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  1. but why then in the download section there is also the single download called: Drivers Line 6 Helix Driver2 Version 1.96 Released 3/16/21 ??
  2. you are definitely right! in fact I opened some topics here because I am studying from all possible sources on the internet and youtube but as you well know, on the internet there is everything and the opposite! I want to be prepared for the first connection with helix lt and not make serious mistakes
  3. thanks for the help! I am very happy to join the family, always been in the analog world now we have arrived at digital progress so the modelers are EXCELLENT! there are some really realistic patches, I can't wait to play with the sounds as faithful as possible to the original of the great guitarists can you explain to me in more detail how I will have to restore the back up saved before the update? since it is a practice that will serve me for the future
  4. "use HX Edit to restore from the back up which you made before the update" can you better explain this passage?
  5. thank you so much !! so you confirm that apart from the first phase, where I download and install without even having opened the LT helix from the box, in the rest of the steps I do everything with the LT helix connected to the pc via usb?
  6. Good morning, I have a windows 10 pc and next week i will buy the helix LT. I'm not much of an expert and it's my first modeler I want to be sure not to make a mistake in the installation so I ask you the kindness to explain me the steps to connect the helix to the pc and finally have hx edit. I documented and some say to install first hx edit and then the firmware but it seems the same thing ?! if I install hx edit 3.10 is already included in the latest firmware ?? in the download section of line 6 there are the windows drivers to download (Drivers Line 6 Helix Driver2 Version 1.96 Released 3/16/21) but others say that the drivers are installed autonomously by hx edit !? what exactly needs to be done? step by step from opening the box sorry but i need help, i want to get ready
  7. hello I got a new macbook that has only usb type c ports. helix lt connects to pc via normal usb. I will therefore have to take adapter. Is there a risk of a loss of quality of the signal and sounds of the helix lt? thanks I await feedback
  8. thanks for the help. so for example it will lose the connection if I open a new window to start the backing track but then just reconnect right? I won't have any problems while he plays the base right? Thanks so much
  9. Hello everybody, I have a helix lt and so I use helix edit. I'm about to switch from windows pc to mac. Taking a new macbook now though, the installed operating system is the new bigsur. in this official page where to download the helix edit software for mac: https://line6.com/software/index.html?hardware=All&name=HX%20Edit&os=All&submit_form=set not necessarily compatible with mac bigsur. Has anyone already used it? can you confirm that everything works correctly? Thanks so much everyone for the help!
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