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  1. Kevin-M

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Consider changing your underwear.
  2. Kevin-M

    HX Stomp with OD Pedal

    You can most likely find an overdrive pedal or two that are a significant improvement over the built-ins. I have a couple from Mesa Engineering that I run before the Stomp, which saves a block.
  3. Kevin-M

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    That’s interesting. I purchased my Stomp based on the existing feature set rather than any possible future updates.
  4. Kevin-M

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    Based on my admittedly limited understanding of this update, I’m going to even more patiently wait for 2.81. :-) I say this half jokingly, but it does appear that it’s not a minor update given what’s been reported as a convergence (?) of code among the platforms. I bought my Stomp based on its existing feature set, and it’s holding up quite well to date.
  5. Kevin-M

    two simultaneous delays in HX STOMPBOX?

    Absolutely. 6-2 delays leaves 4 more blocks to use!
  6. Kevin-M

    EHX Superego Effect

    I would keep the superego in the aresenal and not worry about trying to replicate it in the helix. I don’t think the helix comes anywhere near granular synthesis in any of its capabilities
  7. Kevin-M

    Helix Firmware 2.80

  8. Kevin-M

    HX Stomp and Pedal board

    Mine is Pitch shifter->Distortion->HX Stomp->Strymon BigSky I also have a Strymon Volante in the FX loop
  9. Kevin-M

    Main Guitar

    Down to one guitar now - a Les Paul standard (with coil tapping features). Have my eye on a PRS DGT model, though...maybe a Christmas present to myself!
  10. Kevin-M

    HX Stomp FAQ

    I haven’t used my Stomp as an interface, but there is info on USB signal routing on page 44 of the Stomp manual. It may be possible with a little creativity. Take a look there first.
  11. Kevin-M

    Using Pedals w/ HX Stomp

    An expression pedal (mission engineering works well) and an external reverb pedal (Strymon bigsky is awesome) which will free up a block on the stomp.
  12. Kevin-M

    amp model for line 6 hx effects

    The HX stomp is a nice, small-footprint option
  13. Kevin-M

    Helix Native As Low As $70

    Cool! Just purchased today. For registered HX/Helix owners, it’s hard to argue with that price.
  14. Sounds like the Tech21 MIDI mouse would fit your needs....that’s basically all it does.
  15. Kevin-M

    Helix Stomp + MC6 Midi talk

    MIDI implementation for the MC6: https://morningstar-engineering.github.io/MC6-MKII-Midi-Controller/site/09-midi-implementation/ I don’t see anything for simple status changes.