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    Stereo rig options for Helix

    Couldn’t you do that now with your two PC + cabs? Set one to one speaker and the other to another?
  2. guitarboy_02451

    Stereo rig options for Helix

    And speaking of Dr. Z, This Reverb article, fresh off the 2019 NAMM floor just popped into my in-box: https://reverb.com/news/dr-z-weighs-in-on-modeling-tech-and-the-future-of-amp-design "You can’t fight it," he says. "A musician will always want that piece of gear—that Stratocaster, that ‘59 Les Paul, that Marshall. That will always be coveted and that will always be of great value, but to survive, you’ve gotta go with the technology. And I’m not one to battle technology. Now, I can’t say that I’m such a mystic by saying that, but let’s face it—it’s got to do something if it’s going to survive. It’s got to evolve."
  3. guitarboy_02451

    Stereo rig options for Helix

    Yeah, I agree... This is one of the hardest justifications I have. When the Avid Eleven Rack came out it was the greatest thing since sliced bread... Coming in at about $799 (in 2010 dollars). I have one sitting in my side-car and has been used maybe three times for some recording sessions over the past 9 years. I see Elven's going for like $150 now... Technology for that product, along with support has come and gone. I started with the kidney bean way back when it came out, plus a Flextone, and POD HD500... etc.. I have a 2005 Dr. Z Maz 38 (Point to point, all tube with a 1959 GE NOS rectifier) going into Doc's mixed speaker 2x12 Cab... The head retailed for like $1200 in 2005.... Guess what??? The few that are on Ebay are still selling used for that. So to your point, I LOVE the idea of the HX Stomp w/ 2 PC Cabs... But what's the worth in 5 or 10 years??? For not much more I can look at a Fuchs ODS, Two Rock, or even more of the intense Dr. Z offerings now available. I've bought and sold more Line 6 gear over the years, but my DRZ's still are here. Each time I've sold an L6 product I've taken a bath. My POD HD500 sold for $148 and that included shipping!! I started playing guitar, 36 years ago, I always used two amps... My first rig was a little Gorilla that sat on a Sears Amp, and I had a DOD PDS1000 delay & DOD Stereo Chorus feeding two amps. Probably sounded like crap, but to a 13 year old... it was pretty cool. :) Realistically my Doc Z's are amazing amps, but their shortcomings are (lack of effects loop) and you can't push delays and reverbs too much in front of the amps, plus they're picky about true-bypass pedals. So when I use them for recording (which I do...), most ethereal effects are added in post production. But simplicity is key... My Dr Z 1x12 Carmen Ghia has two knobs.... Volume & Tone.... (and the tone does something magical...) The only consolation, and one of the product support managers for L6 stated in a video, is that, at this point, the modeling is pretty much there.... Meaning, they've captured and reproduced just about everything they feel they can at this point.... (especially capturing circuits and bulbs and point to point voltages...), that perhaps, aside from tweaks and new features, it may be true that at this point, the modeling is "as good as it's going to get." Thus values may hold. So, I just found that Sweetwater has bundled the 2 standard PC Cabs for $1080... https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PwrCabBunA--line-6-powercab-bundle-a-2-by-powercab-112 Keep in mind those aren't the PC+ and honestly, I don't even know what IR's are... so probably would work best if I went the HX LT or HX Stomp route. I'm not bashing L6... I'm just not a complicated player, nor even play out any more... I like the Stomp because it looks like a cool "toy...", I just cannot stand playing through my DAW monitors, I need real amp feel.... But man the cost of Stomp and two cabs combined is killer diller…. Especially to your point, Ebay & Reverb will be flooded with them in about 3 - 5 years dirt cheap.
  4. guitarboy_02451

    Stereo rig options for Helix

    I agree whole heartedly. $1399???? I think Line 6 needs to go back to the marketing/pricing/sales board room and re-address. The L6 PC+ 1x12 retail is $799.00. Logic would say, "well, we doubled what already existed so that doubled the price".... But that's ill logic. The brain (computer inside) already existed in the 1x12 PC+... The only thing that doubled was an additional speaker, additional plywood, some routing/cabling and a software update. Oh and an unnecessary increase in power to 500 Watts..... (Like who needs that????) Lest not forget doubling the weight. I could see the pricing coming in at like maybe $999 - $1099.... but literally doubling the price is outrageous!!!! No let me throw this out as another down-side to L6's ill thought out pricing scheme. If the cost of the 2x12 is double the cost of the 1x12 PC+, I'd rather just get (2) 1x12 PC+ speakers. That gives me the "grab & go" options of, do I need to take both or just one?? At this price point, you're better off with (2) 1x12's that gives you more options.... If the 212 came in around $999 - $1099, then yeah.. those that WANT stereo, it's a no brainer.... From a consumer stand point you've not given the consumer any reason to want the PC212+ L6 - PLEASE GO BACK TO THE BOARD ROOM and re-address the pricing of this. It's illogical from a marketing and consumer standpoint.
  5. guitarboy_02451

    Stereo rig options for Helix

    Well, looks like we asked, and L6 replied. Powercab 212 just popped up on the product page! :)
  6. guitarboy_02451

    Line 6 Helix with Powercab plus

    Yeah, looks like they just released the 212 for stereo!!! YAY!!! :)
  7. guitarboy_02451

    Torn between HX Effects & Stomp

    I run two Dr Z amps (old MAZ 38) and an old Carmen Ghia. The CG is basic, two knobs... The old MAZ has a master vol / pre volume as well as an unbuffered fx loop which is its downfall. My pedal board is simple and linear. Wampler Comp -> Peppermint Fuzz -> Zen Drive -> Xotic AC -> Xotic BB -> Fulltone Supatrem -> Maxon AD 999 Delay. So crazy heavy on various gain stages, lean on ethereal modulation/special sounds. All effects run into front of amp. In my experience DrZ’s don’t like unbuffered pedals, nor cheap pedals. A non boutique will have evident signal loss. Same with cables, the Z’s are picky. I have a DAW and an Eleven Rack. I’ve used L6 since POD 1.0.... I hate playing through studio monitors. I haven’t played live in nearly 10 years and have no plans at present. Stomp gives all cool effects + cabs and amps. Lean on pedal control, but you don’t need to run cabs and amps.... And, I can add my existing board into the chain. HX FX gives all the same FX, sans amps and cabs. Lots of routing (which I don’t need cause my amps are old school). With each one would have to spend thousands of dollars to get the same high quality fx in individual boutique stomp pedals. So, I love playing the Z’s (Maz 38 is loud but I have a Z-Brake) but would love to get a low power thing (think 5 watts...) maybe two... Think Swart... or Champs. And Stereo! So I’m torn..... is any one else on the fence between the two? Also, both true bypass???? The Z’s will chew them up if they’re not. Thanks in advance. pg
  8. guitarboy_02451

    Stereo rig options for Helix

    Been a L6’er since the first red bean came out. I’m intrigued by the Helix LT. I like the idea of the Power Cab. I’m not keen on firing up my Protools Rig and studio monitors to play. Is there a way to run a stereo rig without having to buy a. 2nd Power Cab? Does L6 have any plans to make an extension cab or satellite cab for the Power Cab? This isn’t for gigging or sound stage, but to have a cool stereo rig.