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  1. Hatman777

    Wah Pedal Issue

    Yes Thanks Datacommando, will try that out for sure
  2. Hatman777

    Wah Pedal Issue

    Hello All So another Noob Question As i assign a Wah to first Block then I use My pedal to Control the Wah Nothing happens My setting is EXP1 which is somewhat greyed out and when i use the EXP pedal it shows % value instead of showing EXP1 greyed out Now i tried Assigning the wah to separate PEdal and still nothing is there a setting In global that needs to be activated ? i read about that if you press hard on the toe it switches something ive tried pressing really hard and nothing happens thanks all for any help or guidance
  3. Hello All ,So I Was wondering If the Poly Detune is also DSP Intensive ? and also what happens when you run out of DSP ? Do the Effects that you want to use simple become greyed out ? indicating you can't use that effect in your current chain due to DSP Limit achieved ? thanks for the clarification
  4. Have to congratulate the dev team at lin6 they have awesome updates, great work on their part update went really smooth New effects are very very nice really like the Horizon Drive and the Detune is also awesome have not really tried the others but I plan too this weekend cheers
  5. Anyone have a description of the new artist patches were they integrated in the update or have to download separately ? thanks
  6. Hatman777

    3.0 Update

    Oh Nevermind Didn't know had to Update HX edit to 3.0 as well Sorry :)
  7. Hatman777

    3.0 Update

    Hello all, So I did the Update using the Helix updater App it says its 3.0 But none of the new amps cabs and pedals are showing up any reason as to why ?
  8. Hello all, was wondering if anyone ever made a patch for the mob rules studio album tone ? like amp type settings if any type of booster in the front any delay or reverb ? also I think I hear a cocked wah maybe but have no idea of the settings any input would be much appreciated thanks all
  9. Ok thanks Ill be sure to read that :)
  10. Hello all so a noob question here on the Cali Texas Ch 2 Drive 1 &2 question what is the function of drive 1 & 2 are they cascading gain stages ? if so what are the differences in drive 1 and drive 2? Thanks ll
  11. OHh Nice Will def use that Did not Know that, Im new to helix thanks to the Great Info
  12. Ahhh Yeah delay was the issue Thanks a Lot :) that's what it was Between Patches my delay time was Different hence that Pitch Shift effect Issue solved thank you for your expertise
  13. Hello all, has anybody ever experienced an odd delayed pitch shift type sound when switching between snapshots ? i find this odd and puzzling as to what's causing this Thanks for any Input you may have
  14. Hello All, anyone have a patch for a Ian Chrichton type tone? He is the guitarist for a Canadian Band called Saga This is the type of tone im looking for, from what i've read he uses a Diezel amp and 4 x12 combo and a Superstrat type guitar not much info out there Thanks all for time and sharing your Input/thoughts
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