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  1. Turned the drive to 4.5 to 2.5, boosted the CH Vol to 10... all better now! Looks like I'll have to make a Princeton Patch just for the Lester and one for the Strat.
  2. Hi All, My Les Paul custom is seriously clipping my Princeton preset. Nothing special, just the Amp, some delay and reverb. Dist is off, it's definitely clipping, not "break-up" Any particular parameters I should look at?
  3. I've had L6 products that go back to the first bean. Great for what they were back in the day, but given the opportunity to own a real amp in their model list, I'd always take the real one. Had the HX now for little over a year. This ain't your daddy's modeler for sure. We all know that, but I never tried A/B'ing between one of the models and a real life version of it. So I built my little vocal / amp booth (walk-in closet) and set my Dr. Z MAZ 38 with Z-Best 2x12 in there. Pulled the attenuator out of the mix and set up two mic's on the bottom speaker of the cab. Bottom speaker is a G12H 30, the top is a Vintage 30. I used a Fat Head Ribbon on the speaker cap and a 57 right next too it on the cone. Both mic's were aligned and about 5" from the speaker. (That's by design, the Doc sets the speaker about 4" back from the grill in the ported cab). Checked for phase, none, so mic's were aligned properly. Pulled up two tracks using UA Apollo Twin X / Console, with UA610 pre's unison. For giggles I put 1176's as inserts and sent them to two tracks in pro tools. I did a little blues vamp. Then I did another take for crappy guitar solo. For that, I stomped on my Xotic BB Pre and Wampler Comp. I didn't use any effects. No delay / no reverb. The room is two rooms over, so with all the doors shut, I couldn't hear the guitar. So my only means of hearing the Z, was through cans or monitors. I chose cans. So my aesthetic feel was the same as an amp in a live room, and me in the control room. Same way you'd use the Helix direct. I then quickly dialed up a patch in stomp, Zed Interstate and native cab (the modeled Z-Best 2x12), no IR"s. Again, no effects, just the amp/cab with a comp at the end of the chain, via USB into ProTools. Did the same vamp, same crappy guitar solo. Again, I chose cans over monitors. On playback of my disastrous impromptu jam, I discovered that while there are differences, I would expect that. Different mic's, different rooms, I'm in a closet, etc. L6 modeled a RT66 (KT66 tubes), I have a Maz 38 (EL84's), so serious differences. But here is where it got interesting. No one (friends /wife) could tell which was mine or Line6. Actually the wife liked the Line6 better. She said it was tighter. Hmmmm. That's damn good! In conclusion, I know there have been some good shoot out videos out there (I'm not a You Tuber), but I have to say, If you're not taking the L6 lineup seriously, start rethinking it. While the real z was a bit warm, and had some natural compression and sag with some fat mids, I think that if you were just given a mix you probably wouldn't know. Z's aren't rare amps, but they're usually not the first amp everyone is comping against. So as a Z-Natic, I'm here to say... The Doc may have the cure, but Line 6 has the supplement. :) Anyway that's my rant...
  4. Did some tracking tonight. My chain was Guitar -> Pedal Board (with HX on it) -> DR Z Maz 38 Amp -> UA Apollo -> Pro Tools. I use the HX Stomp for two different applications. When using with my amp, it's just an effects box (vol/wah/reverb/delay) no amps/cabs. The second application is for direct USB into ProTools with amp/cabs/effects. My Dr. Z amps are normally quiet. You could hear a pin drop when the guitar volume is turned down. Beauty of point-to-point wiring by the Doc. Well, my amp sounded as noisy as a 63 Falcon. First troubleshooting tip is to always remove what's between your guitar and amp. So I went right from guitar into amp. Quiet as a butterfly. Plugged everything back in and loads of noise. Now this is where I asked myself, have I noticed this before... long pause... NO. What changed? Could be the USB cable plugged into the computer with the UA Console and PT running? I unplugged the USB cable and all noise went away. There must have been some weird feedback loop of audio getting fed from the daw or something. Weird because the playback device was set to Apollo Twin X. So, lessons learned I guess. Of course when I decided to do a few tracks with Stomp directly into PT, I used the USB again. This is the first time I've experienced this and can't recall why it happened.
