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    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    Maybe you did. Most customers picked the Helix because one of the value propositions that Line6 advertised is that the unit would get better over time. Again, you and I paid for the updates already (if you think you haven't then you don't understand product development, I do it for a living...), If you don't care about that it's fine but let's not pretend it's not part of the deal.
  2. BlueD

    Helix Firmware Upgrade 2.8 - Blues :(

    This is a bad take. You already paid for it.
  3. BlueD

    Helix LT sucks. Badly.

    Why not both? I'm not above messing with a troll every once in a while but this one is way too stupid to be entertaining and has no range... low quality IMHO.
  4. BlueD

    Custom neck

    I similarly love the Helix but careful, the Variax is not for everyone, try it before you spend a bunch of money on it. I never really gelled with it and ended up selling it.
  5. BlueD

    Helix LT sucks. Badly.

    this is exactly why this was made: https://www.prsguitars.com/gom_february/ Enjoy!
  6. BlueD

    Helix LT sucks. Badly.

    I appreciate your innocent spirit, wish I had it too.
  7. BlueD

    bad display Helix LT

    no but it sucks that it happened to you. I hope you got the extended warranty.
  8. BlueD

    Helix LT sucks. Badly.

    Screenshot + patch or GTFO. For everyone else, why do you still bother?
  9. BlueD

    Helix LT sucks. Badly.

    With this there's literally nobody that can help you at all and whatever discussion will be frustrating and unproductive. Those 30 years seem to have been wasted if you can't even describe the nature of your problem, how you're evaluating it etc... take a step back and reframe the problem in a way that we can actually help you.
  10. BlueD

    Helix Stand Recommendations

    this is what I use with my helix floor: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000RXN6XI/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 careful because it scratches the sides a bit, put something to protect the bottom.
  11. BlueD

    Stop the hair!

    Hard to judge in context but if you share the guitar track alone gets easier. You have a couple things going on that I can tell: you have a lot of highs in the hairy track and not a lot of frequencies in the mid and lower end. You should make sounds with a graphic eq to see what that looks like, it's so much easier to make sounds that way. I use this: https://www.fabfilter.com/products/pro-q-3-equalizer-plug-in just get the chart of what the spectrum looks like and then tweak, having visual feedback of what changes as you tweak makes everything faster and easier.
  12. Hello folks, I just received my Helix Floorboard and I'm really excited to get started. I auditioned the presets with my JBL LSR305 and... oh boy they sound like crap. There's obviously something wrong I'm doing because I heard many videos made with the Helix and they all sound better through the same speakers so it's matter of setting things up properly. Where can I go to get a solid primer on how to create sounds for the Helix? I would like some help working with high gain sounds (think The Muse but also Corroded, Five Finger Death Punch) and some more spacey sounds a la Pink Floyd, Tycho etc... Any tip is welcome!
  13. BlueD

    What will Line 6 drop at Winter NAMM 2019?

    An improved version with the same DSP but built in wireless input and a few other tweaks would make tons of sense. Wouldn't take a mountain of engineering to add a few features and they would be able to squeeze a bit more life from the platform.
  14. BlueD

    Ground Hum/Buzz when using Helix 4CM

    That's also my experience with a Mesa Mark V. No amount of tinkering or even a Hum Eliminator really solved the problem. I feel like there's a problem somewhere and the Helix doesn't deal well with whatever electronic issue introduced by the 4 cable method and some amps but I don't think they seriously looked into it or it can't be solved and hence never aknowledged it but it exist because I keep reading people complaining about the same thing. I just got a powercab because if you really want to use the helix then 4cm it's just not going to work well like I would and there's no point in fighting, one thing I realized is Line 6 has a real problem aknowledging issues of this kind and they treat you like you're crazy, which is crazy frustrating. Their product team likes to crack jokes in the release notes but NEVER ever aknowledges anything, then all of a sudden they have a solution but they pretend people complaining never said anything. It works until someone comes out and eats your lunch by having just a little customer empathy.
  15. My hot take: I think the Axe FX is the closest but it's lacking high end, Helix is next best but it's lacking in low end and everything else is from slightly to significantly worse. Is there a way to give more balls to the Helix? Can someone do better than him?
  16. I really wonder what made Line 6 think James Tyler's brand would be attractive to the larger guitar crowd. He's a local builder, known by uber guitar nerds and pretty much no-one else. I would understand if they partnered with Parker (IMHO would have been a great pair, since they both cater to progressive users) or Suhr or Anderson or another well known name. Tyler? A complete mistery to me.
  17. BlueD

    Are any artists ACTUALLY using the Helix?

    Looks like he uses everything.
  18. I think they were generally overpriced, fairly ugly and the magnetic pickups were extremely mediocre at launch. They are sold as 1k+ guitars but really they aren't worth more than $600 (they compare pretty closely to guitars in that range and sometimes slightly worse, Indonesian PRS for example best the crap out of an Asian variax). The fancy electronics doesn't justify the price difference in my opinion. I definitely expected more, looks like Yamaha is bringing some expertise to the table and the new ones in my opinion are a step in the right direction.
  19. To me the biggest improvement is you got rid of that hideously looking headstock. I still can't quite comprehend how Line 6 thought this design could succeed, the jtv line while decent guitars always looked ugly as sin. The new neck improves the situation quite a bit. Good job!
  20. BlueD

    Future extra speaker simulations?

    To me the real question is can someone publish "in the room" models of famous speakers without the mic model included? Most ir libraries include the mic and using them makes the powercab sound distinctly fake. By fake I mean it sounds like a recording which is kinda the point but it's not as fun to use when playing by myself or rehearsing with a band.
  21. The problem is pretty self explanatory, and will need an alternate download given the idiotic update model Line 6 picked for the Monkey.
  22. BlueD

    Helix For Bass

    Would you share how you set up your Hysteria patch? I have no idea where I can start with that one but I would like to learn.
  23. BlueD

    When will we see new models and firmware for helix??

    As a fellow product manager I wish IdeaScale was much more aggressively groomed. Right now it's kind of a mess of lunacies and perfectly reasonable asks, with a sprinkling of ideas that have been executed already but the team forgot to close (last time I checked). When I managed an idea forum (my current company doesn't have one) I made a point of grooming the list very often to make it easier for users to see if something was being considered or not, and UserVoice in my opinion does a much better job at letting product teams do that work. Anyways, it's cool when a PM interacts with the forums, props for being in tune with your customers. Are you on the PMHQ slack?
  24. BlueD

    looper does not work pod 500

    After going crazy for a while, I figured out the problem: the volume of the looper was 0. It was hard to catch because the display doesn't do a good job at showing things clearly, but that was the problem.
  25. BlueD

    looper does not work pod 500

    I have the same problem, and I'm at my wit's end with this problem. Don't know what to do either, no one seems to have heard of the problem.