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  1. Thank you for your answer! I do not find the Friedman amp in the HX stomp :) Moreover I don't understand how to use the fx loop and the utility of it. Can you please help me? Thank you!
  2. Hello, Thanks for your answer! Why using the Stomp + the native?
  3. Okay great yes it does but indeed you run quickly out of dsp! If you put 1 stereo IR for 2 amps, does it work or do you need 1 IR for each amp? Thank you, Best, Hugo
  4. Hello all, I have bought the hx stomp last week. I use it with a guitar Ormsby gtr7 and Reaper tool to record myself. I have a metal project (only for recording) and before I used a Pod HD. My problem is: I saw a lot of videos / tutorials on how to create tones, I have bought good IRs and I can not have a metal tone that is "naughty" but at the same time "clean" without too much crunchy noises. And my Pod HD was able to doing this. But when I am listening all those tutorials on YouTube, they sound awesome. Can you please help me? I do not really understand where the problem comes from... Best Tulzcha
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