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  1. Re-asking the question almost a year later… VERY happy with line6’s continued updates, but now that polyphonic pitch shift is out, I continue to wonder if we’ll see a point where a separate synth pedal like the c4 or boss sy-1 are less necessary for people who like those sounds. it would def be paid upgrade-worthy for me (altho I dont want to discourage line 6’s model of the gift that keeps on giving, which is fantastic and im sure wins them loads of fans)
  2. Have seen a lot of chatter about HX 3.0 and polyphonic pitch shifting capabilities. Does anyone have any idea how soon we can expect 3.0, and what the chances are of seeing polyphonic synth options (as opposed to just pitch shifting)? thx M
  3. Thanks @GaryKaneNYC (I'm also in NYC, btw.) That's definitely helpful. I'm wondering how the SY-1 is able to receive this, since I don't see anything about that. You're saying if you send MIDI clock into the expression jack that it works to set the tempo? Or does the SY-1 take tap tempo via taps on an expression pedal? Michael
  4. @GaryKaneNYC (or others) - how are you syncing the tempo of the SY-1 to anything? I am looking at the manual and I dont see a jack for midi or clock. Would love to know more about that. If I can sync it the pedal is def more attractive. Thanks! Thanks also for your great input on multiple synth pedals.
  5. In the end I got this working pretty well, and with an aux momentary pedal instead of an expression pedal. The stomp is a deep and amazing machine!
  6. +1. Being able to plug in and then edit sounds and control aux media (yt, itunes) on your phone w/o meddling with additional devices (pedal, amp, aux input) or cables looks very convenient. I would much rather work with the same set of effects rather than use boss’s on the headphones and line6 elsewhere.
  7. Ah That’s smart. That should work. I forgot you could do that. Thanks!
  8. Hi trying to replicate a DD-3 stutter effect, as shown below. Any advice? I’ve found that the pedal seems to retain previous feedback when i cut it on, off, and on again, so while I might get a good start towards this sound the first time, it progressively turns to chaos as I try it more than once, due to the feedback from previous tries sticking around.
  9. Thank you all for the great feedback. Investigating these options. Not sure i need a perfect pedal. Honestly Id probably be happy if EHX combined all the 9 series pedals into one pedal and let you select patches w midi.
  10. Thanks to both of you for the responses. midi guitar 2 looks great for desktop applications and it was news to me. still looking for pedal options in case anyone else has thoughts.
  11. Hi all - I have been playing with the synth sounds and gotten some decent monophonic guitar>bass sounds together. I've been looking for pedals to accompany the HX Stomp in this area. The SA C4 looks like an amazing monophonic compliment to the HX Stomp, with a lot more control - waveforrms, sequencers, etc. Anyone have thoughts on a polyphonic compliment for chords? The SY-1 is coming out but has no midi switching, which is kind of crazy. SY-300 is huge. EHX pedals also non-MIDI and you have to buy a different pedal for every sound variation (organ, synth, etc) Meris Enzo? Thx in advance! Michael PS: Anyway HX does polyphonic or other synth enhancements anytime soon?
  12. ps: if anyone has further suggestions or presets (or even comments in favor of the bass 9 or other solutions) Id love to hear them
  13. thanks! thats what im mostly using so far. i used the 3osc synth for one. I’ll muck around with autoswell. good suggestion
  14. hi all I was checking out the ElectroHarmonix Bass 9 (https://www.ehx.com/products/bass9) and I thought I might be able to get most of those sounds out of the HX Stomp. I created 6 presets yesterday that sound pretty decent. Will share when I figure out how. Anyone else done anything similar and have any advice or presets, especially for the bowed bass sound? Any general thoughts on doing this with the HX Stomp as opposed to a separate box? Has the benefit of being midi controlled and as far as I can tell it is tracking fast enough. Just got the Morningstar M6 and am super excited about the combo of the two pedals. working great! thanks in advance Michael
  15. Got a not very helpful response from either l6 or mission engineering. Can anyone tell me how /if i could rewire this to work? Is it difficult? Anyone have any insight into why hx stomp reputedly works with standard expression pedals (and does indeed work find with my old boss volume pedal) but needs a special pedal from mission? anyone know of any other options? upcoming firmware patch? thx michael
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