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  1. I have the 'dream rig'. I have become more and more frustrated trying to get decent usable live tones from the rig to the point where I'm thinking of chopping it in for a guitar, an amp, and a couple of FX pedals. Glen Delaune has some wonderful sounding patches which I bought but when I changed the amps in the patches to the 'Pre' version, the sound died. When I try to ramp up the volume, it sounds like I'm playing through an old 5w Tandy (RadioShack in the US) blown speaker underwater. Now, if I leave the patches as they are; using the non-Pre amps models, the sound is great. My question therefore is why should I bother with the Pre's? Am I using the valves in my DT25 head as they were intended or am I in some what bypassing all of the goodness in the rig by using the full modelled amps? For reference here is my setup; JTV59p connected with VDI to HD500 connected with AES/EBU via L6 link to DT25 head connected with 2 x mono 6.3mm to 2 x L6 1x12 cabs Global inputs on the HD500 are set to Varian 1 and Aux 2
  2. njc235

    Output routing

    Well i've ride and tried and I can't seem to separate the L6Link from the left XLR.
  3. Hi Matt, I wondered if you’d seen my post in the dream rig forum re output routing.  I figure you might know the answer?

    1. Matt_Brown


      I didn’t wade in as I recon the Line 6 guys know more than me. In my understanding as you are running ‘mono’ to your (one) amp you can route the L6 signal to (say) right and then take a line from the left out (jack to xlr) to the PA. So, you basically have left and right as two paths. Choose which is which in the mixer page on the Edit programme.

      Alternatively, put an FX block in one of your paths and take a line out the FX jack.

      Happy routing!


    2. njc235


      Thanks Matt, I’ll try it tonight. 

  4. I’m sure this must be possible, I just haven’t figured it out yet so i’m calling on the wise. i would like my acoustic patches to route out of the XLRs to FOH with little or nothing going going via the L6 link to my DT25. I would like all electric patches to go to the DT with only the Direct out on the DT feeding my FOH. In essence the question is, can the HD’s output be routed on a patch by patch basis?
  5. njc235

    Sound cuts

    This is worry as I have a similar problem. I've been using a jtv59p with hd500 and out to frfr cabs for a while and recently completed the dream rig though I don't thing the DT 25 relates to the problem, I'll explain. At a recent rehearsal, pre the dt25 purchase, the guitar output completely stopped. I tried hooking up through a normal guitar cable, a different vdi cable and even through a di bypassing the pod. All dead. I played keyboard for a while and sweated a lot. I then hooked up jtv to an old bass cab with a regular guitar cable, that worked. Last week I bought the dt25 stack and reheated alone learning settings on Thursday and Friday. Saturday was band rehearsal day and I was looking forward to cranking the rig. Immediately after setting up, checking volumes, going over a few patches to check room eq, the whole lollipoping thing stopped again. Change from vdi to guitar, changed connection from l6 link to guitar input, nothing. Jtv lamps were still on, tuner on pod still responded, DT switched in response to patch changes. Back to the keyboard and more swearing. Later tried guitar to DT bypassing pod again and I had something but it was intermittent. Help line 6, which unit should I send for repair?
  6. njc235

    Brian May's Red Special

    Awesome. Can we download the patches?
  7. Plugged everything in, two green lights firmware upgrade to 2.0 failed but is now showing 2.0 in Monkey but Brand New JTV won't switch on. This process is looking flakier than a cadburys flake!
  8. njc235

    Hd500 For Acoustic Guitar ?

    I used the HD500 in a live situation for the last year or so. I had my trusty Rg550 in 'guitar in' and my Washburn EA33S into 'Aux'. A special patch was created for the acoustic which was essentially dry dry dry, i just tweaked the EQ for the room. My output is to a pair of Mackie Thump 15s. I now have a JTV59p to compliment the setup ;)
  9. Thanks for an excellent response. When I got the guitar on Saturday I found that the Variax would not switch on when connected to the H/W device but when connected to the HD it was fine. I will try again this weekend. Dumb question alert....How to download them into the HD from the guitar?
  10. I have had the HD500 for a year or so and have just added the JTV59P to my setup. I was wondering if anyone can suggest the best workflow for creating models in workbench (or loading patches found on the internet) and storing them in patches on the HD500 for selection from the floor when playing live.