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  1. 1. Lots of ways around the 6 block limitation via effects loop 2. Send output to an external reverb, eliminating the need for a reverb block 3. Make a purchase based on a product’s current capabilities, not its theoretical potential
  2. You won’t regret it. I can’t think of a better modeler/fx unit in this compact size.
  3. I’ve used a Raspberry Pi before (for another device) in order to support USB MIDI connectivity.
  4. Kevin-M

    HX Stomp - Rush

    +1 on the Helix Native suggestion...a no-brainer purchase if you purchased a Stomp. Have you you looked at the gear Alex Lifeson used on the Rush songs you’re interested in? Might be a good place to start if the models are there in the Stomp.
  5. So, we’ve learned that the power supply will very very likely not cause you any harm unless you decide to open it up and lick it repeatedly. :-)
  6. Then, the warning referenced by OP is useless at best - and, one could argue, wasted ink
  7. I like creating my presets around the guitar. I have a high gain patch for my Les Paul, and one for my Telecaster that are completely different from each other.
  8. Kevin-M

    Two helix stomps

    Have you considered the HX Effects?
  9. I use both of these with my Stomp...they work very well
  10. Kevin-M

    Hx Stomp

    Try the stock cabs first. The Stomp is a great product that just requires a touch of planning ahead of time. Don’t forget to take advantage of the Helix Native plug-in discount available as well
  11. Kevin-M

    Helix II

    One thing that might make sense for new hardware is if they go down the path of polyphonic synth/pitch shift and the current processors can’t keep up
  12. The Tech 21 MIDI Mouse does allow you to switch up/down presets, but that’s its only function
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