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  1. Kevin-M

    HX Stomp Midi commands

    The Tech 21 MIDI Mouse does allow you to switch up/down presets, but that’s its only function
  2. Kevin-M

    Purchasing the hx stomp. Is 6 blocks enough for me?

    Absolutely will help in that regard.
  3. Kevin-M

    Purchasing the hx stomp. Is 6 blocks enough for me?

    That’s a question only you can answer. Six blocks gets you quite a bit, or not nearly enough depending on what sound you’re trying to create
  4. Kevin-M

    HX Effects - Adam Jones' Sound?

    I’d start by researching what gear (effects) he uses first and then see what models of those effects you have on the HXE. The Diezel and Marshall amp combination that I think he uses are pretty damn nice sounding, but would be very pricey. Diezel does make a VH-4 distortion pedal which sounds great, imo.
  5. Kevin-M

    Does the hardware have better response than the plugin?

    I ran an instance of Native alongside my Stomp using an amp selector switch and the difference in the two was pretty negligible at worst. My laptop is a nicer multicore Intel - circa 2012 - with 16G RAM and an RME Fireface - USB 2.0
  6. Kevin-M

    Daw crashes

    2G RAM sounds pretty low to me. Also, are these older systems? Those processors you listed seem like they might be pretty old ones.
  7. Kevin-M

    Best polyphonic synth options?

    I agree with arkieboy....polyphony tends to be very comprised on guitar synths that don’t process each string separately. It’s getting better, but still not there.
  8. Kevin-M

    HX Stomp Buzzing Loudly only when USB connected

    I also have buzzing when my Stomp is plugged into my laptop AND I’ve started my DAW (I don’t use the Stomp as my audio interface). For me, it’s a simple fix....just unplug it when using my DAW, but it’s certainly interesting.
  9. Kevin-M

    Drop tuning using Pitch Block

    I’d put any pitch effect before the helix.
  10. Kevin-M

    How many people would like to see a medium size Helix?

    That would get my vote. For me, the Stomp form factor is great as part of a pedal board.
  11. Kevin-M

    Helix Stomp ASIO USB ReAmp

    Outside of Cakewalk (ie, in the asio control panel from Windows only), can you see the entire list?
  12. Kevin-M

    FX loop stereo split to Strymon Blue Sky?

    Yes, the Send jack is stereo, so that’s exactly how you can connect to your Strymon
  13. Kevin-M

    Helix with synth via midi

    Helix won’t send MIDI note on/off data.
  14. Kevin-M

    Processor vs DSP vs Core

    Nice one, Fletch! :-)
  15. Kevin-M

    Helix Stomp with TT-2 & SP1

    I don’t see how they could be since there is only one TRS input on the Stomp for a switch/expression pedal.