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  1. Well, funny that. I named my dog after Duke Ellington. True story!!! FWIW, thought I’d provide some feedback after doing a gig with this set up yesterday. After a month of putting this new board together I was much relieved when I strummed the first chord and everything worked! Here’s the go. I got a TRUE stereo sound. Lush, beautifully balanced left and right out of the PA. Of course all the HX effects placed after the loop in each preset are the stereo versions. The Simplifier DLX is in parallel amp mode and that worked GREAT. Goal. Achieved. At some stages the guitar sounded SO huge…it was almost too much. Who would have thought a guitarist would say that?! Lol. A confirmation that we may sound humongous during our monitors at home (I use KRKS) but it’s gotta sit in the mix. We use backing tracks live - that have been tweaked by me to sound full and punchy - but there were songs I just overtook the lot….and it wasn’t just about volume. More work to be done there. It MAY be about using an AMP block vs a PREAMP block in the HX stomp, as much as the former seemed a better choice - the latter might do the trick to help the guitar to sit better in the mix. Honestly, at times it felt like I had ten Marshall’s behind me !!! The SIMPLIFIER was set and forget. I’m only using the cab and power amp SIMS - not the preamp section…EL34s, speakers in ‘stack’ mode. Ha. So that works - got that Marshall stack feeling for sure. The Simplifier DOES DELIVER THE ANALOG TONE and FEEL. No latency or disconnect. This kinda blew my mind. Particularly noticeable during solos, I can no longer hide behind massive saturation. The tone is DIRECT. Like my Orange AD30 or Fender Deluxe Reverb. Sure, I can sweeten things up w gorgeous delays etc but after using only the HX stomp for two years as my direct rig, this was a particularly noticeable change. It. Feels. Real. Therefore magnifies my actual articulation and technique which is not a bad thing. At all. Finally, the in built reverb in the DLX is supa useable. Again, sounds ‘real’ ! Used it on the ‘room’ setting dialled in at about ten to. This set up seems to really ‘bring out’ the character of the HX amps. The differences between the amp models are more obvious now and I’m chuffed with that. At this point I’m not missing my IRS. We’ll see!!! Finally, I use a tele and a CE24 PRS live, both guitars worked without me having to alter the preset. Another goal ticked off. Interesting tho how much a needed to hang around the bridge pick up on both, usually I hang in the middle - but yesterday I couldn’t. Too much bass in the presets, also the DLX resonance controls may need tweaking. Lucky I bought the PA home! Will experiment w some tone stacking within the HX also. Thought you guys might get something out of this info. Hope so, you’ve been very helpful to me getting this up and running. Thanks again :)
  2. Ahhh yes we have done this before!!! Last time it was to resolve why I couldn’t by pass the cab sim of the Simplifier DLX. I started a new thread because this was about the fizz I’ve been getting using this set up. However I did discover running the stereo fx loop at 100% mix has improved that significantly! NOTED re the preamp vs amp thing. Interesting, even tho choosing an ‘amp’ block rather than a preamp block seems to sound better to my ears. (even tho yes, technically am running thru two power amps. This experiment I will do asap. It does seem that the Simplifier is quite the opposite!!! He hee. However with all the routing options, it’s HOW you set it up - specifically - in full stereo. Once that’s done you’re set. It truly does give the ‘analog’ feel and response. Thanks to you rd2rk for getting me this far!!!!
  3. Hi Guys, I have my HX stomp in the effects loop of a Simplifier Deluxe. With help frm this forum and TGP, I’ve got a ‘parallel amp’ set up w stereo fx frm the stomp. It’s set up in 7CM and the Simplifier DLX XLR outs go to the PA. I should have a pretty good sound going here, yes I now have minimal latency and better response/feel (which was a big goal) HOWEVER when I engage any gain, there’s that awful fizzy sound that almost sounds like a digital clipping thing. Like frequencies are clashing? I’ve APPLIED LOW & HIGH CUTS and though that’s improved the tone, I’m still getting these digital ‘overtones’ esp on the higher strings. Am not sure whether it’s something I’ve done or haven’t (!) or it’s just a reality of ‘analog’ modelling. Perhaps the Simplifier and the HX just don’t react well together in this set up? Here’s my signal chain, perhaps one of you clever people can see something I can’t! Guitar - HX stomp mono in. HX send to DLX input left - TRS cable. DLX send to HX L & R returns - Y cable DLX returns L & R to HX L & R outputs. Other settings - HX preset has a stereo FX loop block with all time based FX after, any overdrives before. FX loop level is at 50-60%. Send level is pushed slightly to help with volume and gives the guitar some ‘body’ (otherwise it sounds like I’m plugged in to the home stereo) I’ve BYPASSED the Simplifier DLX preamp section, using the amps in the HX which gives much more versatility. (Using the CAB SIM of the DLX…Not ideal but can’t do it the other way around) This set up DOES take my analog pedals much better than the HX stomp by itself, which is another reason I went for the Simplifier. However the fizz still occurs with my Wampler Plexi Drive and Bogner Burnley. AAAAHHH. Is it the FX loops of both these devices can’t quite take the heat? Or is it the 7CM thing, as much as stereo is a great idea perhaps I need to go back to mono. Have spent a month on this set up and beyond frustrated. I’ve learned SO much but with a gig in 3 days it’s not there yet and I’m halfway between Simplifier remorse and WTF am I doing wrong?!!!! Any help or thoughts would be very much appreciated! :)
