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  1. I think this option makes the most sense. You’ll probably spend far too much effort (and possibly money) trying to get that to fit when the rack Helix already does.
  2. Adding the word ‘Limited’ will also ensure you sell all of those things. :-)
  3. Big Sur is a pretty significant update, and was pretty quick behind Catalina
  4. I’m still wondering if this is an actual forthcoming product, or not. I think the form factor of the current Stomp is perfect as is...just my opinion, though.
  5. I’m a long time user of Roland/Boss guitar/synth modeling gear and love it, but the simplest response is that guitarists haven’t taken to it that readily and it’s been poorly marketed. Also, the external pickup ‘wart’ is fugly and there aren’t enough Roland-ready options out there.
  6. The polyphonic effects is a great addition to an already great platform. I think we’re at the beginning of poly stuff that currently requires a hex pickup to implement. I believe in the next 10 years even a tuning like DADGAD will be possible without the need for a hex pickup. This is really exciting stuff, in my opinion.
  7. Helix Native is a really nice plugin....definitely a bargain if you’re looking to get a new Stomp vs a gently used one.
  8. Kevin-M


    Even more amazing are the levels of arrogance some people have in responding to questions, while not contributing any help at all.
  9. I’m not sure if there is, but since you have multiple banks on the MC6, you could just move up or down in its banks and have specific Stomp presets on a given MC6 bank.
  10. I’ve heard Catalina is the first release that requires full 64 bit drivers throughout. If you upgraded to Catalina from an older version, perhaps there’s some older 32 bit driver hanging around still yet? Just a wild guess; I’m still on High Sierra
  11. The HX Stomp is a great little box. Even with the current 6 block limit, the two amp patch is doable. If your effect needs aren’t that great, you can pan each amp and add a slight delay before one of them to get a really nice, full sound.
  12. Very nice! I own an SY-1000 as well, and have been blown away by its synth capabilities. The GK pickup part of the equation turns a lot of guitarists away, but it opens up the door to a lot of possibilities.
  13. I absolutely love Linux, but gave up years ago trying to get all my music gear working happily under it. So much easier under Mac or Win. More power to you, though!
  14. The send/return not taking up a block would be pretty awesome. Fingers crossed that can be pulled off.
  15. For dual paths. I was loosely (very loosely) mimicking Adam Jones’ setup.
  16. You might consider adding Helix Native to your toolbox and use it in dual paths with your Stomp. I’ve done that and also added a Diezel VH4 distortion pedal to the Native path (going into a fairly clean Marshall amp in Native) while running through a high gain amp in the Stomp
  17. From MOTU doc: Foot switch input Connect a standard foot pedal switch (sold separately) for hands-free talkback or punch-in while recording. Or map the pedal to any keystroke function in your host software. I don’t think that can be used for foot switch control of a Native effect. Probably best to go with a MIDI pedal board
  18. I think this just goes back to buying the right tool for the right job. I shouldn’t buy a hammer with the expectation that it perform as a to buy the sledgehammer instead.
  19. 1. Lots of ways around the 6 block limitation via effects loop 2. Send output to an external reverb, eliminating the need for a reverb block 3. Make a purchase based on a product’s current capabilities, not its theoretical potential
  20. You won’t regret it. I can’t think of a better modeler/fx unit in this compact size.
  21. I’ve used a Raspberry Pi before (for another device) in order to support USB MIDI connectivity.
  22. Kevin-M

    HX Stomp - Rush

    +1 on the Helix Native suggestion...a no-brainer purchase if you purchased a Stomp. Have you you looked at the gear Alex Lifeson used on the Rush songs you’re interested in? Might be a good place to start if the models are there in the Stomp.
  23. So, we’ve learned that the power supply will very very likely not cause you any harm unless you decide to open it up and lick it repeatedly. :-)
  24. Then, the warning referenced by OP is useless at best - and, one could argue, wasted ink
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