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  1. For sure. Further research says its the delay giving the octave, so i may have to experiment more with multi delays. More need advice on the distortion side.
  2. I know it's his Custom Carvin (Hollowbody with bridge humbucker) into a Yamaha DG80. I'll definitely try this, but I know it's not a tele.
  3. This is the tone - Holdsworth from the Sixteen Men of Tain era. Specifically "The Drums Were Yellow" lead tone. Any advice or where to begin? Cant find much on Holdsworth tons on the line 6. Using a HX stomp for reference. Don't wait ti perfect, just close. Cheers!
  4. Hi all - brand new to midi etc. used to big rigs but primarily all analog. Here is my ideal setup for touring - a HX Stomp and Morningstar MC6. can I set it up so that say, I have tap/tuner on the hx stomp, two switches on it that Switch between two amps (or snapshots of one amp?) and I have the morning star setup to individually turn on and off three effects in the block? (Two delays and verbs) I would then have two foot switches set to go up and down between patches sorry if this isn’t clear enough. Just curious! Thanks.
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