  5. Right on... I went back to my old standby ProTools. Now that I have PT2020 loaded, I have the best of all worlds, UA Apollo Twin X Duo, Luna, PT, HX Stomp etc... Loads of options now. But I have to say I didn't hear any audio issues going old fashion audio cables into my UA and then into Luna. If you have latency issues, you should put your plugs in the UA console not in the DAW. Problem is, I think only the Console loads UA plugs, which is why Helix Native probably has latency. I don't know I haven't tried it since I'm running the HX Stomp. For a fledgling DAW, I have to admit Luna is a great product. The developers are really in-tune with their users. I'm not keen on the work flow... the interface UX/UI needs to mature. Really big fat appearance, windows within windows, especially the mix window.. It looks like an old app from the mid-90's that was never sized well or the resolution was bad. If they could make the mix window a bit more Pro Tools-ish... that would be helpful. As far as console goes, my UA Apollo Twin X is fantastic and I love the ability to throw effects on and either not print or print with them or do the unison mic-pre's. Wish I had that YEARS ago. But it's all good... Now I just have to get creative and do something with all this gear... Creativity seems to be the hard part! Thanks everyone for chiming in. I think since 3.0 came out I haven't left the Princeton amp... Seems to be the probably the best amp for my taste. Rock-on everyone.
  6. Mark as solved please. The functionality doesn't exist. I'lll just have to use audio patch cables.
  7. Hi All, I'm using UA Luna as my DAW (temporarily) and was wondering if there is anyone using HX/Helix as an interface with Luna? I'm guessing the answer is no, as I've spent an hour futzing around trying to find out if there is a way to do it. Thought I'd ask...
  8. Thanks! Got the answers I expected. Perfect, thank you!
  9. HI folks, I know this question has come up a few times, but never got a definitive answer. Does the HX Stomp utilize USB 3.0 or 2.0? I know 2.0 works, and I haven't had a lick of issues. I just know there is a difference between the 8pin 3.0 and 4pin 2.0. I know for storage if you want 3.0 performance, don't use a 2.0 cable. I'm wondering if the same applies for the Stomp. Thanks in adavance.
  10. Is there an update for HX Edit as well? Or just press on with pride on the 3.01 HX update?
  11. 3.0 is awesome. For HX Stomp we're pretty limited on DSP, but we knew that right? - Love the Princeton - Horizon Drive ---> very cool! - Acoustic Sim ---> Way cool! All the new Fuzz's are pretty darn awesome. I a/b with my real Peppermint Fuzz... All the Poly blocks take up too much DSP. I can have an Amp+Cab module and Poly mod, and that's it. Nothing left... out of gas. I am super excited about the Favorites, and I have no idea what Command Center is. I'll have to see if anyone does any videos of that. Super impressed. It was like an early Christmas Gift from Line 6! Thanks guys and gals! :)
  12. Forget everything I said here... Everything. PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair) ERROR! Some how whilst setting up the patch, I must have manually pressed the toe button and started setting things up. Quite honestly I don't know what I did, but I was able to just grab a new preset and start from scratch and it works just fine. Sorry for the false alarm... don't pour it on... try to be nice... everyone makes mistakes. :)
  13. First off, love 3.0. Thanks for all the goodies! I have the Mission Engineering Expression pedal with the toe switch. On 2.9 and below, the WAH Position was always assigned to Expression 1 automatically. Nothing for the end user to do. I would use Expression Pedal 2 to control the Amp Channel Volume. Normally when I drag a WAH into the chain, I don't have to set anything. The integration between L6 & ME is perfect. Now, I have upgraded to 3.0 and here is what I've found. I started a new preset, and added my WAH. It assigned Position to Expression Pedal 1 as normal, and FS5 to the toe switch. Perfect! I clicked the toe button, and started pressing the Expression pedal up and down. I could see the parameters on the wah changing 0-100 but it didn't effect the sound.. (no "wah). What I had to do was manually un-assign Expression Pedal 1 to the WAH, the re-assign it to expression pedal 2. Then to use my amp CH volume, I assigned that to EXP Pedal 1 (which defaults to the WAH). At this point, it works. Luckily I figured it out... but would appear they can add this to the bug list. Patch made in 2.9x Patch made in 3.0
  14. ^^^^ what he said ^^^^ Make sure that you have audio with the toe down of the pedal, then save the preset.
  15. Have you tried the DrZ model with the Z-Best 2x12 model. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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