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  1. Great. I did find the controller assignment area in HX edit and I’m on the way I think. It’ll help to have a look at the manual again thozzzz now I’ve got a rough idea what’s happening. Thank you :) Everyone’s input really helps...thanks again guys.
  2. Both tip and ring polarity set to ‘inverted’ Thanks tho....worth a try.
  3. Thanks for your input here :) Yes it should work. Absolutely. Do I bother to raise a ticket or do I just go back to assigning the TAP back to FS3 as you’ve mentioned. Makes sense. Im using some of Glenn Delaune’s presets though - he’s got a boost / eq added to FS3. I’ll have to find a way to move that over to FS2 and sacrifice what else is there I think. Or, manually set my delay times and keep em saved to the preset. Frustrating :(
  4. Omg we don’t want any injuries lol. Bad news is I just tried the other footswitch- swapped it all around and assigned FS4 to the tap tuner. It didn’t work :( Tuner comes up fine. Is there anywhere else within the preset itself that I can tap a delay time in ?? My guess is no. I wondered if I could ‘temporarily’ assign FS3 to the TAP tuner, tap my delay time in...then save it. Afterward assigning FS3 back to stomp mode?
  5. I agree. Yes I am using HX edit - surely i can find a way in there to take away a parameter and assign it to another footswitch?!
  6. Sure am. Other functions are working great ie bank up and down, preset up and down etc. it’s definitely a TRS cable. I learned that the hard way ! When u say TRS mode I’m assuming you mean in Global settings / preferences / FS4 assigned to ‘tip’ and FS5 to ‘ring’ ?
  7. Ahhh. Looks like you may be right. It’s the mission engineering TT2. I guess I may be limited to using the 1/4 or 1/8 etc time delay options rather than being able to tap anywhere?
  8. Ok, that’s good to know. I can’t find where to change that though :( Something came up in controller assign ?? but it seems to me it’s only for a particular preset. I’ve got the TAP/Tuner assigned to FS5.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply! Glenn’s presents are set up for stomp mode. Not snapshot mode. I’ve just tried your suggestion and if i turn the delay off for FS1 it’s off for the solo boost on FS3 also. And vice versa:(
  10. Ok I’m going to answer my own question here. The ‘premium preset’ pack by Glenn D for the HX Stomp is excellent. Tones are great esp the lead boost function - solos sound killer! However I’m a bit stuck trying to eliminate the delay frm the basic sound. He’s set the presets up in such a clever way...FS3 has an EQ boost and delay. You can even adjust the delay mix on the fly. Very cool. Though being a newbie I’m stuck on getting rid of the delay for the rhythm sound. I’d like to keep it in when I hit FS3 of course but I don’t want it in there for the basic sound on FS1. It’s super that u can dial in extra drive via the first footswitch but I don’t want the delay there at all. HELP please! I have a gig soon and this learning curve is much steeper than I anticipated:( Thanks guys....
  11. Hi guys I’ve assigned tap tempo and tuner to a seperate footswitch. Same as above - I’m using all my 3 switches in stomp mode and can’t afford the real estate. The footswitch works great and brings up the tuner no problems. However I can’t seem to access the ‘tap’ tempo frm the same location. Even tho I have FS5 set up correctly I can’t find where to ‘tap’ I’ve tried pressing the button as I normally would (tap in time etc) but all that comes up is my tuner. Any ideas ?? Many help at all would be appreciated:)
  12. OMG. So here I was thinking all of my guitar (jack) cables were TRS. Wrong ! They’re ALL TS. By a stroke of luck I found a speaker lead that looks slightly different- has an extra ‘ring’ on it. Then bam. It’s a TRS....and now both FS4 and FS5 work perfectly. Bank up AND down no problems. I’m so very relieved. Thanks again Kilrahi. I’ve learned something very important today :))) Phew!
  13. Great to read these reviews!! Any opinions on the ‘premium preset pack’ by Glenn Delaune for HX Stomp? Glenn’s getting some great reviews here on the bigger Helix machines, any thoughts on the packs for the Stomp?? I can only find one pack for sale so far.
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