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  1. Hello, folks! I own the Helix Floor for a year and a half now and I'm really going to stick with it after the last update, the Princeton amp is totally a game changer. Nevertheless, I'm really looking for other type of delays and reverb pedals, I really feel that I need better sounding dedicated gear for this and I'm looking to buy the Strymon Volante and the BlueSky. So, how would you connect these two via midi? What is your experience with midi distribution boxes, what do you use out there? Have you encountered any problems, also? I'm looking for your experience, pros and cons. Thanks, guys!
  2. Not at all. Have you updated your Helix to 2.8?
  3. Ok, this is inasne. I've got a path that's going form the Helix to the DT25, microphone (Shure Sm57), PA and another path going from the Helix straight to the PA. Our sound guy is going to love me at the next gig. It sound stunning!
  4. That's it, guys! The 2.0 Firmware update on the DT25 (or on any DT amp series) will solve all of your problems (Changing the Topology, Tube config., Power Amp, Reverb and going straight to the Power section of the amp via L6 Link) I just update the firmware and it works great. Problem solved! P.S. When you're going to update the amp, don't forget this: the Midi In is going to the Midi out section, and the Midi out is going in the Midi in. USB Midi Interface Used: E-MU Systems - Midi 1x1
  5. Well, in my case for example, I just bought the DT25 a few weeks ago, but the amp was released in 2015, so clearly it may not be up to date. :)
  6. I have the same problem. I updated my Helix but when I'm going trough the L6 Link to my DT25 the preamp section of the DT25 is still there... Some guy told me to update the DT25 software to be able to bypass the preamp section. Today I'm going to buy a Midi to USB cable to be able to update the software of the DT25 and I'll let you know if this is goin' to work.
  7. Hello, folks! As I said, Yesterday I have boought the Line6 DT-25 to use it with the Helix floor. So here's my problem. As soon as I'm wiring it up in the 4CM it behaves like an amplifier with no pots. The only possible way to change its volume it's by using the Helix master potentiometer. The only thing that works on the amp are the switches (channel A/channel B, pentode/catode, A/AB class). What am I doing wrong? Also, the reverb goes to zero. It sounds like only the power section is workin'.
  8. Now I got your point! Yeah, you're totally right. Thank you!
  9. I've seen a few folks on Youtube changing the presets of the Stomp via a Midi Controller. It would be insanely wrong to not be able to change the presets via Midi...
  10. You're right! 6 blocks are enough for me, but I'll buy an external midi footswitch to be able to change the presets. I'm thinking to buy like the One Control Gecko MKIII or Disaster Area DMC-3XL.
  11. Thank you for your response! I've seen Thomas Blug (the creator of the Amp1) using the HX Effects once, using the 4 cable method, of course, also i just watched a few days ago doing the same thing, using the amp1 as a block in the helix, but only with the clean channel. It's a game changer, but I'll have to play the Helix by myself to be able to decide this. That being said, I'm convinced. I'll buy the HX Stomp as soon as possible and also a 3 switch midi controller to be able to surf trough the presets and for tap tempo, becase I'm going to use the TRS connector for 2 expression pedals. By the way, from your experience, using an external footswitch, I'll be able to tap the tempo while the HX Stomp is in Snapshot mode? I need the tap tempo for gigs.
  12. Hello friend! I'm about to buy a HX Stomp and I want to merge its capabilities with the Bluguitar Amp1. So, how do you get along with these 2 great products? I want to run the bluguitar amp 1 trough the FX Loop of the hx stomp, use it as the amp simulation, and then, put some effects in fn the front + some IR's from the Helix. But I have a problem with the channel switching. If i want to change the channel of the Amp 1 and turn on/ off some of the effects in Snapshot mode, how do I do that? Far as I know, the HX Stomp doesn't have amp switching capabilities like its bigger brothers LT/Rack/ Standard Helix. Otherwise, I would like to know how are you guys using them together! Maybe I'll run the Stomp in the loop chain of the Amp1. But for this kind of operation, it would get way too expensive because i'll have to buy an external Midi Switcher. In any case, I'll buy this month the HX stomp and maybe will convince me that I don't need to buy the Amp 1 for a good sound. For now, the youtube videos, did not conviced me with it's clean capabilities. Maybe some good IR's will made up my mind. Just as a fact. I'll use it in live situations with a Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop 60's reissue - Luna Stone True Overdrive and a vintage BOSS GE10 (for the moment, I'll run the eq in the loop FX of the Helix). Thank you for your atention
  13. Thanks, bro! That's all I needed. I want to use it in live situations. 6 blocks and 3 Snapshots in one preset, sounds like a great deal to me, but I needed to know about the delay tempo.
  14. up. I'm still confused a little bit. If I'm in "Snapshot mode" I have only three footswitches available to scroll trough the preset. So, how may I be able to tap the tempo? Via an external footswich? TRS (for example, BOSS FS-5) or a midi pedal?
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