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  1. Will we see a new user manual or at least an appendix for the goodies that have been added? I went to downloads/manuals, and the only thing available is HX Stomp manual 2.65
  2. You could go to one of the settings in the Cab model, and setup a snap shot for like a +6 db boost. This would be after the amp model...
  3. Just noticed the latest user manual download is 2.65. New amp models are in 2.8x but not in the manual. I know 2.9 is around the corner but l6, can you please post a supplement?
  4. Sorry, I misunderstood. You probably couldn't use your DAW, as the playback engine is already set to Helix for your USB recording. I have a Stomp and included the USB routing as it's laid out, but what you're trying to do is beyond my ability to help. I would think that you need some kind of mixer that the Windows Sound Card and Software recognizes. I know there are a lot of folks that live-stream or create YouTube videos, Jason Sadities is one such person who has his camera audio for his voice/video, and direct audio for his Helix (so no room mic noises are mixed in). He did do one video going over all his gear and studio. May be worth checking out. I only record to ProTools, and even at that I do not use USB audio, just regular 1/4 into my pre's... I hope either you figure it out or someone else here can help. usb.tiff
  5. Keep it simple.... OH gives you a doc and a folder called Quick Start which correlates to the doc. Grab a few, maybe like 6 (3 of one mic combo / 3 of another). Realistically when I record with mic's its usually a small diaphragm condenser mixed with a 57, or a 57 mixed with a ribbon, off center of cap. So applying the same logic, I only grab the IR's that have some kind of 57/121 or 421/121 and those come 4" off, or FAT or Mid-Fat. So that's about 3 of each. I also got the Celestion pack from the Market Place, G12H and G30, I believe the G12H is an open back cab. I like the OH pack I got 412 CB Recto Neo, despite of not being a Mesa fan. The G12H & G30 combination are in my existing DrZ Z-Best, and the Vintage 30 is in my Dr Z Carmen Ghia 1x12. So I when I'm in the digital world, I try to treat it the same as I would with non-virtual/digital rigs. (I hate to use the word "real amps..."). IMO, the amp models sound great either with IR's or with the native cabs by L6, but I always try to go with what is used with s specific amp. For us Stomp users we have to be mindful of the 6 blocks as well, so again I don't go crazy with IR's. I find the Friedman amp and Litigator take nicely to IR's... I've also found out on the Fender Twin, if you select the Twin Cab as a separate module, it's stereo! I was trying to figure out why the amp+cab and amp with separate but same cab sounded different. That kind of blew my mind. I had to go back and forth between what sounded better and what was more practical (giving up a block). Then I went back to simplicity and realized if I were recording one of my Z's, it would be two mics, two tracks (but summed as mono)... Meaning, when working with two mic's/two tracks, they're working together as one track. Again, if you apply what you would use or do in the real world (sort of speak), that should keep you out of analysis paralysis. Keep it simple
  6. Couldn't you just import the backing tracks (stereo mix) to two tracks in Sonar, then record your guitar bits on another track and bounce all to two?
  7. - Litigator - Placator - Fullerton My ears tend to gravitate towards these... a lot! All take a Zendrive or Xotic AC boost very nicely, clean up well and sound great with both humbuckers in my Les Paul and may Strat (which has a 3-way tap Duncan Cool Rails).
  8. Realize this is an old post. Very nice guitar playing, great tone! I agree, the Fullerton NRM is pretty amazing. I didn't even know what it was until last night, and it's not listed in my owners manual/pilot so I had to look it up. 5C3 1958 Fender Tweed.... My ears didn't lie to me, before I looked the amp up, I noticed in the mids and lows it had a sweet sag. I backed that off from 5 to 3. I love sag, as I have a late 50's early 60's rectifier in my 05 Dr. Z Maz 38, nice harmonic compression. The other thing I tried to do was clean it up a bit as it had some nice break-up. Then I decided to look up the amp to see what it's heritage was all about. First thing it talked about was Sag, how it had a sweet sag in the lows/mids, then it talked about break up.... I was like YEAH! Wow, L6 nailed it to the "T". So, I've been playing with it as clean as I can get, and have a Zendrive in front of it. WOW... Blown away with stock cab and mic setup. Haven't even played with IR's yet. Maybe I won't so I can keep my ears clean to what I already like.
