on a several recordings..... however, I'm really digging this Ventoux amp. It takes pedals nicely, and spit coil "cool rails" on my Strat sounds really sweet. Love the new Heliosphere Delay, and like how they fed the delay trails into the verb. Nice old fashion studio trick I learned from my mix teacher, Sean Slade (Radio Head), taught me a long time ago. I had a vocal track that had some delay on it, and he said bus the delay send (and only the send) into a reverb. Bingo! I've been using that trick ever since in mixes. It never gets old. But now, HX gives it to you in one effect. Very cool! Thanks for the update Line6, your teams are truly amazing!!!
  4. One in the hand is better than two in the tree...
  5. I've been cutting tracks for almost a year now 2020 iMac and Pro Tools in various ways using my HX Stomp and no issues. If you are going to the Pre of your DAW with 1/4 cables and using USB, you will get noise. Unplug the USB and learn how to use the interface on the Stomp itself. That's the first thing I learned, and it was recommended by Scott of Scott's Digital Guitar YouTube Chanel. Always learn how to do things from the interface. It's one or the other, USB or 1/4" cables. If I am going to record direct using the HX as my interface, I use USB. If I'm going to use the HX (for effects only) in front of an amp, I unplug the USB, as it creates a very nasty ground loop issue. Also I'm not so concerned at the recording levels from the USB. I'm assuming you are recording to digital not tape? If digital, the levels don't matter. You make that up with compression in the mix. I record somewhere between -22 to -16 db. I leave room for make-up gain, sends and busses before hitting the master fader. Start tracking cables, and swiping cables out. You may have a bad USB cable, you may have a bad 1/4" cable. Have yo tried a balanced 1/4" cable? Are you using a USB hub, or a USB extender? Line 6 does not recommend either, hubs or extenders. Will they work? Yes, but it's not recommend. If it's none of the above, then obviously something is wrong and contact Line 6.
  6. With the new features in the Morning Star MC 6/8 etc... you can now run a midi cable from the stomp into the MC6, originally only the MC6 controlled the stomp now it's two ways. This opens up way more capabilities than I imagined when the feature was first announced in October 2020: See 1:48 and 3:26 What I discovered is this is a fantastic option for being able to bank up / down from the MC6, but in the order you want... not sequentially, although it can be. You can use the MC6 to bank from say a clean preset at 1A to a Dirty in 4B just by giving the PC number in the assigned bank. So you could technically build a set list. I personally do not have a use case for this, but it's nice to be able to not only select presets from the Stomp, but also from the MC6. Another great feature is that I just discovered is that if the MC6 is doing the bank up / bank down work, plus you have the 6 switches on the MC to toggle any effect block, this frees up the ability to put the stomp into Snapshot mode. I just tested this... This is like having your cake and eating it too. You get six buttons for parameters, toggle presets either sequentially or in any order you like, and you can keep the stomp in snapshot mode. IIRC, this was not doable in the past. If the Stomp was in Snapshot mode, the MC only controlled the snaps... If my memory serves me right. So for those that think the Stomp is limited, I'm hear to say otherwise. Unless you're Robert Fripp, Alex Lifeson or The Edge, I don't see any limitations here.
  7. For my board I went with the Morningstar MC6MKII, which offers 6 programable switches for just about anything that can be controlled by Midi. Now the guys at Morningstar has added more functionality so that if you switch Stomp presets (1A) to (1B), the Morninigstar will now switch one bank up. So, 6 more programable switches. The other great things bout the Morningstar is that you can program the assigned name of the switch to flash. So lets say for example I have only two buttons programed for a particular preset, Delay and Reverb. I have mine set so when I turn Delay to the on position, the title "Delay" flashes. Your use-case is fairly straight forward. If you are using the HX Stomp in front of your amp, or in the FX loop of your amp for effects only, you can create a preset and load up to 8 effects/blocks (depending on how much DSP). Now here is the thing, you only have 3 switches. Reverb may leave on, Delay you may leave on, but maybe there is a distortion and some other insert effect, like flange or chorus, you can assign to the three switches. You're going to have to carefully plan your presets. Snapshots are just that... save states. They allow you set any variable at one state, then change the parameter and save that in another save state... etc.. Lets take my first example: I have a clean tone with light delay and Reverb. That's Snapshot #1 (base level state) Snapshot #2 will turn on the distortion, lower the percentage of reverb and maybe increase the percentage of delay a little bit. Snapshot #3 may increase the distortion even more for a singing lead, increase the delay percentage even more, turn off the Reverb, and maybe kick a flanger on, or whatever your little heart desires. Snaps are only save states within one preset, with snap #1 being the base level (starting point).... If the Morningstar MC6 isn't enough buttons, they make an MC8 with 8 buttons and more intense LCD display. The great thing about Morningstar is they keep coming out with updates and add more functionality. As far as bypass, there are a few modes on the Stomp and one is true-bypass. If you have a delay on, or whatever, and turn it off... that's your tone. If you're getting "tone suck" then look at your cable lengths. It may not hurt to use a buffer... I use the Empress Buffer +. This model eliminates the need from having a buffer at the beginning and ending of the chain (i.e. 2 buffers). The Empress Buffer + has essentially a loop, (out to effects pedals / return from effects pedals) along with a "guitar In" and "amp out". No one is more of a tone snob than me, I run two Dr.Z amps that are handwired point-to-point. My rectifier in both amps date back to 1959, and they have very natural sag and distortion.. Any pedal that is not boutique will suck tone on these amps... I can say without a doubt, when I used Effects Only Preset from the Stomp in front of either Z, I do not get tone suck. Look into the Morningstar MC6MKII.... that will probably cure all your ills.
  8. I just added this: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Dr-Z-Carmen-Ghia/1020183-23508 A Dr. Z Carmen Ghia would be nice :)
  9. Done! Did the backup, update, factory reset, and restore. All is well! Thank you Line 6!
  10. Yup, I recall it had to do with 6 blocks going to 8, and now you can afford to add fxloop block due to the gain of two blocks. Hey, what can I say.... "gettin' old..." Thanks!
  11. I vaguely remember hearing that with either 3.0 or 3.01 that a block didn't have to be dedicated in order to insert a pedal into the signal path of the HX Stomp, is that correct or is my memory just failing me? I'm voting on my memory failing me...
  12. Just upgraded! Thank you Line6!! You guys are amazing... Been with you since the first red bean.
  13. And there you go, ask and you shall receive. HX Edit 3.10 came out today!
  14. I too have UA Apollo, it's the Twin X and run Pro Tools. I decided to use it via USB and just change the Playback engine in PT when tracking guitars with the Stomp. When Tracking, I prefer headphones anyway so it was no big change for me. The downside is PT makes you change playback engine and it does a save/restart of your session every time. But even when I track with a mic'd amp into UA, I still use headphones vs monitors. Once in a great while I'll go 1/4 cable out of HXS into my ADAT, but honestly I'm just enjoying having the HX connected via USB to my Mac. That way I can have PT and HX Edit up and make changes on the fly (more delay, less reverb... etc). Either way, sounds like you got good answers.
  15. HX Edit 3.01 will work on Big Sur Intel, however, when you shift focus from HX Edit to another application, HX Edit loses connectivity to the HX device (Helix, HX Stomp, HX FX), etc... This is known issue, but not a show stopper. As soon as you need to go back to HX Edit, just click the "reconnect" button at the bottom. Otherwise it will work just fine.
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