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  1. Well, that's normal behavior for unsigned software. I expect that from a fly by night company but not from a multi national company like Yamaha. Catalina has been released in October, Line6 should be well beyond that issue and done making the necessary adjustments. The procedure is pretty clearly explained here: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/xcode/notarizing_macos_software_before_distribution What I was wondering was more "am I downloading the wrong version?" and the answer is no, I'm not not missing anything, Line6 is just sleeping on this.
  2. I just upgraded to a new MacBook 16 and I'm quite shocked to discover that Helix Native is still not properly signed and notarized for Mac OS X Catalina. Catalina has been out since October and the work required to fix this issue is MAYBE a couple of afternoons of pretty light work, probably less than that. The interesting thing is, the issue is not even mentioned in the compatibility bulletin Line6 has out for Catalina unless I misread or missed it. Are you folks aware of any fix?
  3. BlueD

    Midi 2.0

    The "inquiry" features that can be used for auto-configuration could probably be implemented in MIDI over USB relatively easily. I expect that to be a next generation sort of deal because software manufacturers will take a while before they get around to implementing them, and even longer to get a compelling use case that spooks other companies into action. Personally I'm very much looking forward to have Ableton for example auto-populate a native version of the controls available on the Helix on connecting a cable.
  4. BlueD

    Helix 2.9

    Correct up to the SY-1000 I believe that has the 13 pin connector for a midi pickup. The type of synthesis done by the SY-300 / 1 whatever that's called, would be a game changer especially for players like me doing both electronic music and funk (with a bass).
  5. This is silly. Do you believe the Nolly models will not be included? C'mon, don't be obtuse on purpose, it's not a good look. OBVIOUSLY that's the codebase they'll be using, how could it be otherwise?
  6. + wireless updates rig modeling The UI for the parametric EQ is worth the price of admission alone. This thing is going to rock. Too bad for not including the expression pedal out of the box, I like not having to lug it separately. I'll wait a little bit to see how it fares from the reliability / showstopper perspective but those folks are thinking about this the right way.
  7. This is the wrongest thing I've read on this forum. Metering is not a luxury for studio equipment, it's a missing feature that's probably missing for a reason but it's not a valid retort to.say "you've gotta do it by ear" because ears are highly unreliable. Plus the axe fx has metering and it obviously helps, so the modeling world a very much into metering, just not line 6 for now.
  8. I promise this is the last time I ever bother writing on this forum, but damn it, it's impossible to write a single thing without being interpreted in the least probable / reasonable way, it's lollipoping extenuating.
  9. Because 2.81 is supposed to have a lot less issues than 2.81. I agree the known issues list of 2.81 looks a little heftier than it should.
  10. How are you amplifying it? Are you getting into a real amp? Does it make the same noise if you use the digital connection and record with your computer? Are you using humbucking pickups?
  11. I used line to minimize noise but I never managed to get a completely noise free operation. The Helix doesn't seem to like high gain Mesa amps very much, there's quite a bit of anecdotal evidence out there that most of us that tried the 4CM with mesa amps ran into a LOT of noise. Good luck!
  12. That's not enough, there's a million ways to skin this cat. Post the patch too, I'm sure there's issues there too. For example, ever heard of gain staging? Post both and we can help you. Also a reference of what sound you're going for would be super helpful (like a famous song).
  13. this kind of discussion is completely pointless if you don't post one of your presets and possibly an audio track. that should be the beginning of any conversation about "I can't get a good tone". Go do that, then we can help you.
  14. Always get people like this to discuss outcomes and not the means. Those folks are the ones that couldn't tell apart a Metal Zone straight in the mixer from a perfectly miked Triple Rectifier. What matters is the outcome, if it works then it does. If it doesn't work, he's right. Is there an actual problem he's trying to solve?
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