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  1. Hello all, I just bought an HX Effects used that came with no feet at the bottom of the unit and would like to replace them as they scratch my wood flooring. Do you know which ones would be the right size? Would this work? or should I pick something else? Thanks in advance.
  2. BlueD

    Reverb Models

    You and everyone else that hasn't invested their identity into denying that a product they bought might have any serious downside. Yes, it's pretty common knowledge that the reverbs are less than stellar, Line6 seems to give very little lollipops about it and so a lot of users on this board, hence some of the prissy reactions. The unit is otherwise great and if you can either live with bad reverbs or pair it with a better reverb unit that's sort of your business to figure that out. I have a Fractal Axe FX 3 that I used for everything and the HX stomp that's my compact rehearsal unit, for what I need it to do it does the job but definitely record anything that needs a good quality reverb with the Axe or a plugin.
  3. Or could be the larger screen or command center, also only featured on those three units. Who knows, time will tell.
  4. Hey can you post which MacBook and operating system you're using exactly? It's obviously not the first time I see issues with USB responsiveness on Mac connecting to a Helix and I suspect there's something going on in that implementation that might be to blame. I wonder if HX Edit is built on QT given the cross platform UI. IF it is, I think I might know what's the general area of the issue.
  5. Ok then, they are sloppy on every platform. I feel relieved...
  6. One in this thread. Also if you know anything about how computers work, it's very unlikely that a hardware problem severe enough to introduce an issue during a firmware refresh would have no other effect whatsoever. Paired with what I'm reading in the groups on Facebook and other forums, it's pretty clear this is not an isolated event. Frankly this answer says more about you than it says about me: attacking me personally because I'm saying something that goes against the idealized image you formed of a corporation in your mind, that's pretty sad. I know it happens, but still, I constantly shake my head at the depth of self delusion fanboys will fall into.
  7. How many actively supported pieces of software do you use that are not notarized (a process that takes literally minutes) to work under Catalina? I understand you like the company, but this is MAGA level of denial.
  8. You're essentially saying "don't believe your lying eyes" here. It's not that I THINK, I KNOW they don't because otherwise they would have caught up. Using Macs doesn't mean much, they have made prioritization decisions and obviously first rate support on Mac is not on the list of priorities, or the situation would be different.
  9. seems like a pretty wild and unwarranted logical leap to me. It's much more likely there's an issue with the Mac version of the software and that has caused problems. Line6 notoriously pays little attention to Mac, you can see it by how most of their software is still not notarized for Catalina (except HX Edit with the last release) after almost a year from release. The latest version of Helix Native still has issues installing under Catalina, I was shocked to see that.
  10. That's an absurd amount of work and knowledge required to make something work that should just work out of the box. I call that a design flaw no question about it. The Axe FX 3 doesn't have any of those issues.
  11. You're 100% correct, I had the same issue with a Mark V that ultimately led me to selling the amp because I got tired of having spaghetti all over to include hum-buster in the 4CM setup. This is a pretty serious flaw considering 4 cable setups are a key thing the Helix is supposedly designed for.
  12. If I had to guess, looking at how often Line6 cycles products, I would guess next summer they will announce the next version in correspondence of the version 3.0 of the software. Current generation products will probably still get an update or two, so buying now wouldn't be a terrible deal but if you can swing it I think the Axe FX 3 has more life left (and that's one of the reasons why I think a new Helix is coming).
  13. I looked and couldn't find this posted here before, the article is not mine: IMHO this is one of the best, most useful articles I've ever read about comparing a model to a real amp, and gives you a great idea of the behavior of a modeler vs. the real thing, some of the shortcomings and where the modeler does a great job. Highly recommended, I wish more people did this kind of articles instead of... the stuff I usually see and read.
  14. Well, that's normal behavior for unsigned software. I expect that from a fly by night company but not from a multi national company like Yamaha. Catalina has been released in October, Line6 should be well beyond that issue and done making the necessary adjustments. The procedure is pretty clearly explained here: What I was wondering was more "am I downloading the wrong version?" and the answer is no, I'm not not missing anything, Line6 is just sleeping on this.
  15. I just upgraded to a new MacBook 16 and I'm quite shocked to discover that Helix Native is still not properly signed and notarized for Mac OS X Catalina. Catalina has been out since October and the work required to fix this issue is MAYBE a couple of afternoons of pretty light work, probably less than that. The interesting thing is, the issue is not even mentioned in the compatibility bulletin Line6 has out for Catalina unless I misread or missed it. Are you folks aware of any fix?
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