  9. So far I've been really happy with my HX Stomp sitting on my pedal board. I've identified three specific uses: 1.) Patches that just effects when fronting my Dr Z amps (no effects returns/sends). 2 with caveat.) Patches that have amps+cabs (or IR's) for Live or Direct recording. Caveat; With Direct recording, one doesn't need a lot of on-the-fly capability because you can tweak for specific performances. I initially loved the idea of "virtualizing" my existing pedal board in the Stomp. Meaning, running all my pedals through the FX loop... But what I quickly noticed was a.) all my pedals are mainly comp/od/dist and trem, and b.) in most cases they would sit in front of an amp at the beginning of the chain. Thus, I asked why am I tying up a block just to put pedals in virtual mode? I did like the dual functionality of the FX loop block because I also used the send level with my expression pedal as a volume pedal. I downloaded both Rhett Shull and Richie Castellano's HX Stomp patches and noticed, they don't use FX Loops... I also noticed that Rhett puts a Compressor as the last block, and it seems to really make a huge difference. It's not doing much compressing, as it is acting more as a limiter. That's what got me thinking of all this. So I rewired things and so far so good. Feel like I got another block back. I got darn good OD/Dist/Trem pedal, so unless I need to just bring the Stomp and nothing else, this seems to fit the bill. View shown here still shows me using the FX Loop
  10. Everything in California can cause cancer. Almost every product in the world has this warning on it. Almost everything enjoyable in life is either illegal in California or has some some health warning on it. I'm being cynical here, I realize that.... but seriously. CA has warnings on everything.
  11. Hi Phil, It does, thanks for the quick reply! I'm watching a Jason Sdites video now... very good stuff.
  12. HI, I'm wondering if these two units, Mission Engineering SP1-L6 Expression Pedal and the Morningstar MC6 MKii (via Midi) can be used together to control the HX Stomp?
  13. Another video from Richie Castellano - I went headphones stereo out into my Beats Pill Speaker and man it sounded amazing!!!! Now I have the perfect little travel rig.... Thanks again Richie! :)
  14. Not new to L6, started on original red POD, then POD 2.0 then POD HD, then POD HD 500... After my recording projects were done, I always parted ways because those solutions seemed to be silo'd to me. Meaning, I never incorporated them into a live rig, which consists of two Dr. Z amps and a boutique set of pedals. I also have an old Avid Eleven Rack cabled into my PT rig. When I realized my board was heavy on drives and distortion pedals, I started looking into more expensive mod/time-based pedals and then I discovered a video by Richie Castellano on 6 ways to setup and use the HX Stomp. That peaked my interest. So I completely rebuilt my board around the Stomp, to include the L6 / Mission Engineering Helix Expression pedal. I had to do some tweaking to make the toe button FS5 as I wanted it to enable some blocks that it otherwise didn't natively enable out of the box. I put all my pedals in the loop of the Stomp, and put the Stomp in the loop of my Empress + Buffer, and from there goes to one of my two Z's (whichever one I feel like playing). The Reverbs, Delays, volume, wah, and other mod/time-based effects are STUNNING!!! So I set up a few patches, now I just have to figure out how to go form 34A to 34B while their in the Stomp mode... Now onto the amps and cabs. Like I said, I've been into modeling for a while, and it was always just "ok"..... I always prefer mic'ing cabs (I have a good assortment of ribbon's, small diaphragm condensers, large diaphragm condensers and tons of 57's). Typically I do a ribbon + small condenser or 57 + small condenser... Both off axis. Last night for the first time, I patched in L/R 1/4" outs into my pre's and quickly dialed up the clean Friedman and enabled a stereo track in ProTools. The tone was blissful, I could have jammed for hours just with that amp, native cab and a bit of verb... I threw the Minitor (sp) on it for some drive and was blown away. Now it's got me thinking, is it time for a Power Cab + 212? I'd prefer low volume, sound... my Z's have the Z-Brake for attenuation. I have to admit, I'm thoroughly blown away, and impressed with the quality of the unit. I'm also finding getting around and doing some advanced things isn't all that difficult. Back in the day I used to have Digitech 2112 and if anyone knows that platform, you had to be somewhat of an engineer on that. I also like the simplicity of the Stomp, I'm a simple guy... my amps are hand-wired, point-to-point with some NOS tubs... I think the Helix or Helix LT would have been complete overkill for my brain to wrap around... If you give me hundred parameters, I'm the type that thinks I need to use all of them. The Stomp is small, simple, quick to get going and I don't use the editing software. I also don't really see having dozens of patches. I only use Dr.Z amps and have two (Carmen Ghia & Maz 38) so I don't see utilizing 50 million amps that this offers. I like the Placator, probably a Fender and a Matchless or Vox patch. I don't play metal and I'm not a huge Mesa or Marshall fan. I've owned plento Marshalls, but always leaned towards a Fender/Dumble thing. My only wish from Line 6 is that instead of the Dr. Z RT 66, that you please include a MAZ 18 or MAZ 38. Those two are really the workhorse of the Z fleet, and for good nature perhaps add a Carmen Ghia. The RT 66 is more niche than mainstream, IMO... Doc will probably correct me on that though. I could totally see using this both in my guitar rig, recording and if I ever got to play live again. This is my initial thoughts on this little box. I hope this helps anyone that's on the fence.
  15. guitarboy_02451

    Hx Stomp

    Get to know the unit first before going crazy buying stuff. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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