  4. WOW. Can’t thank you enough for taking the time to look in to this! This is what I needed to know - as much as it’s disappointing I’m not surprised. I’d really hoped I could use & not waste all my IRS, but still have that analog preamp feel which responds much better to my playing. The Simplifier DLX definitely has a different ‘feel’ to digital modelling, which is what I was after. It’s just a bummer that I’ve gotta choose between only one cab sim on the DLX if I want to run parallel. Hmmmm. Shame my Orange AD30 is too bloody heavy to carry these days lol. I did ask DSM & Humbolt via email before I bought the Simplifier - whether I could bypass it and use the HX stomp as I do now (everything digitally modelled) and switch between the two. Ie switch the Simplifier on when I want analog, so I can choose between the two. (Typical guitar player that wants it all lol) Bless them, they did reply but it didn’t make a lot of sense. English isn’t their first language but they did try! Only last ditch hope is there is a ‘thru’ input on the DLX which bypasses all. If I could find a way to make that work- switch the Stomp in and out somehow it’d be best of both worlds! Without the lug!!!! Hopefully this helps others who are down this rabbit hole! Makes sense the cab bypass is for a real cab only. THANKYOU again :)
  5. Thanks so much for your reply! I’ve got a stereo FX loop block set up in my HX preset. I did also try inserting both a send l/r and a return l/r block (seems that was the only option rather than a single send/return L&R) and it gave the same result. Here’s the set up as it is now. Guitar -> Mono input to HX stomp HX Stomp SEND > DLX left Input using a TRS stereo cable. (DLX input switched to parallel amp mode) SIMPLIFIER DLX 1/4 out jacks LEFT & RIGHT to > HX Stomp RETURN L & R (with cab sim bypass switches ON) HX stomp L output to DLX L return HX stomp R output to DLX R return
  6. Hi guys. Really need some help with my Simplifier deluxe direct rig routing. I’ve got a HX stomp thru the FX loop using a stereo 7CM set up. I was under the impression I could use the 1/4 inch outputs to by pass the Simplifier cab sim so I can use IRs & cabs frm my HX stomp. Currently I’ve got these outputs connected to the HX stomp left and right returns. Seems the preamp frm the Simplifier is no longer working, even tho it says on the manual that disabling cab sims leaves the preamp - effects loop & reverb all operating. I’ve got the XLR outs to the PA. Tried using the 1/4 jack outs direct instead but no signal at all. Any help at all would be so appreciated! Thanks in advance :)
  7. So…looks like I’ve answered my own question. I’ve hooked it all up as you’ve instructed except for the above - there’s only ONE send on the DLX so that’s in the right return of the HX stomp. I’ve set up a stereo FX loop in one of the 4CM presets and it sounds like I’m getting full stereo. Ping pong delays are moving right to left. The DLX is in parallel mode and I’m absolutely wrapped with how it sounds. Dunno whether I’m in 4CM or 6CM lol but I don’t think I could get this sounding much better as my starting point!!! Much appreciated:)
  8. This is an awesome explanation - can’t thank you enough. After hours of searching this is the clearest ‘method’ I’ve seen. Thankyou! I have one issue - I’m running a HX stomp (not a HX effects) but thought I could adapt your method to fit. I ALMOST can except the stomp only has ONE effects send. It’s labelled ‘STEREO’ - am hoping it’ll still work in full stereo. Perhaps this limitation has me stuck on 4CM. Thoughts? This stuff is so much fun but kinda doing my head in! This is my last question..won’t take any more of your time! :) Thanks again.
  9. Hi Wildcatstrat41, I’ve got the Simplifier deluxe also and would love to know exactly how you have done the 7 cable method w HX effects. Can you please give me an exact run down of your exact signal chain? That would be excellent!
  10. Hi Guys Does anyone know if there’s a way to jump more than one preset at a time using the MC6? I’ve got FS4 & FS5 set to preset up and down - but am hoping I can program one of the buttons on my MC6 to jump banks...say by 10 presets at a time? For gigs I have to change frm say 35A to 10A sometimes....and am wondering if there’s a way I can do that?
  11. Hi Guys Sorry I’ve tacked in to an old thread...but it’s relevant to a question I have. Am using the MC6 with my HX stomp...assigning the FS4 & FS5 functions to preset up and down. Sometimes I have to jump more than ten banks (ie frm say preset 34a to 10a or the like) when the singer calls out a random song. Is there a way I can set up the MC6 to jump more than one preset at a time? At the mo it moves me only one - 34A to 34B for example. So if I want to jump quickly thru multiple banks can I do that by assigning a switch on the MC6? Thanks in advance :))))
  12. Great. I did find the controller assignment area in HX edit and I’m on the way I think. It’ll help to have a look at the manual again thozzzz now I’ve got a rough idea what’s happening. Thank you :) Everyone’s input really helps...thanks again guys.
  13. Both tip and ring polarity set to ‘inverted’ Thanks tho....worth a try.
  14. Thanks for your input here :) Yes it should work. Absolutely. Do I bother to raise a ticket or do I just go back to assigning the TAP back to FS3 as you’ve mentioned. Makes sense. Im using some of Glenn Delaune’s presets though - he’s got a boost / eq added to FS3. I’ll have to find a way to move that over to FS2 and sacrifice what else is there I think. Or, manually set my delay times and keep em saved to the preset. Frustrating :(
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