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  1. Hi Guys Does anyone know if there’s a way to jump more than one preset at a time using the MC6? I’ve got FS4 & FS5 set to preset up and down - but am hoping I can program one of the buttons on my MC6 to jump banks...say by 10 presets at a time? For gigs I have to change frm say 35A to 10A sometimes....and am wondering if there’s a way I can do that?
  2. Hi Guys Sorry I’ve tacked in to an old thread...but it’s relevant to a question I have. Am using the MC6 with my HX stomp...assigning the FS4 & FS5 functions to preset up and down. Sometimes I have to jump more than ten banks (ie frm say preset 34a to 10a or the like) when the singer calls out a random song. Is there a way I can set up the MC6 to jump more than one preset at a time? At the mo it moves me only one - 34A to 34B for example. So if I want to jump quickly thru multiple banks can I do that by assigning a switch on the MC6? Thanks in advance :))))
  3. Great. I did find the controller assignment area in HX edit and I’m on the way I think. It’ll help to have a look at the manual again thozzzz now I’ve got a rough idea what’s happening. Thank you :) Everyone’s input really helps...thanks again guys.
  4. Both tip and ring polarity set to ‘inverted’ Thanks tho....worth a try.
  5. Thanks for your input here :) Yes it should work. Absolutely. Do I bother to raise a ticket or do I just go back to assigning the TAP back to FS3 as you’ve mentioned. Makes sense. Im using some of Glenn Delaune’s presets though - he’s got a boost / eq added to FS3. I’ll have to find a way to move that over to FS2 and sacrifice what else is there I think. Or, manually set my delay times and keep em saved to the preset. Frustrating :(
  6. Omg we don’t want any injuries lol. Bad news is I just tried the other footswitch- swapped it all around and assigned FS4 to the tap tuner. It didn’t work :( Tuner comes up fine. Is there anywhere else within the preset itself that I can tap a delay time in ?? My guess is no. I wondered if I could ‘temporarily’ assign FS3 to the TAP tuner, tap my delay time in...then save it. Afterward assigning FS3 back to stomp mode?
  7. I agree. Yes I am using HX edit - surely i can find a way in there to take away a parameter and assign it to another footswitch?!
  8. Sure am. Other functions are working great ie bank up and down, preset up and down etc. it’s definitely a TRS cable. I learned that the hard way ! When u say TRS mode I’m assuming you mean in Global settings / preferences / FS4 assigned to ‘tip’ and FS5 to ‘ring’ ?
  9. Ahhh. Looks like you may be right. It’s the mission engineering TT2. I guess I may be limited to using the 1/4 or 1/8 etc time delay options rather than being able to tap anywhere?
  10. Ok, that’s good to know. I can’t find where to change that though :( Something came up in controller assign ?? but it seems to me it’s only for a particular preset. I’ve got the TAP/Tuner assigned to FS5.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply! Glenn’s presents are set up for stomp mode. Not snapshot mode. I’ve just tried your suggestion and if i turn the delay off for FS1 it’s off for the solo boost on FS3 also. And vice versa:(
  12. Ok I’m going to answer my own question here. The ‘premium preset’ pack by Glenn D for the HX Stomp is excellent. Tones are great esp the lead boost function - solos sound killer! However I’m a bit stuck trying to eliminate the delay frm the basic sound. He’s set the presets up in such a clever way...FS3 has an EQ boost and delay. You can even adjust the delay mix on the fly. Very cool. Though being a newbie I’m stuck on getting rid of the delay for the rhythm sound. I’d like to keep it in when I hit FS3 of course but I don’t want it in there for the basic sound on FS1. It’s super that u can dial in extra drive via the first footswitch but I don’t want the delay there at all. HELP please! I have a gig soon and this learning curve is much steeper than I anticipated:( Thanks guys....
  13. Hi guys I’ve assigned tap tempo and tuner to a seperate footswitch. Same as above - I’m using all my 3 switches in stomp mode and can’t afford the real estate. The footswitch works great and brings up the tuner no problems. However I can’t seem to access the ‘tap’ tempo frm the same location. Even tho I have FS5 set up correctly I can’t find where to ‘tap’ I’ve tried pressing the button as I normally would (tap in time etc) but all that comes up is my tuner. Any ideas ?? Many help at all would be appreciated:)
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