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  1. Ahh i see Ok got it Thanks
  2. I wonder why this is ? I mean this is afterall a Line6 Forum and yes as mentioned i do see them posting and answering questions on the gear page
  3. Update, Issue Resolved, turns out was not the Footswitch being non Responsive, had something to do with command center and the Order of the snapshots IE: i had Snapshot 2 on FS #7 and had snapshot 1 on FS #8 when Inverted them and Put them in order all Footswitches work perfect now, still i'm not sure why they would have to be in order in the command center and why it would affect the switching IE: needing to press 2 times Thanks all
  4. Yes and this seems to coincide at around the same time as I updated i also did a factory reset, then a rebuild and it only does this with Footswitch #8
  5. Ok thanks will try Factory Reset first, but would suck if i had to part with my helix for a few weeks :(
  6. Hatman777

    Footswitch #8

    Hello All, so I seem to be having an issue with my Footswitch # 8, sometimes it needs to be pressed 2 times before it activates, Im wondering if this is a hardware issue or a software bug ? im not so sure its hardware due to the fact that it does switch and does not always require 2 presses Was wondering if anyone elses has experienced this before ? Thank you all
  7. Hello Data Commando, Yes Issue resolved , problem was Footswitch 6 I needed to change it manually to stomp mode with 3.10 Update that particular footswitch is displayed differently than the Prior 3.01 Again thank you so much for helping out very much appreciated
  8. Did a full factory reset reloaded My Saved BAckup and still same thing, guess ill have to find another way or something in my settings is not right Again Datacommando thank you for your time and effort cheers
  9. So I turn off Power then Restart while holding the 2 Middle Button Foot Switches then Restore using my latest backup from HX edit ?
  10. Thank you very Much for your time and effort to resolve this issue, But same thing no Override to BANK/PRESET UP/DOWN showing only 4 snaps and 4 Stomps ?? Could it be possible because i didn't do a factory reset and loaded my Back up thats causing this ? Only thing i could see possible as all my settings are correct in global setting?
  11. tried a new preset as well and again only 8 Work and I can see it works as its displayed in real time what i do in HX edit i can see it on my floorboard Very Odd ???
  12. YEs it is set to 10 Foot switches and only works on other 8 slots not the BANK/PRESET UP/DOWN, which is odd thanks
  13. OK thank you I will, but it requires His patch to work ? Seeing as i wanted to incorporate this feature in one of my existing patches that require 5 snapshots And again Data thank you for your all your help, Much appreciated
  14. It does work for other foot switches just not the Bank/preset foot switches ?
  15. well in Theory yes that would work but I tried and it does not change anything In his tutorial there is a Done button in the command center Switch LED and Customize which is not present in mine ? when I open Command Center
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