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  1. I asked the original question to garner opinion. I've been around long enough to know that L6 do not respond here. I have written to support and will let let you allknow what they say.
  2. Since it's now been 6 months since the M1 chip became the standard in new Apple devices and still no Line 6 support, does that mean that it's not going to happen? Developers probably knew about the M1 long before then too as they did with Big Sur.
  3. All Macs will be ARM soon so they will either have to or lose their entire Mac user base.
  4. I take back my original post. It still runs poorly on the M1 architecture.
  5. It runs on M1 BigS a lot better than 3.01 did. HX Edit is running in Intel mode on the M1.
  6. Still no word on M1 Big Sur support after 8 months. I feel like I may as well bin my Helix Native in favour of IK's Amplitube. Come on Line 6 we expect better from you!
  7. I do something similar using my HX FX to midi control Logic or Mainstage. It's a right royal pain in the *** to set up but once you've got your head around it, it works well.
  8. It would be nice to get a response from someone who does have a say in that.
  9. Probably best not to hang any hopes on getting support for the M1 any time soon then :( Got a new M1 with Big Sur in November, my Helix Native runs in Rosetta like a dog with no legs. I have basically had to trash the use of Native. Developer M1 MacMinis were available from mid 2020 and Big Sur from about the same time. It's quite astonishing that Line 6 has not updated their position on Big Sur since September.
  10. Hi Adam, I also found this very confusing. Some say to set the ccs to 80 for ss1, 81 for ss2 etc. Some say 80-87 for ss1, 88-96 for 2 etc. I have tried both and nether work consistently. I had one patch working for a song with 4 Snapshots set to buttons 1-4 on my HX FX which I'm using as a controller. All was working perfectly. Got to performance and all I could get was ss8! Incidentally, I'm using Native within MainStage and Logic.
  11. Guitars - Line 6 JTV59P Variax and a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Classic FX - Line 6 HX FX in 4cm and native* Amp - Line 6 DT25 head and 2 x cabs * I use the HX FX as a midi controller when I play online for which I use Native in my DAW (Mainstage)
  12. I have read this article and have not experienced any of these issues on my M1 MacMini.
  13. You could use your Helix to switch in Native. I don't think there is a way to change patches but you can change snapshots.
  14. I think 'slightly more powerful' is a bit of an understatement. In any case my 2011iMac just died so what do you do, go out and buy a new machine with a processor in which is already being phased out? Plus, it was a birthday present from my partner, she wouldn't know about compatibility issues. Plenty of companies have issued updates to be M1 and Big Sur compatible but Line 6 have said nothing on the matter since September.
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